QSC Gives Seal of Approval to Pakedge Switches

QSC Gives Seal of Approval to Pakedge Switches

The What: Pakedge Device & Software's X-series line of managed switches has been certified for use with QSC’s Q-Sys platform.

The What Else: "After rigorous testing, we are very excited that our flagship X-series line of switches has been certified and is officially compatible with QSC’s Q-Sys systems," said Benson Chan, vice president of business development at Pakedge. “A lot of our commercial dealers provide QSC audio solutions, including a full line of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, digital signal processors, and their own Q-Sys Integrated Systems. Customers of both Pakedge and QSC can now use these products, with complete peace of mind, knowing they are fully compatible.”

The QSC Q-Sys platform utilizes a standards-based, layer-3, Gigabit Ethernet implementation which relies on correctly configured Gigabit Ethernet switches. Based on extensive laboratory testing by QSC engineers, the Pakedge X-series Managed Switches have been certified to work with Q-Sys. These switches include the following:

S24Pav – 24 port managed switch with 24 PoE ports

Pakedge Managed Switches are designed to optimize performance by connecting multiple local devices and providing a full set of functional features that can be configured and tuned specifically for the needs of an AV network. Managed switches are ideal for those networks containing broadcast or multicast devices like IP cameras and network control systems, allowing installers to direct and manage traffic efficiently through the network. Supplied with a full range of port count options, speeds, orientations and power configurations, Pakedge Managed Switches are available in a choice of desk and rack-mount configurations.

The Bottom Line: This certification is part of an ongoing Pakedge Alliance Initiative to establish an ecosystem of verified compatible solutions in order to minimize integration and installation issues for installers in an increasingly network-centric AV industry.

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