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Kramer Enhances Product Service

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Kramer Electronics now offers the following product service features to every customer.

- "At Kramer, our standard policy is a one-day turnaround. We provide quick, reliable, and thorough service."

- "In rare cases, more than one day may be needed for repair, and the customer will always be notified and updated throughout the process."

- "When units arrive they undergo a complete inspection and are cleaned meticulously. Units are recalibrated, all functions and features are tested, and original factory specifications are verified. In addition, units receive the latest firmware updates."

- "Kramer’s qualified and knowledgeable technicians are on call to answer all customers’ inquiries 24/7."

- "Kramer has a stellar replacement policy. If the unit is un-repairable and under warranty, Kramer will replace the unit free of charge. If the unit has been discontinued, Kramer will send a comparable or newer version of the unit at no extra cost. If there is no unit that qualifies as replacement then Kramer will offer a refund to the customer prorated to the age of the unit (based on our 7 year warranty period)."

- "While the customer is responsible for the initial shipment to Kramer for repair; Kramer will match the speed of shipment from the customer (Overnight, Two Day, Standard, etc.) and cover the cost of that shipment method back to the customer."

For further information on Kramer’s repair service policies and benefits, call 1-888-275-6311.


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