New Products October 2008

New Products October 2008

Extron SMX System MultiMatrix

  • Extron Electronics is introducing over 20 new products for integrating DVI and HDMI sources and displays, including DVI and HDMI matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix, and the first products from Extron for dual link DVI applications including an Extender and an Equalizer. Extron is also introducing two Fiber Optic Extenders for long distance DVI transmission, four DVI distribution amplifiers, and two scalers for converting analog RGB signals to DVI and HDMI. Extron expands the scope of DVI and HDMI signal distribution solutions with four new DVI DAs with up to eight outputs, and the SMX DVI Pro Series and SMX HDMI Series matrix switcher boards for the SMX System MultiMatrix Modular Multi-Plane Matrix Switchers.

Video Mount Products FP-LF Wall Mount

Video Mount Products FP-LF universal large flat panel flush wall mount has been designed for numerous applications, most importantly for those installs where the flat panel needs to be mounted to the wall as close as possible. The FP-LF is installer and user friendly, reducing installation time for multiple installs, including security, professional, and custom, as well as residential and educational applications. The FP-LF is the answer for situations where large and heavy flat screen needs to be flush wall mounted, no matter the application.

Sennheiser MKE 1 Clip-On Mic

Sennheiser’s MKE 1 clip-on microphone achieves a natural, full sound with a clear and present treble. Particular care was taken to ensure the microphone capsule was fully protected from moisture, so the MKE 1 can hold its own in harsh live conditions longer than other clip-on microphones. Sennheiser has developed optimal protective measures for the MKE 1. The clip-on microphone can be provided with a multi-purpose cap that simply diverts any humidity past the microphone and doubles as a windshield. And from within the mic, a thin, acoustically open stainless steel membrane protects the capsule. Also included is a small frequency response cap, which ensures a treble boost of 2.5dB for applications where the mic is hidden within the costume or when more brilliance is to be added to a voice.

AKG Acoustics WMS 4500 System

AKG Acoustics’ wireless WMS 4500 microphone system offers a wide range of available components for operational adaptability and has been modified for greater durability and flexibility with accompanying wireless applications. The WMS 4500 is available in two new frequency bands, Band 7 and Band 8, that offer more options for multi-channel systems in today’s crowded RF environment. The system’s components consist of the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT4500 emitter, and the HT4500 handheld microphone unit offering new features and sleek new construction. The SR4500 receiver unit features an adjustable backlight setting, a factory reset, modified presets, and a new casing.

Soundcraft Vi Series

Soundcraft has introduced 96 and 72 channel upgrades to the Vi6 and Vi4, respectively. The Soundcraft Vi Series provides engineers with a very intuitive operation via a touchscreen color TFT monitor with integral rotary controls and switches mounted on the glass that provide engineers with a unique where you look is where you control working philosophy. The Soundcraft Vi6 will now be available in 64 or 96 input models, while existing consoles can be upgraded with the purchase of an additional DSP card.

Crestron MPS-250

The successful Crestron MPS Series combines five AV components into one integrated solution, including a built-in 2-Series controller, amplifier, audio switcher,video switcher, mic mixer, and control interface. Responding to popular demand, Crestron introduces the MPS-250, which provides all the traditional video switching and digital audio processing of the MPS-300, in a simplified, cost-effective solution. The MPS-250 provides all the traditional video switching of the MPS-300 and one QuickMedia input. The QM input provides seamless integration with a complete Crestron MediaManager solution, and the MPS-250 distributes the QM signal composite, S-video or component video.

Midas PRO6 Live Audio System

Midas’ PRO6 Live Audio standard system comprises a control center with a footprint comparable to a 32 channel Verona and only two 7U 19-inch rack units, its diminutive size belies an ability to provide up to 80 simultaneous input processing channels and up to 32 discrete mixes, all of which feature EQ and dynamics processing options. By adding additional I/O hardware the PRO6’s network can be expanded up to 264 inputs and 264 outputs. The PRO6’s dual gain stages enables users to shape the mic amps’ character according to preference.

Chief PAC521P In-Wall Box

Chief Manufacturing’s PAC521P inwall box for flat panel TV wall mount applications replaces the need for an outlet while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance. Chief offers the power conditioner as a separate SKU, the PX2W Power Outlet Conditioner. The PX2W can be ordered separately, to be used with other mounting products accessories. Ceiling kits with power conditioning are available for commercial installations, the CMS440P suspended ceiling kit and the CMS445P suspended ceiling tile replacement kit.

RGB Spectrum BP 16

RGB Spectrum’s BP 16 is a 16-button remote control panel for use with RGB Spectrum products connected by ethernet. Three versions are available: one for routing inputs and outputs on a Linx DVI 8x8 switcher; a second for selecting presets on any Linx DVI switcher and a third for selecting presets on RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall, QuadView, and SuperView products. Each unit has its own user configurable IP address and can be used either in a network environment or connected directly to a unit. The BP 16LX for use with the Linx 8x8 DVI switcher allows a user to quickly select input to output crosspoints with a simple button push.

Yamaha SB168-ES Stage Box

Yamaha Commercial’s SB168- ES Stage Box is a scalable solution offering 16 channels of remote- controlled analog mic/line inputs, each with its own high-quality head amp, combined with eight line outputs, all at 48 kHz. The SB168-ES is a ‘perfect companion’ to the M7CL and LS9 digital consoles and can also be used and controlled by PM5D, DM1000, DM2000 consoles as well as DME digital mixing engines. Up to four digital Stage Box units can be connected offering a total of 64 inputs and 32 outputs, depending on the number of YGDAI card slots available on the specific console.

Toshiba TLP-X100U Projector

Toshiba’s four-pound TLP-X100U mobile projector features closed captioning functionality and 3LCD technology. Less than three inches high, Toshiba’s latest projector outputs a superior and brilliant image for educators, mobile presenters, educators, corporate customers and small-to-medium businesses. The projector can also be used for digital entertainment on the go and is covered by Toshiba’s three-year standard limited warranty.

JBL 8100 Series Ceiling Speakers

JBL’s 8100 Series ceiling speakers are fullrange in-ceiling loudspeakers with high sensitivity, low distortion, and smooth frequency response. The 8100 Series lineup includes two models: the 8124, a four-inch loudspeaker with extremely wide coverage; and the 8128, an eight-inch loudspeaker that offers extended bass response and higher SPL output. Both speakers feature high sensitivity for maximum system efficiency and excellent full-range response, making them ideal for small to medium background music systems. Lowsaturation transformers with taps as low as 0.75 Watts allow the use of many speakers on 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker system lines.

Gefen 1:5 Splitter

The rack-mountable Gefen 1:5 splitter for HDMI over Cat-5 performs two functions, allowing any HDMI source signal to be split and delivered to five displays simultaneously. It can also extend four displays up to 45 meters over Cat-5 cables. At this distance, 1080p full HD is delivered instantly using the standard cabling; resolutions up to 1080i can be extended even further to 90 meters.

Panasonic PFW950 Video Controller

Panasonic Security Systems has introduced an enhanced video controller software designed to interface with Panasonic DVRs and two new LCD displays. The new Panasonic PFW950 Video Controller provides full system wide control of Panasonic cameras and DVRs throughout a facility. Acting as a system controller and monitor using the Windows XP expanded desktop, the PFW950 Video Controller allows multiple video streams to be viewed in separate windows on one PC monitor while displaying maps, controls and system status.

Altinex AVPortal+ Wall Plate System

Altinex’s AVPortal+ Wall Plate System provides a comprehensive range of receptacles, switches, connectors, and ports that facilitates the connection of equipment to an AV system. The new AVPortal+ wall plate product line provides a semi-standard solution for customizing an AV system’s in-wall connectivity panel. The AVPortal+ bezels are easy to install, robust, and require no tools to remove or replace.

Intelix DIGI-VGASD-T8R Balun

Intelix’s DIGI-VGASD-T8R is a professional-grade active balun set which distributes a single VGA video and stereo audio source to eight remote destinations via a single twisted pair cable. In addition, the system also extends RS232 and IR control signals over the same structured cable, thereby consolidating multiple bulky cable runs. The DIGI-VGASD-T8R features 1600x1200 VGA video performance, high-fidelity 20Hz to 20kHz audio performance, and IR or bi-directional RS232 extension up to 350 feet.

DiGiCo SD8 Console

DiGiCo’s SD8 has a fixed architecture and employs a smaller super FPGA than the SD7, yet it benefits from all the major features and versatility of the acclaimed DiGiCo D Series, plus the advances already made in the SD7. The SD8 incorporates the highly innovative stealth digital processing, based on the aforementioned single super FPGA and combined with Analogue Devices Tiger SHARCS, to bring you the Tiger SHARC FX engine. This gives unrivalled audio quality, precision and processing power with an extensive range of built-in effects, reverbs, dynamics, output matrix, and more.

NEC MultiSync LCD8205

NEC Display Solutions’ 82-inch NEC MultiSync LCD8205 can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation and even tiled together for a video wallup to four displays high and four displays wide, to create a massive video canvas of 328 inches diagonal viewable area. Automatic ambient light sensors also monitor changing light conditions to subtly optimize the brightness level to the environment.NEC’s XtraView+ delivers an extremely competitive 178-degree viewing angle for off-axis viewing, which is crucial in public settings where viewers are often viewing from the side.

Wisdom Audio Sage Series

Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series speaker systems is now available to ship to new dealers. Wisdom Audio has brought to market more than 20 Sage Series models, encompassing in-wall, on-wall and freestanding versions of most configurations ranging from 20 inches to 76 inches tall. Multiple center channels, the inwall subwoofer, integrated Audyssey Laboratories room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings. Wisdom Audio also offers several electronic components for the Sage Series, including the SC-1 System Controller boasting a 7.3 in/14.3 out electronic crossover and acoustic room correction incorporating Audyssey MultEQ XT.

Da-Lite 3D Virtual Grey Screen Fabric

Da-Lite Screen Company’s 3D Virtual Grey front projection screen fabric is designed exclusively for feature film studio 3D post-production and ultra high-end home theater systems. The proprietary 3D projection screen material was developed by Da-Lite’s chemists and engineers. Other major benefits of 3D Virtual Grey include a gain of 1.3, viewing half-angles of 11 degrees and seamless 16-foot height. 3D Virtual Grey also features Da-Lite’s exclusive black backing which minimizes image bleed-through.

Sanyo PLV-Z3000 Projector

Sanyo’s PLV-Z3000 is a super-fast 120Hz Full HD 1080p LCD projector that features Sanyo’s exclusive 3D color management system, an ultrahigh contrast ratio of 65,000:1, an advanced lens shifting function and a uiet fan system. The PLV-Z3000 is lso the industry’s first LCD projector to introduce 5:5 pull down, for the most frame accurate delivery of all source material. Replacing the popular PLV-Z2000, the new PLV-Z3000 offers Sanyo’s proprietary TopazReal HD technology, which includes 14-bit digital processing and the real-focus HD lens system.

Aviom AN-16/o V.4 Output Module

Aviom’s AN-16/o v.4 Output Module is compatible with a wide range of signal level equirements. Each pair of channels on the 1U rack-mount 16-channel digital-to-analog converter has a four-position output level switch with settings for +24, +18, and +4dBu line-level, or mic-level output. All channels feature front-panel LEDs for signal present and clip. The AN-16/o v.4 comes equipped with DB25 multipin connectors for analog audio outputs, reducing setup time and providing the additional security of a locking connection.

Meyer Sound Compass Control Software

Meyer Sound’s Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker management system has been upgraded to provide easy access to all Galileo features and to streamline system configuration and control of multiple Galileo 616 units. Compass 2.1 introduces a new tabbed interface, which enables users to monitor the status of multiple Galileo 616 units in a single window. The interface can be scaled to fit any resolution display and the colors can be configured for night or day use. The interface and controls are the same for Windows PC and Macintosh OS X, so switching between platforms is completely transparent.

Bosch IRIS-Net V1.7.1

Bosch Communications Systems’ IRIS-Net V1.7.1 includes the following features and additions: network setup utility allows scanning for connected n8000s and editing ethernet port settings of detected devices; enhanced system and application logging; new version of iris-net project generator new category-based organization of user control objects. The new digital audio output card provides four AES/EBU outputs; enhanced wiring functionality for DSP blocks copy & paste of DSP blocks, including block wiring and parameter settings customizable n x m versions of following DSP blocks allows the selection of the number of inputs and outputs when adding the block to DSP configuration.

Mackie FRS Series

Mackie’s FRS Series is comprised of the FRS-1300, FRS-1700, and the FRS-2800. FRS Series amplifiers combine Mackie’s Fast Recovery circuitry with a modern switching power supply for exceptional sound and performance in portable applications. The FRS Series features Mackie’s fast recovery circuitry for clean, undistorted sound and the ultimate in punch and clarity-even at clipping. New high-current switching power supplies make them super-efficient and ultra-lightweight-perfect for portable PA rigs.

Speco Technologies Dome Cameras

Speco Technologies’ has introduced high resolution weatherproof/tamperproof day/night dome cameras with full on screen display control of all major functions. These cameras will be a favorite of installers because they offer the ultimate in regards to installation, aiming and adjustability. They are wall and ceiling mountable. OSD controls include: advanced 100 point BLC; camera titles; day/night threshold and levels; advanced color settings; privacy screens; contrast/sharpness/etc.; lens type; shutter type; mirror image.

TV One C2-2000A Series

TV One has added HD-SDI to five of the ten units in the newly upgraded C2- 2000A series. These units now feature HD-SDI along with DVI resolutions of 1900x1200 or 1080p/60. The group of ten consists of two universal switcher/scalers, four switcher/scalers and four down converters. The C2-2000A series focuses on ease of use while providing features common to more expensive devices. This includes automatic incoming resolution detection and support of multiple worldwide television standards. All units can handle a maximum input PC resolution of 2048 x 2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.

Wohler AMP2- 16MSDI

Wohler Technologies’ AMP2-16MSDI provides instantaneous display for up to 16 channels of embedded audio within a single multirate HD/SD-SDI signal. Built on a fully digital system architecture featuring multiple high-fidelity class-D amplifiers, the AMP2-16MSDI provides near field monitoring for any mix of stereo and mono sources in a compact 2U design. The unit includes demuxed outputs of eight AES pairs on unbalanced 75-ohm BNC connectors and also provides a reclocked loop output of the SDI signal. The AMP2-16MSDI features a high-resolution LCD display with colorful 210-segment high-resolution bar graph level meters.

Canon VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera

Canon’s VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Network Camera is a versatile, compact solution for high-quality, remote-video monitoring over IP. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics, the VB-C60 has an ultra-long built-in zoom and wide-angle lens, as well as an auto focus system and image stabilization. The VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera’s wide panning range which, combined with the 56-degree wide-angle lens, provides coverage for a full 360-degree horizontal field-of-view. The camera also features Panorama Image Creation in which the entire viewing range is stitched together into one image.

Kramer TP-50

Kramer Electronics’ TP-50 twisted pair receiver and distribution amplifier is ideal for long-range distribution of computer graphics video and audio signals in schools, hospitals, and security and retail applications. The Twisted pair technology utilized in the TP-50 allows cost-effective delivery of high-resolution video over long distances. Both a receiver and a distribution amplifier, the TP-50 converts the twisted pair signal back into two computer graphics video, stereo audio and S/PDIF audio signals simultaneously. The unit can achieve 1600 x 1200 UXGA resolution at a maximum range of approximately 330 feet.

Sierra Video Reverse Matrix Switchers

Sierra Video has added the Reverse Matrix switchers to its Sierra Pro XL routing switcher family. Reverse Matrix switchers accommodate those applications that have a small number of inputs and a larger number of outputs. The Sierra Pro XL reverse matrix routing switchers are available as three-wire or five-wire routing switchers in 8x16 or 16x32 configurations. The three-wire Reverse Matrix switcher is ideal for customers employing wideband analog HD signal sources such as HD satellite, cable TV HD receiver boxes, or DVD or Blu-ray devices as sources. The 5-wire Reverse Matrix switcher can handle high bandwidth VGA signals from computers or DVI output devices.

Ross Video OverDrive Live Production Control System

Ross Video’s OverDrive Automated Live Production Control System introduces additional features to Version 7 software. OverDrive’s Version 7 enhancements offer support for the new Vision QMD/X switcher family, including integration of internal MLE and Global Still Stores, mis-matched panel and frame support, and several new enhancements and features for the RundownControl client application and NRCS ActiveX plug-in. Designed by Ross using the latest Java technologies and an IT class client/server architecture, Over-Drive extends the reach of the operator to include control of video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, multiple graphic channels, and more.

Auralex Eco-Tech Panels

Auralex’s Eco-Tech panels are the company’s first “green” acoustical panel. Eco-Tech brand acoustic panels are manufactured with a proprietary formulation of 100 percent recycled polyester fibers. The Eco-Tech family of products are designed with the environment in mind, yet retain the longevity and acoustical properties for which Auralex is known. Auralex Eco-Tech is manufactured without harmful Chlorofluorocarbons, which have been implicated in the depletion of the ozone layer.

RTW DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS

RTW’s DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS is a high-performance, cost-effective display system for monitoring digital stereo audio signals, has been enhanced with several new features, including a new hardware platform providing an integrated loudness display in compliance with ITU guideline BS.1771. Further enhancements include a new full-screen mode that enables an expanded display showing the individual instruments being used, as well as the Stereo Sound Analyzer, a stereo version of the Surround Sound Analyzer found in the SurroundMonitor and SurroundControl product lines from RTW.

Atlas Sound M2000 Series

Two new sound masking products are now available from Atlas Sound. The M2000-SM surface mount masking transducers are now offered along with the M2000-LP low profile masking speaker. The M2000-SM is built for window, door, wall, and duct applications where the need for sound masking security is paramount. The subtle design of the device’s two-part transducer/ transformer provides discrete placement and mounting options. Incorporating NXT Exciter Technology in a 1-inch, coil-mounted plate, the transducer offers the simplicity of peel-and-stick installation, while the transformer can be remotemounted and adjusted with variable tap settings at 1/4, 1/2, one, two, and four watts.

Sonance Architectural Series

Sonance has added several new models to its Architectural Series products while also announcing three installation advances applied across the line. The new models begin with the X6R SST, a single-stereo design ideal for small spaces. Next up is a trio of Architectural Series ThinLine models, engineered for the shallow-depth installations commonly required in Europe and many high-rise projects. A two-way speaker is available in three variants to meet designer or customer needs and preferences: the X6R TL, X6S TL, and X6 TL, all use audiophile-quality carbon-fiber woofers and extended-response silkdome tweeters.

NuVo Wireless Control Pad

NuVo Technologies recently unveiled its Wireless Control Pad, a new option for user control of its Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G multi-room audio systems, as well as the sources attached to them, such as satellite and terrestrial radio tuners, music servers, PCs, and iPods. The Wireless Control Pad is the newest option for controlling a NuVo multi-room audio system, joining NuVo’s hard-wired, in-wall OLED Control Pads and web browser-based control via NuVo’s Music Port.

beyerdynamic Opus 900 With CobraNet

beyerdynamic has presented a wireless system with CobraNet for digital transmission. The new NE 900 D Cobra 2-channel- receiver for the Opus 900 wireless system provides an integrated CobraNet interface to connect the receiver to all CobraNet- capable devices of more than 40 manufacturers. Transmission is via standard Cat-5 ethernet cables. CobraNet connectivity presents many significant advantages for the beyerdynamic wireless system, especially for large-capacity systems or complex buildings with many rooms. The cabling is considerably reduced, as with the CobraNet technology up to 32 channels can be transmitted into each direction with a single 100-Mbit network cable.

Furman Classic Series

Furman’s Classic Series of rugged single-rack-space power management/light modules includes three 15-amp models, the PL-8C, PL-PLUS C, and PL-PLUS DMC, along with the two 20-amp Pro models, the PL-PRO C and PL-PRO DMC. Series Multi-Stage Protection for the highest level of surge protection available, and automatic extreme voltage shutdown to protect connected equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions, all units in the Classic Series feature nine outlets with two rear-panel isolated outlet banks to lower intercomponent noise interference and a protection OK indicator on the front panel to alert users to the operational status of the unit.

Digital View ViewStream 400

Digital View’s ViewStream 400 is a digital video player designed for use with HD LCD and plasma displays in out-of-home environments. The ViewStream 400 is designed to be used as a stand-alone player without network connectivity. Content is updated via the USB port and a USB memory stick. Standard configuration will allow the ViewStream 400 to store more than 50 hours of content via a SATA hard drive. Content scheduling and play list management is handled using DV Studio Plus, which is supplied free of charge. upported media formats include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video in standard or high definition native resolution.

Zaxcom Deva Mix-8

Zaxcom’s Deva Mix-8 eightfader mixing control panel integrates directly with the company’s Deva and high-resolution Fusion audio recording systems to provide a more compact, mobile, and precise control panel for audio mixing. The Deva Mix-8 incorporates the comfort and familiarity of fader-based mixing controls into a control panel that’s compact enough for over-the-shoulder use. As a fully digital mixing control panel, it integrates seamlessly with the digital foundation established by the host Deva or Fusion system, in which only the microphone pre-amps, analog-to-digital converters, and digital-to-analog converters connect to analog inputs.

OnSSI Ocularis

On-Net Surveillance Systems’ Ocularis is an open-architecture, non-proprietary, video-centric PSIM software platform that allows you to view, manage, and record video from an unlimited number of IP and non-IP video surveillance cameras. Ocularis enables you to manage video storage, and correlate and fuse video and non-video events and alerts resulting in automatic video delivery to subscribers of interest. Ocularis provides one of the most advanced, intuitive and user friendly unified client applications to access video and event information, either on-demand or as a result of events. It is also compatible with OnSSI’s prior generation NVR and management solutions.


ReQuest has introduced a new graphical user interface for its iQ whole-house music system, and now introduces the GUI for use with the N-Series and F-Series media servers as well. The HD-TV GUI is a simple yet powerful widescreen interface that delivers total control of system operation through clear, intuitive, icon-based commands displayable on any large-screen television that accepts 720p or higher signals. The new ReQuest HD TV GUI allows users to navigate all the sources and control functions of their ReQuest system onscreen in 720p format via any HDTV, with fast, pop-up/down response.

SVSi voLANte VMT 105 Transmitter

Southern Vision System’s (SVSi) voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone digital AV transmitter provides additional flexibility in deploying an out-of-home digital signage network. With its small footprint, the voLANte VMT 105 ideal for confined spaces and offers the same high-quality video as the voLANte VTC 103 AV transmitter card. Designed to be stacked together, voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone transmitters offer a compact solution for streaming up to six video channels over Cat-5 cable.