InfoComm '07 New Products

InfoComm '07 New Products
  • Toshiba's Pico portable projectors not only possess a small footprint for easy mobility and storage, but also allow presenters to go "PC-free" via USB functionality. Equipped with a generous array of connectivity ports, they are suitable for any presentation environment, including digital home entertainment. Pico projectors feature "extreme short projection" (ESP) technologies, which projects a larger image from a shorter distance, enhancing presentations in small meeting rooms, offices or classrooms. Projectors with ESP functionality do not require ceiling installation, which makes them highly portable and they can produce a 100-inch diagonal image from just 4.1 feet away. A special lens enables these projectors to be positioned at various table heights such as a desk, conference room table or a coffee table.

Da-Lite's 16:10 Wide Format Screens

Da-Lite has introduced a new projection screen format, 16:10 Wide Format. In response to the introduction of wide format PC's and laptops that are now on the market, this new 16:10 format is rapidly becoming the standard for the computer industry. Recognizing the computer industry as a driving force behind the images being presented in many of today's visual displays in the commercial audiovisual world, Da-Lite is now manufacturing Wide Format screens. This new format will maintain the height of the previous 4:3 format and provide a much wider screen size to allow the display of more content to the audience. This new Wide Format will be available on Da-Lite's Cosmopolitan, Tensioned Cosmopolitan, Advantage, Tensioned Advantage, Advantage Deluxe, Tensioned Advantage Deluxe, Cinema Contour, Da-Snap, Advantage Manual with Controlled Screen Return and Model C with Controlled Screen Return in sizes from 94-inches to 164-inches diagonal.

Sanyo's PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L LCD Projectors

Sanyo's PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L LCD Projectors offer Sanyo's exclusive PJ-NET Organizer Plus C for monitoring projector functions remotely. The PLC-XF47 is compatible with throwing extra-large images. The PLC-XP100L has the highest luminance for a portable LCD projector with 6500 lumens. Each is outfitted with the PJ-NET Organizer Plus C. In conjunction with the PJ-NET MASTER Ver. 2.0 software all projector functions are monitored and controlled remotely. The camera function of the PJ-NET Organizer Plus C captures still images and allows projectionists to confirm whether or not the image is actually being projected, while monitoring the situation from a remote location.

Mitsubishi's HC1500 HD Projector

Mitsubishi Digital's HC1500 HD projector is designed for budget-minded videophiles. The projector's pricing makes a dynamic large screen HD home experience truly affordable, allowing most people to step up from fixed-size big screens to flex-sized entertainment in high definition. Using Texas Instruments' latest DLP chip, Mitsubishi's HC1500 HD projector blasts a bright 1600 lumens and provides an outstanding 2500:1 contrast ratio for high action, detailed video impact, even with the lights on. The combination provides advanced capabilities that greatly enhance white segment processing and secondary color boost to improve mid-tone brightness.

dnp's Supernova Infinity

dnp's Supernova Infinity is a modular screen system designed to create videowall style front-projection screens of almost any size and aspect ratio, ideal for commercial projection applications. dnp's manufacturing process enables the Supernova Infinity to reproduce contrast ratios up to 10 times greater than conventional screens. dnp's Supernova Infinity opens vast new opportunities for display solutions in environments with severe ambient light challenges, such as auditoriums, boardrooms, lobbies, sports bars and retail stores. Using an aluminum structure and powerful magnets, Supernova Screens combine as building blocks to create large-scale displays which can be combined in almost endless configurations. The modular construction is customizable to the size and number of screens chosen and is quick and easy to assemble. Seams are invisible under projection. Supernova Screens are based on a high-contrast filter that allows the projected image to be reflected from the screen, while effectively absorbing incident light from other angles. As a result, the screen is virtually unaffected by ambient light.

Sony's VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 Projectors

Sony's VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 LCD business projectors have short focal-length lens allows large-screen projection from a very short distance, and low fan noise lets audiences concentrate on the speaker during lectures or presentations. The 2100-lumen VPL-EX4 model has a native XGA resolution of 1024 by 768 and the 2200-lumen VPL-ES4 unit delivers SVGA resolution of 800 by 600. Each model features a 165-watt lamp. The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 models are both 3LCD systems, with each projector featuring three high aperture 0.63-inch LCD panels.

The short focal length lens on the new models makes it possible to project large images from a short distance. Both models display images in about four seconds after being turned on. With the addition of Sony's new Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE), crisp and natural video images can be re-produced via 2-3 pull down processing. The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 models accept a range of standard- and high-definition video input signals, including composite, S-video (Y/C), and analog RGB/component via the HD D-sub 15 pin interfaces In addition, the units can accept computer signals from VGA up to SXGA+ (1400 by 1050).

AKG C5 AND D5 Vocal Microphones

AKG announced two new high-performance wireless microphones to support the live and installed sound markets. Wireless versions of the C5 and D5 microphones have been developed through collaboration with AKG's WMS 4000 wireless system, providing vocalists, musicians and presenters with versatile and high-performance vocal microphones. The new C5 and D5 wireless microphones offer two interchangeable microphone heads for the HT 4000 handheld unit, as part of the WMS 4000 wireless system: the C5 WL1 condenser vocal microphone and D5 WL1 dynamic vocal microphone. The C5 condenser microphone and D5 dynamic microphone each feature a dent-resistant spring steel elastic wire mesh cap for safe protection of the capsule element, as well as an integrated shock absorber system for compensation of handling noise. Additionally, the D5 features Laminate Varimotion diaphragm technology to deliver a smooth and controlled frequency response and the highest gain before feedback.

Martin Audio's MA Series

Martin Audio's MA Series loudspeakers offer levels of efficiency, delivering 95-percent of the input power straight into the speakers with a mere five-percent loss dissipated as heat. One particular feature of this efficiency is that it the amps are virtually independent of output level compared to conventional designs, which typically achieve their best efficiency only at full rated output power.

Revolabs xTag Wireless Microphone System

Revolabs' xTag Microphone System facilitates freedom of movement by way of its clip-on, wearable design-bringing a level of wireless audio performance to the individual workspace. Featuring full duplex audio, eight hours of talk time, and a range of 20 meters, the new xTag microphone makes an outstanding choice for use in numerous applications, including VoIP podcasting, voice recognition, web conferencing and many more desktop applications.

The xTag Microphone System consists of a base station, two-way audio (full duplex) xTag microphone, an earbud, a lanyard, plus a USB cable for interconnection to one's computer. In addition to storing and charging the microphone, the xTag's base station also serves as the wireless relay into one's personal computer, at which point, the microphone can seamlessly be interfaced with Internet-based communication tools such as Skype and Google Talk, among others. Featuring 128-bit encrypted audio, the xTag Microphone System is also an ideal solution for keeping one's conversations secure.

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