ACE Backstage Introduces Tabletop Pocket -

ACE Backstage Introduces Tabletop Pocket

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Valencia, CA--ACE Backstage Company has introduced a new table pocket Conference Port.

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Designed to be inconspicuous, the new Conference Port hides networking cables and power cords at your fingertips, maintaining the professional aesthetics of your boardroom, classroom, or presentation facility table.

This tabletop pocket provides convenient access to AV and network cables as they pull through to slide in and out of the storage well. As plugs are needed, the low profile lid slides into the pocket out of sight, or can rest flush to the table with cables exiting through the flange slot.

The Conference Port is easily installed without the need for intricate routing because the machine-rounded, beveled flange sits virtually flush on a tabletop surface. Built from cold roll steel, this tabletop pocket is die pressed and expertly welded, forming a consistently square, dimensionally stabile enclosure. Finished with scratch resistant powder coat, the port is rugged and reliable for day-to-day use, according to the company.


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