[VIDEO] How VR Will Influence ProAV

Tech managers and vendors need to start planning for the intersection of installed AV and VR.
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AV Technology magazine's Margot Douaihy recently sat down for coffee with virtual reality pioneer Dr. Puya Abolfathi, CEO of Visospace. From VR and AR spaces on the college campus to immersive VR videoconferencing, Dr. Abolfathi believes that proAV and emerging technologies will intersect, underscored by the need to support more shared experiences. Watch this video to learn more.


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Tech Manager Call for Speakers: NYC AV/IT Leadership Summit

AV/IT Talks are short (10 minutes in length), TED-inspired presentations. Each AV/IT Talk succinctly and passionately shares a recent AV/IT case study, design plan, new paradigm, and or challenge/solution. A brief Q&A follows each AV/IT Talk. The NYC AV/IT Leadership Summit audience will be approximately 80-90 attendees.

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The Gatekeepers

In the professional AV industry, from ISE to InfoComm, systems integrators get a lot of fanfare. Rightfully so.