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Optoma Ships New Line of Projectors for Small Business, Education, Corporate Markets

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The What: Optoma is now shipping a new line of 10 redesigned projectors developed to meet the needs of the education, small business, and corporate markets, covering entry-level to advanced use cases. 

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Optoma EH331 Projector

The What Else: Optoma S321 is an entry-level SVGA projector designed for small classrooms and meeting rooms, multipurpose use, and emerging markets. With 3,200 lumens of brightness and a 22,000:1 contrast ratio, it delivers a bright and colorful image. At just four pounds, the S321 features a lightweight form factor and VGA input, making it a high-quality projector that will meet any fixed or mobile needs. It is available for an ESP of $289.

Optoma X345 and X355 are XGA projectors for classrooms, small businesses, and training labs. Both models feature a 22,000:1 contrast ratio to produce a sharp image, and offer a 10,000-hour lamp life to ensure maintenance needs are little to none. The X345 features 3,200 lumens while the X355 features 3,500 lumens to meet the varying environments of the education and small business markets. ESP pricing is $449 and $499 respectively.

Optoma W345 and W355 also offer a 22,000:1 contrast ratio and 10,000 lamp life, and feature a higher 1280x800 native resolution for enhanced images for classrooms, small businesses, or training lab environments. The W345 and W355 are equipped with 3,300 and 3,600 lumens respectively, and are high-quality, low-maintenance projectors with easy installation designed for education and small business use. ESP pricing is $549and $699 respectively.

Optoma EH331 is a 1080p projector for corporate, small, and medium business or home-office use. Boasting high brightness, a long lamp life, a small form factor and energy-saving features, the EH331 is easy to use and portable. It features 3,300 lumens, a 22,000:1 contrast ratio, and is available for an ESP of $599. 

The EH345 is engineered for corporate professionals and educators looking for a 1080p projector that fits well within small conference room or classroom environments. It features 3,200 lumens, 22,000:1 contrast ratio, and 1.3x zoom for flexible installations. With a 10,000-hour lamp life, 10-watt speaker and MHL 1.2 support, the EH345 is a high-quality, low-maintenance option for classroom and corporate needs. ESP pricing is $649.

The X416 is an XGA projector designed for mid-size venues including corporate, house of worship, and higher-education settings and boasts a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 4,300 lumens, an advanced optical lens and 1.36x zoom. It also offers Wall Color Adjustment, allowing it to display a powerful image in a wide range of environments, including across non-white surfaces. It is available for $749 ESP.

The W416 is a WXGA projector for corporate, house of worship, and higher-education use. With 4,500 lumens of brightness, an advanced optical lens, 1.6x zoom, and 20,000:1 contrast ratio, the W416 delivers a crisp, powerful image fit for any professional setting. The W416 is available for an ESP of $799.

The DU380 is a high-resolution WUXGA projector delivering high performance for its price. It features 3,800 lumens, an advanced optical lens, a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, and 1.6x zoom. DU380 is designed for classrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, and other environments. ESP pricing is $799.

The Bottom Line: All the models mentioned above, except for the S321 and EH331, offer installation flexibility with more throw distance coverage, and wireless presentation capabilities with the optional Optoma HDCast Pro. They also all feature Wall Color Adjustment technology, which compensates for brightness when projecting on a non-white surface to ensure quality control across a wide variety of environments.

“When designing projectors for professional applications, we incorporated customer feedback, environment variances, and audience size to ensure we could offer a wide product range, meeting the varying needs of the business, education, and house of worship markets,” said Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. “With all of our products, we are focused on delivering quality and flexibility, but also a range of specs and features that give our customers more selection and choice to meet their specific needs.”


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