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On the Road to InfoComm: Part 1 by Sue Horwitz

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I haven’t confirmed this, but it looks like 170 new exhibitors will be brand new at this year's InfoComm. This means more products and services for AV/IT Tech Managers to store in their little black book of solutions for any problem. I am a bit of a research junkie so I thought perusing sites might help me uncover trends and valuable information we can use in the magazine. It is too early in my research to draw conclusions, but here is the 411 on the companies I discover as I go….

I could not figure out how to pronounce the name of this firm, so naturally it was my first click.


Made in the USA Green ECO LED’s and Camera, Grip & Electric Products. Products are used in video shoots, broadcast and live events. Go Green at InfoComm.

This company’s name is exactly what you think.


Covers, Enclosures, Guards and more common sense products to protect your flat panels. This is one of those smart ideas that should do well at the show.

Videotel Digital

This San Diego firm manufactures a DVD Player that can run continuously for 4 years 24/7. Their customers include Hotels, Healthcare, Museums and Universities.

Sue Horwitz is the publisher of AV Technology. Reach her at sue@audientmarketing.com


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