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Five Tips for Hiring Passionate People

In a recent blog, I discussed the importance of passion in business relationships. But how do you find and hire passion people? Below are five quick tips.

1. Look for someone who puts in the extra effort. Does his resume have a special touch? Did she include more than is required with her application? Those are the people you want to move to the top of the pile.

2. Ask them about their previous successes. Does answering this question change the interviewee’s excitement level? It should. You want someone who is visibly proud to talk about the work he or she has done in the past.

3. Ask the person about their passions. Whether the answer is work-related or not, you’ll get a better idea of what drives and motivates your potential employee.

4. Ask them about overcoming challenges. It’s a normal question to ask, but how they respond will give you insight into their attitude.

5. Have a conversation about company culture. Ask them about their ideal culture and what work they did to understand your company’s culture on social, in your marketing, and other ways.