tvONE Previews Products at JB&A Event before NAB

  • JB&A will host a video and digital media workflow event to preview the latest technology from tvONE. This year's JB&A Video Workflow event provides the opportunity for intimate discussion with vendors, revealing workflow presentations, and getting hands-on with the latest tech before the NAB show begins.

In addition to meeting with JB&A and seeing its latest products, attendees will also get the chance to:

• Access to CEOs and decision makers from featured vendors in an intimate setting
• Huddle spaces for Q&A with guest speakers from key industries

• Workflow stations with multiple products working together

Featured tvONE products at this event include tvONE's CORIOmaster mini all-in-one video system, which enables a range of video manipulation tasks to be performed simultaneously, including real-time 360-degree video rotations and multi-projector edge blending. Its latest features enhancements include Source Transitions and a Custom Resolution Editor.

Source Transitions is a new feature that allows for real-time movement of source windows using presets with time duration. Video windows can be transitioned live or with presets to: fade through black, wipe, grow, squeeze, flip, and spin. CORIOgrapher software provides a simple interface to setup and trigger these truly dynamic visual effects.

The new Custom Resolution Editor allows for custom resolutions to be created and uploaded into the unit to be used as input or output resolutions. New resolutions can be created through the unit's API commands for each output or created by using the updated CORIOdiscover app on initial system installation and then selected by the user for each output and auto detected as an input resolution.

The new C2-2000 series encompasses the previously released C2-2855 universal scaler and its two new derivatives, the C2-2755 Video Scaler PLUS and C2-2655 Scan Converter PLUS. These new designs have more input/output flexibility than any other previous tvONE scaler. They can be set up and managed using a new, innovative front panel or via computer-based control panel that allows setup in less than 1/3 the time of the previous generation.

The HD-One DX and LX deliver reliable, uncompressed, high-definition video over a single Cat5e/6/6e/7 cable to a distance of 328 feet/100 meters. The HD-One DX500 and LX500 go a step further, offering a distance reach of 500 feet/152 meters, while also using less power, dissipating less heat and providing significantly better resistance to environmental emissions and interference.The C2-6204 4-Window Universal 3G-SDI Processor has four 3G-SDI inputs plus a DVI-I input (for window, cascade or background use) to place up to four sizeable windows on a single DVI-I / 3G SDI output. Each window is powered by a CORIO2 scaler providing full PIP flexibility.

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