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Revolution Acoustics SSP6

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The What: The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer is a multifunctional transducer that attaches to nearly any panel structure and converts it into an audio speaker.

The What Else: The SPP6 introduces the concept of “Ergonomic Audio,” projecting sound unlike any other conventional speaker, and filling the entire space with even sound pressure and frequency response. A pair of SSP6 Multiducers can replace six or more conventional speakers, offering exceptional value with a more immersive sound field. With a frequency response of 50–20,000 Hz, the system provides very high audio clarity and does not require subwoofer reinforcement. It is UL 2043 certified, IP65 waterproof and dust proof certified, and its near solid-state construction makes the SSP6 Multiducer a reliable solution in all environments.

The Bottom Line: Embedding the SSP6 Multiducer into walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, vehicles etc., transforms non-acoustic materials and devices into high-fidelity, full-range audio speakers. This solution is ideal for any setting where consistent sound dispersion is desired, such as in bars, restaurants, educational institutions, or public transit.