ComQi Launches New Versions of Distribution Products -

ComQi Launches New Versions of Distribution Products

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ComQi has launched new versions of its flagship distribution products - ScreenGate IP Streaming and DS Vision 3000.

Ajay Chowdhury, CEO of ComQi, says: “We are pleased to maintain our innovation in distribution hardware with our two new releases. These products create a new high bar for analog and IP distribution in digital signage by reducing costs, increasing features and providing sophisticated software management interfaces. We will continue to develop our product families going forward to ensure we provide the best ROI for our customers."

ScreenGate IP Streaming (720p60 / 1080p30)

ComQi’s ScreenGate IP Streaming solution uses existing IP network infrastructure to distribute audio and video information to widely dispersed end points. The ScreenGate IP Receivers plug into existing Ethernet cabling and can receive audio and high definition video streams of 1080p30 and 720p60.

DS Vision 3000 - Rev 3

The latest version of ComQi’s DS Vision 3000 includes fully bi-directional RS-232 communication that queries the screen so as to monitor and maximize the network capacity.

The new design of DS Vision 3000 - Rev 3 family is also highly immune to electromagnetic noise (EMI/RFI) as well as to electrical shocks/spikes. The DS Vision 3000-Rev 3 Receiver Short enables distribution ranges up to 130 meters and allows full tuning and skew compensation.

These distribution solutions will be managed by ComQi’s Device Manager which is being developed and will be released in a few months. The Device Manager sends alerts in case of problems, sends commands to devices, enables remote upgrade of the devices and, in certain cases, provides proof of play.

ComQi will exhibit the new versions of the distribution solutions as well as EnGage Content Management and Interaction Manager for Connected Experiences at DSE in Las Vegas, 7th & 8th of March- Booth #1119.

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