New Products November

New Products November
  • Extron Electronics introduced the MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller, designed to centralize control of a classroom presentation system. The MLC 104 IP Plus combines the best features for classroom AV control. New features in the MLC 104 IP Plus include support for optional Extron IRCMs (infrared control modules) for controlling sources such as VCRs and DVD players, and three digital I/O ports for controlling switches and relays. MediaLink controllers eliminate the need for multiple handheld IR remotes that can be lost or stolen. Additionally, the MLC 104 IP Plus features built-in IP Link Ethernet control and is configurable using Extron's free Global Configurator software.

TOA's 5000 Series Wireless Systems

TOA Canada is expanding its wireless microphone system lineup with the new 5000 Series wireless microphone systems. The 5000 Series operates in the 692-722 Mhz band with up to 16 simultaneous systems. Transmitter options include the WM-5220 condenser handheld, WM-5320 lapel, WM-5320H vocal headset and WM-5320A aerobic headset. Receiver models include the WT-5800 true diversity 64-channel wireless tuner, WT-5805 space diversity 64-channel wireless tuner and the portable WT-5810 space diversity 16-channel wireless tuner.

The Simplex TrueAlert

The Simplex TrueAlert text messaging appliance is an electronic readerboard with an easy-to-read, two-line LED display for text messages. Powered and controlled through a Simplex fire alarm panel, the TrueAlert text-messaging appliance enhances emergency communications in places where high ambient noise levels or poor acoustic conditions may compromise the effectiveness of voice communications. It can also be useful in providing emergency notification to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Kramer's TR Series

Kramer Electronics has introduced four new isolation transformer models, the TR-1, TR-1A, TR-2A, and TR-3, all designed to eliminate noise in video and audio signals caused by ground loop problems. In many video and audio applications, the connection between sources and displays can introduce a 50Hz or 60 Hz ground loop resulting in unwanted noise. The new Kramer isolation transformers, the TR-1 for composite video signals, the TR-1A for balanced mono audio signals, the TR-2A for balanced stereo audio signals, and the TR-3 for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals, break the ground connections in video and audio transmission lines.

Martin Mania EFX800 Effect Light

The Martin Mania EFX800 is a 150W discharge effect light; a broad sweeping flower effect punched through a rotating glass color paddle producing a dynamic, ever-changing look and feel. The EFX800's light output has a 170 degree spread which rotates and sweeps wide, meaning more space can be covered with fewer fixtures. A separate gobo wheel houses 12 gobo designs with fast strobe effects achievable via a separate shutter. Designed primarily for installation use, this versatile effect light includes a number of mounting options yet is durable enough for life on the road.

Hitachi's StarBoard BT-2G

Hitachi Software's StarBoard BT-2G Bluetooth wireless system tablet comes equipped with an interactive pen tool and is compatible with StarBoard interactive T-17SXL and T-15XL panels. The BT-2G tablet provides presenters with greater access and versatility, allowing for interactive and dynamic communications. The system features a range of up to 65 feet and a battery life of 24 hours, allowing presenters extensive roaming capability. Additionally, presenters have the ability to connect up to seven BT-2G systems to a PC.

DPI's HIGHlite 10000Dsx+ And 16000Dsx+ Projectors

Digital Projection International (DPI) has introduced its latest three-chip DLP Professional Series projectors, the HIGHlite 10000Dsx+ and HIGHlite 16000Dsx+. The new 1400 x 1050 resolution projectors offer increased brightness from previous models, due to optical system enhancements and a higher efficiency 2-Kilowatt xenon lamp. The HIGHlite 10000Dsx+ delivers 9,500 ANSI lumens at 2000:1 contrast, while the 16000Dsx+ produces 13,000 ANSI lumens at 1800:1 contrast. Along with the high reliability, long-life and gentle lumen-maintenance-curve that was characteristic of the previous lamp, the new lamp also delivers better lumen/watt performance. Additionally, the new lamp and lamp module are backwards compatible with DP's previous HIGHlite Professional series models.

Community's VERIS

Community's VERIS (VERsatile Installation Systems) comprise a range of small-to-medium-sized loudspeakers that are engineered for versatile array construction, while styled to meet modern architectural requirements. Each VERIS model exhibits linear phase throughout the critical crossover regions and features Community's unique, uniform full-range voicing system to minimize variations in sound quality among the range of models. Available models start with the VERIS6, a single 6-inch with an HF horn-driver combination in a compact enclosure. Next are a dual 6-inch, a single 8-inch, and a dual 8-inch, also with attendant HF horn-drivers.

Crestron's iLux CLS-C6 Lighting System

Crestron's iLux CLS-C6 integrated zoned lighting system operates as a stand-alone system that controls six lighting zones and six groups of shades. It replaces the litany of switches and dimmers on the wall, and centralizes the lighting, shade, and screen controls. The iLux CLS-C6 enables user-preset lighting scenes. The iLux CLS-C6 is a wall-mount unit featuring built-in dimmer circuits to control six lighting zones. The six front-panel three-position rocker buttons control each zone and provide white-LED feedback. Corresponding seven-segment LED bargraphs offer easy visualization of lighting levels in each zone. Up to 16 scenes for lighting and shades may be pre-programmed for intuitive client use.

Analog Way's Presentation Switchers

Analog Way's new presentation switchers are based on the architecture of the Octo Vue FX. The new products feature DVI in and out and support output up to 1080p at 60 Hz and 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz. This new range is made of three families of products: the Octo Vue family with preview, pip, DVI-in and -out; the Octo II family with 8 universal inputs and DVI in and out; the Quattro with four universal inputs and DVI in and out.

Roland's EDIROL V-44SW Mixer/Switcher

Roland's EDIROL V-44SW rackmount multi-format video mixer/switcher provides an easy-to-use solution for corporate presentation, worship, and boardroom AV integrators and organizations. For applications where installation or live events call for switching and mixing between a variety of sources, the V-44SW provides a flexible interface that anyone can operate. Non-technical users will find a shorter learning curve using the V-44SW because they can rely on presets established in advance. Additionally, the remote control capability via RS-232C or MIDI allows for customized interfaces further simplifying the operation of the V-44SW. V-LINK also allows the switcher to be controlled from any Roland/EDIROL V-LINK enabled instrument via MIDI.

Da-Lite's Screen Designer Software

Dealers or custom installers can configure a custom product unique to the client's requirements with Da-Lite Screen Company's newest version of its Screen Designer software. The software guides the user through the selection process of configuring the projection screen with possible options such as added drop, custom case finishes, and available accessories. A custom drawing is generated with multiple product views and all pertinent dimensions for the projection screen. Users are able to generate a quotation that includes suggested retail pricing and the appropriate part number with proper suffixes indicating all custom options.

Belden's Continuously Corrugated Aluminum Armored Cable

Belden has added continuously corrugated aluminum armored cable to the its full line of IndustrialTuff ControlBus low-loss coaxial cables for ControlNet factory floor control system applications. The new RG-6/U type coax features a continuously corrugated aluminum armored construction to ensure reliable performance in extremely harsh industrial environments. Other features include an 18 AWG solid bare copper-covered steel conductor, foam polyethylene insulation, Belden's Duobond Quad Shield, and an inner PVC jacket.

TechSpa's Contemporary Control System

TechSpa's Contemporary Control System is a plug-and-play alternative to background music control systems where traditional control systems would be overkill, in both technology and price, for the application. TechSpa developed the Contemporary Control System to operate user functions for multi-zone background music systems using an intuitive GUI on an off-the-shelf touch-screen computer. The simplicity of the control system is derived partly from the expandable control feature sets, which can be customized for any specific application by TechSpa technicians prior to installation and expandable thereafter by the integrator.

EAW's Smaart Version 6 Software

The EAW Smaart Version 6 (v6) sound system measurement and analysis software features a comprehensive re-write of its underlying architecture that enhances multi-tasking, in addition to a new streamlined interface for simpler operation and for the first time ever, full compatibility with Macintosh OS X in addition to Windows XP. Specifically, Smaart v6 is a universal application designed to take full advantage of the performance increases delivered by the new Intel-based Macs. Further, it is now built from a unified cross-platform source base with near-complete parity between both Mac OS X and Windows versions, in addition to working with Core Audio and ASIO drivers.

ATTO's SAS/SATA RAID Controllers

ATTO Technology's two new SAS/SATA RAID controllers feature DVRAID technology, supporting editing of two uncompressed streams of high-definition video plus titles and 11 streams of real-time, uncompressed standard-definition video. These new products, designed for server and storage systems, will enable next-generation SCSI technology to handle demanding video production and streaming content applications, such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects, and high definition video editing while adding parity data protection to SAS/SATA storage devices.

ERG's Smart Force DC-AC Inverters

Endicott Research Group (ERG) offers a family of Smart Force DC-AC inverters that provide a range of standard and custom solutions for display and device designers who need to power electroluminescent (EL) backlit LCDs or devices where EL is used for accent and decorative lighting. Vacuum encapsulated for maximum reliability, Smart Force inverters prolong the useful life of the EL lamps they power because they automatically adjust operating voltage and frequency as the lamp ages and changes. To power conventional foil EL lamps used in backlighting applications, ERG offers the LPS Series of inverters. Their low power consumption is designed to maximize the lamps' effectiveness in powering battery-operated devices.

Sonance's Architectural Series Loudspeakers

Sonance's Architectural Series is a new family of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers that are true flush-mounted speakers with a broad and flexible range of reference-quality performance and design solutions. Consumers have the ability to not only choose the size and shape of their speakers but also to select from finish options that include completely trimless, micro trim, or an iconic pure white trimless and grilleless fascia finish. The Architectural Series consists of 19 new speaker models offering a wide range of options that further enable and support the creativity of architects and interior designers.

Aviom's AN-16/o Output Module

Aviom's newly updated AN-16/o output module features the flexibility of improved mic and line output levels, convenient DB25 multipins for audio connections, and heavy duty locking Neutrik EtherCons for network connections. The AN-16/o provides 16 balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs, with switchable output levels per channel pair. Audio outputs feature secure DB25 multipin connectors. With both mic- and line-level outputs available, connecting to a console is simpler and more flexible. The AN-16/o can be used both on stage and at front of house to provide outputs to consoles, as well as to amplifiers and speaker processors.

Calypso's CA-500 And CA-1000 Mini Amps

Housed in black, powder-coated enclosures measuring only 1.2 inches high by 3.25 inches wide and 5.1 inches deep, the new CA-500 and CA-1000 miniature amplifiers from Calypso Control Systems each offer a full 32 watts of power with audio quality approaching professional levels. Suited for small room applications, the mini-amps can be controlled via both IR and serial commands. Producing 16 watts per channel at 4 ohms, and 8 watts per channel at 8 ohms, the CA-500 is outfitted with a single balanced stereo input, and performs with a signal-to-noise ratio more than 85 dB and THD measuring .1 percent.

Honeywell's DV Monitor Cables

Honeywell has expanded its Crystal Series home theater cabling line to include new dual-link, DVI-D to DVI-D digital video monitor cables. Built to exacting specifications for transmitting full-bandwidth, uncompressed video signals to digital visual interface (DVI) compliant LCD, plasma, and HDTV displays, the cables support resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536 without EMI/RFI interference or data loss, plus feature the bandwidth headroom needed for high-speed transmissions up to 9.9 Gbps. The cable design features oxygen-free copper conductors, a gas-injected dielectric insulator, and multiple-layer shielding. Ultra-low attenuation, broad bandwidth, and extra flexibility are the result.

LifeSize's Gateway, Gatekeeper, And Multipoint

LifeSize has introduced video network infrastructure products designed to provide network interoperability, and deliver high-quality video and multimedia communications across distributed organizations. LifeSize Gateway ensures seamless connections between IP and ISDN video systems, thus gaining dramatic improvements in productivity through high definition advanced gateway support. LifeSize Gatekeeper is a standards compliant H.323 gatekeeper that provides high-performance, intuitive network management of IP telephony and video communications. LifeSize Multipoint is a high-definition multipoint control unit designed to support multi-site conferencing for up to 24 simultaneous locations with 720p video quality and high-fidelity audio.

Wireworks' diGi8 Series Components

Wireworks' diGi8 Series Components are built on the company's G-Series connectors and are paired with rugged full-size AES/EBU cable. Available with both analog and digital wiring and supported by a wide variety of XLR and TRS combinations to fit every setup, the eight-channel cabling system includes the diGi8 MiniStageBox, diGi8 Trunk cables, XLR and TRS Fanouts, MMBR rack-mount adapters, and adapters to DB25 connections. The diGi8 MiniStageBox's all steel chassis is 1RU high x 9.5 inches wide (1/2 rack width) and 3 inches deep. With the included baseplate, the unit can function as a tiny stagebox or be wall mounted. Without the baseplate, diGi8 boxes can be hung or hidden away.

Ultralink/XLO's Ultralink CS1 Series and the Challenger-2 Series are designed to bridge the gap between superior AV performance and affordability.
The CS1 cables incorporates Ultralink performance in a budget-priced, solution-oriented line that covers the full range of audio and video cables in both analog and digital. The Challenger-2 Series of analog and digital audio and video cables--including HDMI, DVI, bulk cable, and connectors--offers performance levels never before available at these price points.

JBL's VLA Series Loudspeakers

JBL Professional's Variable Line Array (VLA) Series loudspeakers are designed for permanent installations requiring high-impact sound reinforcement at throw distances beyond the reach of traditional loudspeaker designs. The VLA Series is based on the same engineering science used in the VERTEC line array product family, but also combines many elements of the Precision Directivity Series designed for permanent installations with the advanced loudspeaker components and line-array technologies that VERTEC systems are known for. This modular horn-loaded concept provides system designers additional flexibility to vary the horizontal pattern within a vertical array. The VLA Series contains components characteristic of JBL's loudspeakers, including CMCD cone midrange compression drivers and neodymium high-frequency compression drivers.

TEi's MeetingMinder, MessageBlox Software

TEi's (Tech Electronics, Inc.) MeetingMinder and MessageBlox software applications comprise a suite of visual communications technologies enabling organizations to create and manage digital content from browser-based devices and deliver to virtually all known display endpoints. Users can choose to deliver content to a wide range of endpoints that include individual room signs, desktop PCs, cell phones, and RSS compatible devices. Additionally, TEi repositioned an enhanced MeetingMinder product line as a stand-alone offering. Previously an addition to AxisTV systems, MeetingMinder multi-purpose room sign software and hardware solutions are now sold independently, with a choice of panelPCs, Room Players, and accessories.

LibertyLinx Composite Control Cables

Liberty's new Control cables optimize the performance of wire-based control systems, easing the path toward installing highly-effective command, control, and communication arrays. Designed and built to the highest engineering standards, the cables integrate into residential, commercial, and SOHO installation environments, making them perfect solutions for a vast array of installation challenges.

MultiDyne DVM-1000 Series

MultiDyne has introduced the DVM-1000 Series of fiber optic links for video, audio, and data. The DVM-1000 is an expansion of the MultiDyne professional fiber optic product line. The DVM-1000 9 bit video and 24 bit audio fiber optic link support one video, 2 audio and 3 data channels. The DVM-1500 bi-directional video, audio, and data fiber optic link support one video, four audio, and four data channels bi-directionally over one fiber. The video signal to noise ratio is greater than 62 dB. The DVM-2700 video and fiber optic link supports 2 video, up to 4 audio, and 4 simplex data channels. The DVM-2700 is available with support for S-video.

Krell's Evolution 403 And 900 Amplifiers

Krell Industries' Evolution 403 and 900 amplifiers extend the series with new power amplifiers. The Evolution 403 is a three-channel power amplifier rated at 400-watts that features Krell's proprietary CAST (current audio signal transmission) circuitry which utilizes current gain topologies, allowing the signal to remain in the current domain from input to output. Krell's Evolution 900 is a 900-watt monaural amplifier also featuring CAST circuitry. Both the 403 and 900 utilize a 6000 VA power supply that makes use of extensive electrical and magnetic shielding to keep radiated interference out of critical amplifier circuits.

Leviton SlimLine Patch Cords

Leviton Voice & Data's SlimLine patch cords offer an innovative plug design, are snagless, easy to install, and offer improved strain relief for outstanding long-term network performance. They feature a bootless design and a narrow profile, bringing welcome relief when space is at a premium. SlimLine patch cords also feature stranded conductors, offering flexibility with no significant electrical or mechanical degradation, even after many flexures. Indicate

Teq Gear's SPX201 Presentation Switcher

Teq Gear's new 12x1 presentation switcher, the SPX201, combines a number of features that would usually require several pieces of equipment. The SPX201 features three microphone inputs for voice-over (ducking), adding to the efficiency of this compact product, eliminating the need of any additional audio equipment to overlay voice over a multi-media feed. Additionally, it has four composite video and stereo audio inputs; four S-video and stereo audio inputs; four computer video and stereo audio inputs; two parallel computer video and one stereo audio outputs; resolution VGA to SXGA; and one RS232 port.

Martin Audio's W8L Line Array System

Martin Audio's new W8L Longbow system represents a significant new evolution of the company's popular Wavefront W8L line array systems. In the low frequency section, the 15-inch hybrid bass horn design is responsible for the tight, extended low frequency performance of the W8L. Development of a new ultra-long excursion driver gives the W8L Longbow the ability to displace almost twice the volume of air as the W8L when driven with the same input signal. This advance lifts the low-end performance to a new level and extends the low frequency -3dB point down to 35Hz.

Lutron's Sivoia QED

Lutron Electronics has introduced wireless, radio frequency-based communication for its Sivoia QED roller 64 roller shade system (when used as part of a HomeWorks whole-home lighting control system). For the installer, this new capability provides a simpler and smoother retrofit solution for the roller 64 system. The Sivoia QED roller 64 system provides convenient control of both roller and Roman shades. Lutron's HomeWorks total home lighting control system provides one-button control of every light in the home. When used together, all of a home's natural and artificial light can be controlled with one or more buttons.

Teliris' VirtuaLive Line

Teliris has introduced its VirtuaLive line, and end-to-end broadcast-quality HD offering featuring camera-to-distant-display HD that further improves the in-person quality of virtual meetings. Available as an optional enhancement for all Teliris' fourth generation VirtuaLive product offerings, customers will be able to experience high-quality image clarity that includes smooth motion, accurate color palate, and fine detail resolution. Teliris' HD capability uses 60 frames-per-second/720p digitally end-to-end, which enables a higher number of pixels to flow through the system without delays and eliminating artifacting for all locations.

XTA's MC2 E4-75 Power Amp

XTA has introduced its MC2 E4-75 power amplifier. The MC2 E4-75 power amplifier is the latest addition to the highly successful lightweight (switchmode) E Series Amplifiers, which are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including touring monitor racks. The E4-75 is a four-channel amplifier capable of producing 750W RMS per channel into four or eight ohms; it has automatic impedance sensing and changes the power accordingly.

Silent Knight's KnightSpec

Silent Knight has upgraded its KnightSpec specification writing tool. The version 1.01 software package allows system engineers and specifiers to create custom fire alarm specifications for Silent Knight panels including the IFP-50, IFP-100, and IFP-1000 control panels, as well as the integrated voice evacuation versions of the IFP-100 and IFP-1000 control panels. The new 1.01 version allows selection of System Sensor's IDP Series addressable devices and include updated system sensor AV data sheets and IDP series data sheets. The easy-to-use interface allows users to select from a wide variety of panel options and equipment in an easy point-and-click manner, reducing the time required to create a final specification.

Medialon's Manager 4 Software

Medialon's Manager 4 is the latest version of its popular show control software. Manager 4 software controls and synchronizes digital audio and video, lighting dimmers and desks, matrix switchers, image processors, videowalls, lasers, fireworks, special effects, and more all over one network. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, even on digital video, DMX, MIDI, serial acquisition and editing, multitasking, and permanent device position tracking to optimize producers' creativity. A new programming GUI has been designed to ease and reduce programming time with drag-and-drop and programming wizard. In addition, the workspace can be adapted to users' needs by displaying all show elements at a glance.

Pelco's LCD Monitor Mounts

Pelco's new line of LCD monitor mounts are designed to optimize LCD monitor use in control rooms as well as in other viewing situations. The are the perfect addition to installations including Pelco LCD monitors, and will feature the following models: the tilt wall mount, single-arm wall mount, dual-arm articulating wall mount, and ceiling mount. Pelco also offers three rack mount kits for installing 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch LCD monitors in standard 19-inch equipment racks, allowing the monitor to tilt up or down for optimum viewing.

HRT's UU-2X4 Extension

Hall Research Technologies' (HRT) UU-2X4 uses one UTP (Cat-5/-5e/-6) cable to extend two USB ports up to 350 feet. On the remote side, each extended USB port terminates into a four-port USB hub. This allows up to four USB devices to be connected to each extended USB port for a total of eight ports. For applications that may have more than one high speed streaming USB peripheral requirements, the dual-port pipe access to the PC allows the user to connect each of the high speed devices to a dedicated group at the remote location, and still have three extra ports open on each group for other USB devices.

Peavey's EASE Focus Software

Peavey has partnered with Software Design Ahnert to offer its EASE Focus acoustic simulation software free of charge to users of the new Peavey Versarray line array system. EASE Focus Aiming software draws two-dimensional representations of acoustical environments that aid in the configuration and modeling of line arrays. System installers can use the program to determine the proper flying or mounting points and the correct dispersion angles for the enclosures.

Speco's PL-120SA Amplifier

Speco Technologies' PL-120SA stereo 70 Volt amplifier incorporates two 70-volt speaker line outputs for left and right channels. Speco Technologies' line of amplifiers include the PBM Contractor Series offers a reliable cost-efficient solution for a wide range of applications from 30W to 120W models. The PMM Series gives you PA Mixer and Power amplifiers with more MIC inputs, individual volume controls in 60W or 120W RMS models. The P-60FACD 60W amplifier offers 600-Ohm telephone paging input, auxiliary 200mV input with 70/25V-4/8/16 Ohm speaker output, and built-in CD player. The Platinum Series (PL-260A) is 260 Watt, seven-zone premium commercial amplifier handling the most demanding large-scale applications.

Samsung's SyncMaster LCD Montiors

Samsung Electronics has introduced two new high-performance LCD monitors to its SyncMaster line, the 17-inch SyncMaster 731BF and the 19-inch SyncMaster 931BF. Both monitors feature 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms (GTG) response time, 1280 x 1024 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness, as well as Samsung's proprietary Magic Technologies: MagicBrightIIT, MagicColorT and MagicTuneT. The use of Magic Technologies provides users with optimized picture quality and ease-of-use capabilities.

Extreme CCTV's WZseries

Extreme CCTV's WZseries product family is a new suite of surveillance solutions that represents an impeccable combination of performance, reliability and value. Expanding on a successful, well-established line, the WZseries product family includes four new Integrated Day-Night bullet cameras. Powered by Extreme CCTV, the WZseries delivers field-proven effectiveness for a wide variety of applications ranging from the world's toughest prisons, to schools and campuses, to government sites.

Ocean Matrix's OMX-SW8X8 Switcher

TecNec Distributing has introduced six new Ocean Matrix products including the OMX-SW8X8 switcher. The OMX-SW8X8 is an 8 x 8 vertical interval matrix switcher for composite video and stereo audio signals. A true matrix, it allows the user to route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously. Because the machine switches during the vertical interval, transitions are glitch-free when sources share a common reference sync. Video bandwidth of 200 MHz ensures transparent operation even in the most critical applications. Audio breakaway allows for independent audio and video switching.

Chief's Universal Flat Panel Mounts

Chief Manufacturing offers mounts for all flat panel sizes from 10-inches to over 65-inches, available in universal or custom. These medium flat panel solutions include mounts from the Cynergy, Fusion, and Reaction lines, plus the new ceiling mounts, in-wall mounts, and table stand. Chief's Cynergy line includes the JWP pivot/tilt, JWS single arm, and JWD dual arm wall mounts provide a broad range of motion for viewing screens from multiple angles. The mounts feature Centris technology for effortless fingertip movement and adjustment of the screen with extension of over 20-inches (with the JWD). Integrated cable management provides a clean installation.

VBrick Systems' EtherneTV 4.0

VBrick Systems' EtherneTV 4.0 (ETV 4.0) enables corporations, educational institutions and government organizations to capture, manage, and distribute video with increasing ease and flexibility. Clients use EtherneTV to create environments that share information, monitor facilities, as well as broadcast training and announcements to anyone at any level--live or on demand. One of the most compelling new ETV 4.0 features enables organizations to monitor, track, and report on user-specific data--giving media managers the ability to access curriculum or compliance-specific viewing histories.

APB-DynaSonics' MixSwitch

APB-DynaSonics has introduced its first rackmount mixing products. The first of these products, MixSwitch, provides the ability to switch between a primary digital or analog console and a backup console or between a headline and opening act consoles in concert/presentation situations in switch mode or operation of both consoles simultaneously in SUM mode. MixSwitch provides an announce microphone input as well as a stereo music program input for music playback, each with EQ and limiting, and assignment to any of its four outputs.

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