Barco Announces New Features for Encore; New LEDPRO

Barco used a press conference at NAB in Las Vegas to announce new show control, DVE effects and image processing features for its Encore, as well as a new LEDPRO signal processor.

The Barco Encore provides source selection, advanced windowing features, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control. The Encore's modular, scaleable architecture allows the system to support a wide variety of show configurations. The system can efficiently support from 1 to 32 screens with any combination of independent display or seamless wide-screen display elements.

New Features for the Encore include:
- Events Manager and Stage ManagerPRO provide integrated device and show control features. An entire show at your fingertips...
- Encore can now drive Barco LED walls with low transport delay when coupled with - - - Barco's new LEDPro Video Processor
- DVE Color Effects and "strobe" processing
- Programmable color correction for digital sources
- Supports operation with data-doubled background sources such as Watchout
- New Graphical User Interface supports configuration and preset storage/recall
- Expanded support for Barco digital routers and third party routers

Barco also introduced LEDPRO, a powerful all-in-one signal processor that compliments the existing D320 image processing line. The LEDPRO provides an ideal solution for applications that do not require the advanced window features found in the D320.

The LEDPRO accepts both analog and digital video input signals and processes them to drive Barco LED walls. The unit incorporates easy-to-use front panel controls. Four universal inputs are provided and are selectable via the front panel. The unit incorporates Barco's proprietary Athena scaling technology to provide superior image quality with very low transport delay.

LEDPRO Performance:
- (4) inputs accept a combination of RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB computer video, Component video (std or HDTV), S-video, - - - Composite video, DVI and SDI/HDSDI sources
- Low Video Transport Delay supports use for 'live' applications
- 10-bit processing with 1:1 sampling for superior image quality
- Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD&HD)
- Decodes NTSC, PAL
- Ethernet for real-time control
- 64 Independent Memory Presets
- Contrast and Gamma Adjustments
- Scaler Sharpness Control
- Professional Effects:
- User-defined aspect ratio conversion and adjustments
- Pan and zoom
- Freeze
- Logo Store/Recall
- Transition to/from Stored Logo

User Control:
- 1 of 4 input sources or internal logo image may be selected
- User-friendly front panel control