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Live Event Safety Webinar Today

Live Event Safety Webinar Today

Registration is still open for the second Webinar on the topic of Live Event safety, that will take place today, Wednesday, March 19th, at 2pm Eastern time.

Click here to register for the Webinar on Live Event Safety scheduled for March 19th

If you attended the Webinar on the topic of Live Event Safety that NewBay hosted last November– that was just the intro. In the Webinar today, we’ll drill down deep into a key part of Safety planning: "Weather First: A 60-Minute Primer on Incorporating Weather Technology in Outdoor Event Safety Plans".

I’ve been reviewing the presentations with Jim Digby of the Event Safety Alliance, and with David VandenHeuval of Weather Decision Technologies. Jim will give more details about the new ESA Event Safety Guide that is now available.

And the addition of David VandenHeuval for the Webinar tomorrow will really bring some important background. You’ll learn in the Webinar that just because you are weather savvy, and live in a seemingly weather savvy region, doesn’t make you immune. And we’ll go into detail about the need to create a 7-day event plan, Global Decision Analytics, GeoSpatial Business Intelligence, and the latest Apps that can make your staging or event company fully ready, and compliant.

Incorporating the latest advances in weather forecasting and monitoring into a comprehensive safety plan is probably the single most important thing a producer can do to ensure a safer outdoor live event. Weather affects every aspect of an outdoor live event. From an insurance perspective, when it comes to weather planning, insurance providers are going to want to know, in some specific detail, how the weather will be managed and monitored at the show site. This webinar will focus specifically on issues like weather planning and "predictive weather forecasting" vs. "nowcasting," and show how to do stop/hold planning.

Presenters for the March 19th webinar will be:

• Jim Digby is the Executive Director of the Event Safety Alliance, that he founded in 2011 ( The scope of the Event Safety Alliance is the standardization of safety practices within the staging and live event industries. Digby drew on several decades of in-the-field experience as a top production manager– Digby currently serves as Director of Touring and Production for the multi-million selling artists Linkin Park, and has previously worked with artists as diverse as The Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, and Marilyn Manson– as he’s guided the production of the new ESA Event Safety Guide.

Jim Digby is a top stager, and the Executive Director of the Event Safety Alliance, that he founded in 2011. A long-time advocate for event safety and ethical touring models, he is a three-time recipient of Tourlink’s “Production Manager of the year” award, as well as the Parnelli’s “Production Manager of the Year” award for 2012.

Scott Carroll

• Scott Carroll is Executive Vice President & Program Director at Take1 Insurance. Carroll provided the insurance perspective and addressed not only the importance of having the right coverage but also the likely pressures to be brought on live event producers to have certain event safety programs and training in place as a condition of coverage. I asked Scott to highlight some of top live event safety concerns from an insurance perspective.

  • David VandenHeuvel is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Services,
  • Weather Decision Technologies

To register for the March 19th Webinar, "Weather First: A 60-Minute Primer on Incorporating Weather Technology in Outdoor Event Safety Plans",

click here.

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