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SurgeX International Announces First Globally Compatible Product Line

  • SHENZHEN, CHINA--Over the past 13 years, the SurgeX brand has grown to become trusted in North America as a foremost authority in AC power conditioning and surge elimination. Thanks to a recent partnership with International Audio Group (IAG), SurgeX International is now announcing the global launch of its SX1200 product range designed with power ratings and connectivity compatible with the rest of the world.
  • According to IAG managing director Daniel Chang, “We are extremely pleased to extend the peace-of-mind that SurgeX has long provided for its fixed install, touring, broadcast and other US clients to the rest of the world. SurgeX’s patented Advanced Series Mode® circuitry has proven to be a superior technology – in fact, there has never been a single surge-related failure of equipment protected by it – and we anticipate great interest from the international marketplace.”
  • “The SX1200 series truly represents the culmination of all of SurgeX’s finest technologies to date,” adds SurgeX founder and senior principal Michael McCook, “and is only the beginning of what SurgeX International plans to bring to the world through its venture with IAG.”
  • The SX1200 line provides Advanced Series Mode surge protection and power conditioning for all types of audio, video and computer equipment. Four ranges offer region-specific connectivity and load-capable circuitry, with three models available in each range (RTi, RLi and i). This gives consultants, contractors and end users a choice of surge suppressors with application-specific features, such as remote turn-on or front-panel lighting.
  • SX1210 models are 10-amp load-capable (for China and Australia), SX1213 models are 13-amp load-capable (UK), SX1215 models are 15-amp load-capable (South Africa) and SX1216 models are 16-amp load-capable (Europe). All models have 10 grounded IEC receptacles on the rear panel, with eight switchable and two permanently on. Both RTi and i models also provide a front-panel courtesy outlet.
  • The SX1200-RLi has two Neutrik XLR connectors for Littlite gooseneck lamps to provide dimmable illumination of equipment racks in recording studios, custom design/build installations and sound reinforcement applications.
  • The SX1200-RTi has a remote turn-on capability for use in integrated power distribution systems. A rear-panel Phoenix connector allows the unit to be connected in a master-satellite configuration with a controller, such as the SurgeX SEQ, for the sequential power-up of multiple components.
  • Unlike traditional approaches that rely on metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) as a sacrificial component, SurgeX’s Advanced Series Mode technology uses an inductor as the first and primary surge suppression component to intercept and contain destructive surge energy. This provides reliable protection and stops an unlimited number of surges up to 6,000 volts and unlimited surge current. Furthermore, it creates no ground-wire contamination or common-mode surges and has zero let-through voltage
  • All SurgeX SX1200 models incorporate Advanced Series Mode and Impedance Tolerant® EMI/RFI filtering. RLi and RTi models also feature the manufacturer’s proprietary ICE (Inrush Current Elimination) and COUVS (Catastrophic Over/Under-Voltage Shutdown) technologies. SurgeX ICE solves problems typically encountered when powering up large power amplifiers and multicomponent systems, smoothing out inrush current spikes to prevent blown circuits and eliminating the need for expensive time-delay circuit breakers. COUVS is a reliable, fast-acting circuit that turns off within a half-cycle of an over-voltage event. It will not false trigger on transients and automatically restores power when line voltage has returned to normal.
  • For years, SurgeX products have met the most stringent US government purchase specifications for branch-circuit surge suppressors. Their A-1-1 rating indicates dependable protection from destructive spikes, surges and inductive transients. As with the US, the reliability of SurgeX International products is backed up by a full 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.