Auralex Offers ELiTE Custom Fabric System

Auralex Offers ELiTE Custom Fabric System

The What: Auralex Acoustics, brand of acoustical treatments, has introduced its ELiTE Custom Fabric System (ELiTE-CFS), a fully engineered turnkey acoustical treatment system fully individualized per a project’s needs.

Auralex's ELiTE Custom Fabric System in a conference room

ELiTE stands for Engineered Listening & Theater Environment. Each installation is custom-designed by Auralex’s engineers, then installed and fabricated onsite by authorized craftsmen.

The What Else: Auralex coordinates all pre-installation details, thus minimizing the disruption of other contractors and ensuring the job is completed on schedule. Utilizing a patented retention channel and custom installation process, an ELiTE-CFS installation can turn a room into a dynamic listening environment.

ELiTE-CFS can provide acoustic control to a conference room, house of worship, custom home theater, professional audio facility, or any listening environment. Aesthetic needs can be attended to by enabling the designer to dictate the overall appearance of the custom-engineered system.

The Why: “For each project, the Auralex crew handles acoustical design, woodworking, installation, etc., thus ensuring a well-integrated result," director, Auralex Sales, David Brune said. "This system is a 100 percent turnkey solution and includes conceptual renderings, project management, and professional installation. Some of our most famous clients, including top recording artists, sports figures, movie stars, Fortune 500 corporations and more, have benefited from custom ELiTE installations. Our quality and service are unmatched in the upscale, custom-installation marketplace.”

Key Features: The finished look of an ELiTE CFS system is a smooth fabric surface with the acoustical materials hidden behind the system's facing. The treatments include an engineered combination of absorption, diffusion, reflection, and bass trapping. The Auralex engineering staff diagram the layout and placement of these treatments based on physical room modeling and potential on-site visits.

A proprietary and patented retention channel system is an element of all ELiTE-CFS installations that provides secure mounting of fabric, creating a clean finished edge and allowing for multiple design possibilities. There are hundreds of fabric styles and colors to choose from to meet any aesthetic expectation, all approved for acoustical use and carrying a Class A fire rating.

One More Thing: The overall result is an interior finish that looks and sounds great and will provide an listening experience for years to come.

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