Power To Spare

Power To Spare
  • PETALUMA, CA-Furman Sound has provided the power conditioning and protection for two multimedia bowling entertainment complexes in the U.S. and Japan. The new Tomodachi Lanes at the U.S. Air Force Base in Yokota, Japan, and GJ Scores Entertainment Center in Grand Junction, CO, both feature the latest technology in lighting, audio, and video systems, supported by Furman's PL-8 Pro Series II for AC power conditioning and protection.

Ben Stowe, systems designer for Furman Sound
Tomodachi Lanes features 32 lanes separated by a concourse with a deli, meeting rooms, and arcade. Chauvet lighting and control provide the effects for a show featuring intelligent lighting, fog, and strobes firing onto the darkened lanes. The show's effects are enhanced by a special disco ball, installed in the center of the lanes, with four intelligent color washes. Four 20-amp Furman PL-8 Pro Series II linear AC power conditioners make it possible to run the complex lighting and audio effects at Tomodachi Lanes with no risk of damage from power surges and little chance of shutdown or quality degradation from other electrical problems.At GJ Scores' 48,000-square-foot facility, a national showcase of technology and integration for bowling venues, the PL-8 Pro Series II from Furman will support a "ScoresFX" system that provides lighting and effects for glow-in-the-dark bowling events, ensuring that the quality of the presentation is not compromised by poor-quality AC power. The venue also features an LED "cloud show," in which flying clouds of silk are backlit by LEDs of varying colors, as well as a facility-wide AV system that allows staff to create different moods and looks in specific areas of the building.

GJ Scores Entertainment Center in Grand Junction, CO features the latest technology in lighting, audio, and video systems, supported by Furman's PL-8 Pro Series II.
"It's important to have power conditioning because AC power is dirty, noisy, and unreliable," said Ben Stowe, of Northern Light FX, the company responsible for special effects installations at both Tomodachi Lanes and GJ Scores. "You need a product with a simple, sequenced turn-on, turn-off process that ensures equipment is powered up and down in the right order. That is why we went with Furman for this project. We knew their power sequencing systems were simple and reliable."PL-8 Pro Series II conditioners and other Furman Sound products protect all of the power behind the special environments created at both Tomodachi Lanes and GJ Scores. With zero ground contamination circuitry, Furman Sound's PL-8 Pro Series II linear AC power conditioner ensures delivery of pure AC power. Two retractable, long-life, low-heat LED lights with dimmer control provide rack illumination. The system also features eight outlets on the rear panel, an additional outlet on the front panel, and an optional BNC connector that accepts any standard 12-volt gooseneck lamp. It is rated for 15 amps, with a circuit breaker, and is protected by a limited three-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

Northern Light FX also used Furman's ASD-120 sequenced power distributor as part of the GJ Scores installation. The ASD-120 sequencer is a compact power distribution system that handles up to 120 amps of incoming power, distributing it to six 20-amp, 120-volt circuits, allowing users to power the system on or off in a sequenced fashion with an adjustable delay interval.
The popular range of Furman power conditioners features proprietary series multi-stage protection plus (SMP+) technology, which combines three filtering and protection circuits: linear filtering technology (LiFT) to suppress noise dramatically and consistently across the entire dynamic range; series multi-stage protection (SMP) to clamp and dissipate damaging transient voltages without sacrificing itself; and extreme voltage shutdown (EVS) to protect against loss of neutral or accidental connections to high voltage levels.Chauvet...www.chauvetlighting.com
Furman Sound...www.furmansound.com

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