New Products April 2008

New Products April 2008
  • Extron Electronics has introduced the SMX System MultiMatrix Series of modular, multi-plane matrix switchers. These new switchers combine multiple, independent analog and digital matrix switchers in a truly field-configurable, modular frame. The SMX System is an ideal choice for medical imaging systems, conference and training facilities, and other mid-sized applications requiring a variety of signal types and requiring a cost-effective upgrade path for ongoing I/O or signal format changes. SMX System MultiMatrix frames are available in 3U, 4U, and 5U sizes, providing 6, 8, or 10 matrix board slots, respectively.

Allen & Heath iDR0

Allen & Heath has added iDR0, a new processing unit, to its iLive digital mixing system. The iDR0 is a 2U rack unit that provides all the processing features of the iLive system for networked audio systems. Instead of slots for I/O modules, the iDR0 offers two EtherSound ports, which provide all the audio inputs and outputs of the system. It provides a compact solution to users who wish to mix common sources for different applications such as FOH and monitor, or need an additional mix for broadcast or recording that allows full processing and mix capability with the source material.

Vaddio PRO WallVIEW Camera System

Vaddio's WallVIEW Universal PRO HD-Z700 combines high picture quality with three 1/4-type CMOS megapixel sensors and achieves a resolution of 1,120,000 total pixels. It also features a 20x optical zoom lens with an optical image stabilizer, allowing users to clearly capture small or distant objects. The WallVIEW's cabling system allows the integrator to use standard Cat-5 cabling to run HD/SD video, power, and camera control up to 500 feet.

beyerdynamic MCS 20 Conference System

beyerdynamic's latest wired MCS 20 conference system is easy to handle. The system has only three components: the power supply unit, the chairman and delegate microphone unit. The system is controlled and configured by the chairman microphone unit. The easy installation and intuitive operation make the system a choice for simple meetings. Set up, plug in, turn on, and the meeting can start.

BTX Technologies ProBlox

BTX Technologies' ProBlox a new multi-connector system that provides a single connector for multiple signals. As a cost-effective solution for bundling numerous signals, the ProBlox system combines 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in one multi-connector, allowing fast and simple set-up and tear-down in applications such as remote broadcasting, rental, rack staging, corporate settings, podiums, and more.

Crestron CLS-EXP

Crestron's CLS-EXP line of lighting expansion modules enable the Crestron iLux integrated lighting system and other Crestron lighting dimmers to handle more load types, a wider range of voltages, and larger loads. The CLS-EXP line features four new models that are now available. The CLS-EXP-DIM model allows each output channel of the iLux system to dim a fully loaded circuit of incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, or dimmable two-wire fluorescent lighting loads up to 16 Amps.

Comprehensive CSC-550 Scaler

Comprehensive's CSC-550 scaler is a high performance digital scaler for composite, S-video, and component video signals. It will scale video input signals to selectable computer graphics, video or HDTV output signals on an HD-15 connector. The CSC-550 has multiple computer graphics output resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024. This scaler also has HDTV output resolutions of 480p, 576p, 720p, and 1080i in component format on the HD-15 output connector.

Meyer Sound UPQ-1P

Meyer Sound's UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker delivers a robust peak power output of 136 dB SPL with low distortion while offering flexible rigging options, wide vertical coverage, and gradual off-axis rolloff to accommodate a range of installation requirements. In a patented trapezoidal enclosure, UPQ-1P weighs in at 105 pounds and measures 19 inches x 28 inches x 18 inches.

Barix And StreamGuys Localized Ad Service

Barix AG, StreamGuys and MOH Technologies AG have introduced the first customizable, IP-based platform for localized ad insertion in point-to-multipoint audio streaming networks. Far less expensive then satellite-based platforms, the scalable solution allows retailers, restaurant chains and other organizations to localize in-store advertising within a high-quality audio stream. Using simple, standard pull down menus, customers can upload their advertisement libraries and assign destination sites using the robust server interface developed by StreamGuys.

Omnivex Moxie

Omnivex's new digital signage platform, Moxie, is based on the latest technologies from Microsoft. This technology will enable content developers, network operators and marketing managers to take advantage of the latest advances in Windows graphics capabilities and network management, and tie them directly to real-time information. Omnivex developed Moxie software to meet people's rising expectations for both richer and more relevant content on display screens.

Avlex Bardl P Series Mixer

The Avlex Bardl P Series audio mixers are available in 8- and 12-channel configurations and offer a wealth of features that make them ideal for general sound reinforcement for both fixed and portable use as well as integration into desktop recording environments. The Bardl P Series mixers provide both USB and S/PDIF digital connectivity-enabling these mixers to integrate digitally with personal computers and dedicated audio hardware.

Sencore SP495 Soundpro-EX

Sencore's SP495 SoundPro-EX has been updated to include several new enhancements. Improvements include a 1/30th octave FFT analyzer, doubling the ETG resolution, an early decay time measurement, noise criterion curves overlay on the RTA, improved speech intelligibility STIPA with memory to store test results, improved multi-band decay test performance with memory to store test results, the addition of noise criteria computation per-band, 140V and 200V computation to the impedance meter and LEQ measurements to the TDA.

dnp denmark Supernova Flex Screen

dnp denmark's Supernova Flex Screen now features a retractable, motorized screen that blends seamlessly into any environment and disappears into a wall mounted enclosure when not in use. At the touch of a button, the Supernova Flex rolls up into its housing, out of the way but readily available for its next use. New features include a three-level speed control that substantially reduces noise levels and a programmable universal IR remote control that will operate all commonly used AV devices, and makes it easy to install, program, calibrate, and control the screen right out of the box.

Niles Audio Ceiling Mount Loudspeakers

Niles Audio's four new application-specific 8-inch ceiling mount loudspeakers feature an 8-inch integrated woofer/baffle design to provide rich, robust bass response. Each model incorporates pivoting tweeters to provide precise dispersion of high frequencies while allowing the flexibility to install the loudspeakers where they look best. All CM ceiling mount loudspeakers feature weather resistant construction to accommodate installation in moist indoor areas like showers, and outdoor areas under eaves.

Da-Lite Screen Options

Da-Lite Screen Company is adding a veneer case option on Da-Lite's Cosmopolitan Electrol screens and Model C and Model C with Controlled Screen Return (CSR) manual screens. The visible face of the case can be covered with a real wood veneer for a warm, elegant look. Veneer can also be added to the optional floating mounting brackets for each model. Veneers are available in seven standard finishes.

Atlantic Technology IWTS-8eSUB

Atlantic Technology's IWTS-8eSUB is a THX Ultra certified in-wall subwoofer system that is designed to deliver in-wall bass reproduction. The IWTS-8e subwoofer system replaces the company's previous in-wall Sub 8. The new system benefits from improved cabinet and baffle design, as well as a new outboard amplifier that is smaller, simpler to set-up, and more powerful than its predecessor.

ClearOne Converge SR 1212

The ClearOne Converge SR 1212 is a digital audio processor and matrix mixer developed specifically for the professional audio market. The Converge SR 1212 is the successor to the PSR 1212 and incorporates new features including fourth-generation proprietary audio processing technologies, simplified configuration tools, and enhanced management features.

EAW MicroWedge Series MW12 Monitor

EAW's MicroWedge Series MW12 stage monitor provides enhanced fidelity, power handling, and reliability in comparison to earlier MicroWedge models, attained with an optimum blend of upgraded transducers and EAW's hallmark crossover design techniques. Mechanical durability has been advanced as well, joined by enhancements in enclosure fabrication, ergonomics, and interconnection, along with dramatic weight reduction. The MW12 features a coaxial driver arrangement that pairs a 12-inch woofer with a 3-inch (diaphragm) HF compression driver on a horn delivering full yet tightly controlled 90-degree horizontal dispersion.

Aurora Multimedia WACI PAD-12

Aurora Multimedia's WACI PAD-12 dynamic button interface is a complete control system that provides the full functionality of an interactive touchpanel with 12 LCD buttons. The WACI PAD provides robust functionality in an intuitive format. The apparent simplicity is deceptive in both power and functionality. The buttons change based on selection, so if a user presses the DVD button, the buttons will all change to transport controls, and each button can support hundreds of unique instances.

Electrosonic MS9600 JPEG2000 Server

Electrosonic Systems' MS9600 JPEG2000 server plays unencrypted JPEG2000 content at 2K, 1080p and 720p resolutions. Capable of delivering crisp, beautiful images at a price point well below that of its competitors, the MS9600 features 2K resolution via dual HD-DSI and dual DVI-I video outputs, 16 channels of broadcast quality digital audio, an advanced user interface and confidence monitor. It also includes professional integration features such as Timecode and Genlock, gigabit network, serial control, and four general purpose I/O.

Avocent Emerge EMS Series

Avocent's Emerge EMS series of VGA over Cat-5 extenders deliver high-resolution video and CD-quality digital stereo audio across installations up to 1000 feet away. With the newly-added RS232 support, video display panels can be controlled and interrogated remotely. Using the flexibility of Avocent's solutions can help to deliver powerful advertising messages and information in the growing digital signage market.

Furman/Panamax Merit Export Series

Furman/Panamax's Merit Export Series of single-space rackmount power conditioners are now available to customers in 220V-240V countries. The Merit Export models have the same features as their domestic counterparts, including surge/spike protection, AC noise filtration, and a robust steel chassis. The M-10x E provides 10 filtered and protected rear panel outlets with a front panel convenience outlet and protection OK indicator light. The M-10Lx E adds pull-out light tubes, with dimmer knob, for discreet rack illumination.

JBL Professional AE Compact Loudspeakers

JBL Professional's AE Compact loudspeaker series provides even more options for system designers and integrators in a variety of applications. The AE Compact loudspeaker family consists of eight high-output, two-way loudspeaker models incorporating either single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and eight-inch transducers. The high-frequency sections include a one-inch dome tweeter for two models, while the remaining six models incorporate one-inch exit compression drivers.

Martin Audio OMNILINE

Martin Audio's OMNILINE micro-line array system is designed for installation in a wide variety of architectural environments. OMNILINE'S modular approach and scalability extend its use from foreground applications to sound reinforcement in large acoustic spaces. An array can be configured using intelligent software to deliver sound precisely over any vertical angle to fit the venue profile without spilling onto surfaces where sound is not required.

MultiDyne HD-3000 Series

MultiDyne's HD-3000 Series of 5 to 2970 Mbps serial digital video fiber optic transport link supports the 1080p progressive 3 Gbps HD format. The HD-3000 line will provide a solution for the fiber optic transport and distribution of virtually any digital signal from 5 Mbps to 3 Gbps, reducing risk for new formats in the foreseeable future. The HD-3000 will future-proof your system design and infrastructure to support 1080p.

Vista Systems Spyder 359 Processor

Vista Systems has added the Spyder 359 to its Spyder family of image processors. The Spyder 359 is designed to support arrays of up to eight displays, it provides five universal input cards--one universal output card to support a scaled output of the entire aggregate display area, an operator's monitor or an additional display--and two DX4 output cards, each with four DVI outputs. The system offers five input layers and can accommodate an input expansion frame if required.

NEC Lobby Signage Solution

NEC Display Solutions' Lobby Signage Solution has all of the components needed to create an effective communications tool, including the 40-inch NEC AccuSync PV40 display, mounting hardware, PC hardware, content management software, and power suppression. The bundle is ideal for SMB, corporate and hospitality settings, and is most commonly used for employee messaging, way-finding, event listing, trade shows, safety awareness, menu boards, and event messaging.

Crown Macro-Tech I Series

Crown International's Macro-Tech Series has been re-launched as the Macro-Tech i Series, comprised of three models: the MA-5000i, MA-9000i, and MA12000i. The Macro-Tech i Series builds upon its predecessor by incorporating Crown's advanced, patented Class-I circuitry, which efficiently delivers significantly greater power while simultaneously reducing overall amplifier weight by more than half.

Roland Systems Edirol V-8 Video Mixer

Roland's Edirol V-8 eight channel video mixer represents the natural expansion of the industry standard Edirol V-4 four channel video mixer, incorporating the same primary feature set. Doubling the video inputs and adding computer inputs addresses the needs and requests of the SD video market segment. The Edirol V-8 appeals to VJs, schools, houses of worship, and corporate AV users who need more inputs, more effects, and regularly incorporate computer graphics and presentation software applications in their video performance and presentations.

Shure Microflex Microphones

Shure's Microflex microphones feature a low profile design. Like their predecessors, the new gooseneck models all feature interchangeable cartridges as well. Models MX405 and MX410 are 5- and 10-inch goosenecks, respectively, offered in both wired and wireless configurations. Outfitted with fully adjustable goosenecks, 5-pin XLR connectors, and a sleek new windscreen, both models can be used with a surface-mount preamp, a wired desktop base with a programmable mute switch, or the MX890 wireless desktop base with a programmable mute switch.

Dynacord VariLine VL 62

The Dynacord Variline range delivers acoustic performance and multi-functional hardware accessories for permanent install and mobile applications. The VL 62 full range cabinet features a neodymium 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch compression driver mounted to a CAD-optimized 90x40 rotateable horn for high SPL applications where minimal footprint is a maximum concern. VL 62's 16-Ohm operation allows up to eight cabinets to be connected in parallel to any Dynacord amplifier.

AudioScience ASI2416

The AudioScience ASI2416 series of CobraNet devices has been selected by QSC as the recommended replacement for the discontinued RAVE series. In all cases, the ASI2416 line provides the functionality of the RAVE series as well as additional features. The ASI2416 is a modular CobraNet audio interface in a 1U rack mount format. It can accommodate up to four function specific modules, allowing up to 16 channels of analog or AES/EBU I/O.

NTI Firmware V2.01

NTI extends the functionality of the analog signal generator MR-PRO by introducing the new firmware V2.01. Now Minirator MR-PRO measures the impedance and phase of the connected load and calculates the related power for 70V or 100V distributed loudspeaker systems. An enhanced cable test function and new test signals for amplifier and noise measurements widen the applications range of the MR-PRO. The new impedance and power test function perfectly suits 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker installations. The technician simply selects the applicable system reference voltage and connects the speaker line terminals.

Planar Systems CoolSign 4.0

Planar Systems' CoolSign 4.0 offers even more enterprise scalability, thanks to a distributed architecture utilizing CoolSign transfer servers. This enables organizations to make a smooth transition from running only a few players to running thousands, without any impact to content delivery. CoolSign is also the first digital signage software platform to integrate with Google Calendar and Google Docs applications. This integration allows even the most casual, non-technical user to update key signage content.

Digital View ActivPrint

Digital View's ActivPrint is a new technology that turns static advertising into animated displays. ActivPrint uses programmable e-paper technology and animation combined with the latest design techniques to bring advertising materials to life, in any shape, and with up to 10 animation steps, creating a high-resolution, flexible, and cost-effective advertising display. It can be used on shelves or integrated into any type of advertising solution.

Wireworks AV2000 HD/SDI MultiMedia Cabling

Wireworks' AV2000 HD/SDI MultiMedia Cabling is compatible with high definition as well as serial digital interface signals. Connecting multimedia systems through one simple and reliable plug in, the AV2000 HD/SDI MultiMedia Cabling offers a practical, time and cost-efficient solution for both the installer and end-user. AV2000 HD/SDI MultiMedia Cabling combines audio, high-definition video, serial digital interface, data and control signals through a single sophisticated hybrid connector that replaces many individual connectors.

Gator 19-Inch Studio Rack Cabinets

Gator has released a new line of 19-inch studio rack cabinets. The cabinets are 5/8-inches thick MDF furniture grade black oak laminate and included 3.2mm heavy-duty cold rolled steel rack rails. The Studio rack cabinets come in standard, slant, and slant top styles and are available in several sizes.

Proel FLASH Series

Proel's FLASH Series is a line of lightweight and easily manageable speakers. In this series Proel's team of design engineers has managed to combine features of Italian style, recognized and appreciated all over the world, with state-of-the-art mechanical, acoustic and electronic solutions. The Flash Series is designed for use in numerous applications as it guarantees maximum reliability and excellent sound quality. FLASH12 is a full-range speaker with polypropylene enclosure, available in both passive (12P) and active (12A) versions.

Dolby Lake Controller Software

Dolby Laboratories has released version 5.0 of the Dolby Lake Controller software, together with firmware updates already in production. Dolby Lake Controller version 5.0 adds powerful new networking, routing, and control features and functionality to the Dolby Lake Processor, including Dante networking technology from Audinate. Dolby Lake Controller version 5.0 enables new input and output routing. Each input source may be routed to any number of available outputs, which provide audio distribution to multiple physical outputs and output types.

Mediatech MT Series

Mediatech's MT Series of SmartLecterns and the ButtonMate family of room and media controls, announced today the release of the Starfish Room Controller. Designed with K-12 classrooms in mind, the Starfish features both serial RS-232 and IR control capability, a built in IR learner, scheduling capability, a security lockout feature, user-configurable backlit buttons with over 240 button labels, and an MS-Windows based configuration utility. Users can order the Starfish pre-programmed, or configure the Starfish themselves using the hundreds of control system templates available on the Mediatech support website.

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