Innovative LED Display Takes Flight

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Known for its high-quality ProScene projectors and interactive flat panel displays, Optoma officially entered the LED display category in the U.S. at InfoComm 2019 with the 130-inch FHDQ130 QUAD LED All-In-One Display. 

“With the debut of the 130 QUAD LED Display, InfoComm was the perfect venue for Optoma to rebrand itself as a large visual display provider,” stated Maria Repole, head of marketing. “We now offer our customers a visual display solution for nearly every vertical application or environment.”

The innovative 130-inch diagonal (114" x 65.3") 1080p QUAD LED display is truly an all-in-one solution and arrives to the customer in a flight case, explained Brian Soto, head of product management at Optoma Technology. The first-of-its-kind LED display assembles in a quick three-step process that takes just a few hours to assemble rather than a few days. 

The display is optimized for immediate use, as all 144 LED tiles are pre-calibrated out-of-the-box to ensure stunning, consistent imagery across the full display. This also removes the hassle of managing software. Two panels or “back panels” have been optimized to ship in two pieces for easy alignment significantly reducing the installation time. In addition, the QUAD LED is cable-free and comes with a built-in image processor, centralized power cage, sender processor and receiver card to simplify the process. “We set up the display at InfoComm in under three hours,” said Soto. “It looks just like a large format display with an HDMI, but it has a range of professional inputs and control options, including dual HDMI, USB, 3G-SDI, RS232 and HDBaseT. It's a complete plug-and-play solution.” 

Details That Matter

“With projection technology you cannot go blacker than the light source of the projector,” said Soto. “Here you can turn LEDs off completely and very fast to display outstanding images with deep black levels and high contrast.”

Whether skin tones in a retail environment or numbers on a spreadsheet in a boardroom presentation, the 1.5mm pixel pitch, 1080p QUAD LED with 5,000:1 contrast ratio was designed for displaying fine detail, rich colors, brighter whites and deeper black levels in environments where ambient light cannot be controlled. “We are now able to provide a solution for all types of environments,” said Soto. “The QUAD LED can display an image calibrated up to 600 nits, which means you can have all the lights on in a room without image degradation.” The fully optimized display’s built-in HQUltra 4K image processing technology delivers lightning-fast image switching and scaling to maximize the quality of any image source, and it automatically scales content.


The 4-in-1 surface mount diode (SMD) layout with LED diodes for a smooth screen surface, and a 170-degree horizontal and vertical wide-viewing angle make it a perfect solution for many different environments. “We are seeing a burst of activity from higher education, as well as applications for boardrooms and high-end retail showrooms,” Jon Grodem said after InfoComm.

The integrated media player eliminates the need for additional devices, adding to the appeal.

Ease of operation has become a rallying cry throughout the industry, and the QUAD LED delivers. The display can be easily controlled, wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet using Optoma’s Control Q application. 

Racking Up the Awards

Making its European debut at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam in February, the FHDQ130 QUAD LED All-In-One Display was awarded Best of Show by Installation magazine, and two Best of Show awards at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando in June. Digital Signage magazine lauded the display for its versatility and image quality, and Rental & Staging magazine recognized the QUAD LED for is mobility and all-in-one quick setup. 

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