Let's Get Pumped Up for ISE 2020

Last year while in the airport traveling home from Infocomm 2019, I joined in on the Sunday morning Twitter chat #AVintheAM. I believe the overall topic might have been about industry tradeshow’s, and being that we’d all just finished our adventures in Orlando. I shared this tweet

Alesia Hendley ISE 2020

(Image credit: Alesia Hendley)

I booked my flight and stay back in August of last year and while doing this, I damn near broke into a sweat and a million thoughts rushed my mind all at once. 

I’m headed to a foreign place I’ve never been, do people speak English there? I only know English! ISE is so big, how will I tackle this? Wait, I’ll be on an airplane for 9 hours?!?” 

[Advice for ISE Newbies]

Fear and doubt tried to take over me for a split second, which happens to the best of us. Then I began to think about all the great opportunities that I’ll have to expand my network and share that “Alesia Sparkle” with another part of the world. This trip to Amsterdam holds a lot of firsts for me, but I plan to take on this new experience as I did with my first InfoComm by capitalizing on every moment, being present and engaging with as many companies and individuals as I possibly can.

Hitting My Targets

At ISE, I will know only a handful of people compared to the 80,000-plus people that will be in attendance. So the goal is to hit the pavement running, but—even with a strategic plan—there is no way I will see everything and meet everyone during the week. I’ll have to hit some targets.

Main Stage

I predict this is going to be a space within the RAI with heavy foot traffic. I have made a list of 25 #AVTweeps that I want to meet in person and I plan on meeting most of those people in the Main Stage area in Hall 14. 

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The Main stage is also a target area because of the panels and events that will be taking place. From Emerging Trend talks, to AVIXA Diversity event, and the Women’s Council forum, there's plenty happening.

Hall 14 is also housing some VR fun and Innovation Alley—and I most definitely will be exploring that cool technology.

Hall 8

Digital Signage, always a focal point for me, as this part of AV swiftly won my heart over as an end user and even more so as an integrator. Hall 8 is where digital signage lives at ISE ,so I will be spending a good amount of time there to make sure I don’t miss any of the announcements on new technology and products from my favorite companies.

 I’ve made great friends and partnerships within this sector of AV and I am very excited to see what exciting announcements come from the show that I would normally get second hand in via Twitter or way later in June at InfoComm.

Dam Square

Connecting with #AVtweeps at ISE will take place beyond the show floor, as it should. There is more to building genuine relations than talking shop! 

I always look to engage and connect with my peers on another level and I predict Dam Square is going to be a great place to capitalize on this. Almost all of my dinner and #AVAfterDark plans are happening within this central area. So let’s grab coffee, lunch, dinner, a bike ride, whatever you have in mind. It’s important to find time to do something off the show floor with your peers. 

ISE 2020 Enthusiasm 

Whether having a conversation on a stand or outside of the RAI, the goal is to be present in the moment. One thing I’ve learned from the InfoComm show is we all get caught up in the fast pace of our environment. Running from booth to booth for back to back meetings, scarfing down lunch so we aren’t late to the next meet up, it can be a challenge to be present in every moment and in every encounter. 

At any networking event I always do my best to make sure I am present and listening to understand, ISE will be no different. Though you may see a lot of finger guns and hearts hands from me while at this show, I’ll be listening to understand what all is happening with new products and technologies as well as the knowledge my peers will be sharing at the show. 

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I will also be present on social, of course! Throughout the years I’ve made it a point to make sure the “Alesia Sparkle” sparkles the same offline and online. So for all my #AVTweeps that won’t be in attendance I’ll be creating some fun content for you to follow along from miles away.

Expect video content, #AVSelfies, and a look at the show from this ISE newbie’s point of view. You can catch me on Twitter @thesmoothfactor and I'll do doing a Twitter Takeover for @PremierMounts.

Long story short, whether you're a newbie or an industry vet, please let your enthusiasm about our industry shine! Let’s seek new talent, new partnerships, build genuine relationships, and listen to understand one another. Shows like ISE and InfoComm are great places to start, but let’s be sure to stay connected beyond the 2020 tradeshow season and grow our industry together. 

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