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A Change in LCD Panel Biz Could Bring Changes

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This rather tech/geeky news about LCD panel production details may not seen like it will impact your business, but if you’re in pro AV, digital signage, or custom home theater markets, it will. Remember a decade or so ago, when Texas Instruments began shipping more basic DLP light engines to their video projector OEM partners– as opposed to the complete light engine ready to go into a projector? That freed up the projection manufacturers to differentiate their products. For LCD TV makers, this shift in the LCD cell business, also, will allow them more flexibility in module and TV design, which should lead to greater product differentiation. Yet another reason the LCD panel is here to stay at the top of the display world for years to come:



TFT LCD Panel Report

Large-area TFT LCD panel price increases halted in mid-June due to an uncertain demand outlook for Q3’11. While demand is slowing down, especially in the TV market, the supply side is making adjustments to prevent drastic panel price fluctuations. Panel makers originally expected to raise capacity utilization—the rati

Why 2012 Could Simply Change

by Todd McCandless Plowing through my 2012 forecast and budget process I was reminded of all the reasons next year could be difficult. How much to budget for new market campaigns, promotional materials, bulk paper, and training—everyone has an expensive, Cisco-esque training requirement these days—and I looked ou

NEC 65-Inch LCD Panel

NEC Display Solutions of America, announced this week the addition of a 65-inch model to its commercial-grade V Series, the V651. This model offers digital signage users world-class features at a cost-conscious price. Designed for extended use in retail, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and corporate b

The Future of LCD Panels, March 9

David Keene– Remember when it seemed like every trade show brought new breakthroughs in flat panel display technology. The march up to 1080P was the most compelling race to watch. And remember all that talk about the “refresh rates” of LCD vs Plasma. (How fast can a crystal in the substrate of an LCD panel turn? I lov

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New Development in LCD Flat Panels

In the world of display technologies nothing is more discussed than LCD flat panels versus all the hype over things like organic light emitting diode or OLED based displays.

LCD is Back in a Big Way at DSE by David Keene

  News a few weeks back that Samsung’s LCD biz had been realigned—and pundits’ and mass media pronouncements that LCD was on the way out, well, that “news” brought laughter from this analyst. The LCD panel has never been stronger in this market. It will continue to dominate the TV market. Any move to OLED or other pla

Samsung Intros New LCD Panel Line at DSE

Samsung Electronics America Inc. is exhibiting several new commercial LED-backlit displays at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE), this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #811. Samsung is showcasing its new MD Series, which includes four LED models designed for businesses looking to make the transition from CC