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Delphi Display Systems Launches Wireless Headset for Drive-Thru Restaurants

Delphi Display Systems has introduced the Insight Inform wireless drive-thru headset system, which is the latest component of Delphi’s Insight QSR platform.

The Insight platform supports the key drive-thru functions including order confirmation systems, timing systems, outdoor digital pre-sell menu boards, outdoor digital menu boards, and wireless headsets.

“Delphi now makes it simpler for our QSR customers to set up and install all their drive-thru technologies from the pre-sell menu to the headset and everything in between,” said Ken Neeld, president and CEO of Delphi Display Systems.

The integrated platform is designed to optimize service delivery to drive-thru customers by allowing the various drive-thru components to share data and events.

At the core of the Insight Inform solution is Quail Digital’s Pro5 Drive-Thru Wireless Headset technology that has been modified by Delphi to integrate with its Insight platform. The new Insight Inform headsets operate on the DECT 1.88-1.90 GHz frequency band, which will not interfere with WiFi networks in the store, and is resistant to outside interference. The system uses noise suppression, acoustic echo cancelling, and dynamic compression techniques and algorithms to deliver clear-speech audio for both crew members and customers. The Insight Inform solution has a noise cancelling feature that suppresses background noise from the kitchen to the drive-thru speaker, improving the sound clarity and increasing the customer experience and speed of service. The system can support single lane, tandem, and dual lane drive-thru configurations from a single base station.

The Insight Inform system can issue audible S-O-S (Speed of Service) alerts. By measuring speed-of-service targets in the drive-thru, S-O-S Alert broadcasts voice prompts to headsets when vehicles exceed select targets. Other standard features include the ability to record, schedule, and manage customer greetings, promotional messages, and task reminders for staff.

The weight only 3.5 ounces and with a push of a button, can be set to hands-free mode to provide flexibility, mobility, and productivity for crew members. To increase energy efficiency, Insight Inform headsets are fitted with a motion detector. If a headset is motionless for three minutes, it automatically goes into sleep mode to conserve battery life.

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