Analog Ways Ships Di-VentiX Mixer/Seamless Switcher

  • Analog Way is offering the Di-VentiX, the latest member of the iX family. This powerful computer and video hi-res 1080p mixer seamless switcher is a 100 percent digital input/output image processor. The product features a built-in Horizontal or Vertical Edge Blending capability. This new iX range architecture member is designed for high resolution presentations in large events, staging and rental environments.
  • Its three operation modes include: mixer seamless switcher with hi-res main and preview outputs; native Matrix 8 inputs to two scaled outputs hi-res; dual output switcher for edge blending on wide screens on to two video projectors.
  • In mixer mode, Di-VentiX scales all sources and performs seamless switching transitions between any two inputs. The two main outputs match the native resolution of any video projector or hi-res. display devices, and the preview outputs allow monitoring of the sequences before they are displayed on the main screens, preventing errors during a presentation. In the mixer mode, the Di-VentiX performs various effects, including PIP, Cut, Fade, Title and Wipe.
  • In edge blending mode, Di-VentiX can drive two video projectors for horizontal or vertical soft edge. Used as an eight-input switcher, Di-VentiX provides a double PIP image on a background, thanks to the six full-frame images stored in its non volatile memory. The background image can be chosen among the six saved in the memory. The sources displayed in the PIPs can be switched.
  • In the native matrix mode, the Di-VentiX can switch any of the eight inputs to any of the two outputs. The inputs are scaled up to 1920 x 1080p and can be displayed with different High Resolutions on outputs 1 and 2.
  • Common features include: Di-VentiX is equipped with two SDI, HD-SDI and one DVI input. The product also features two DVI and two HD-SDI outputs. Di-VentiX is a full digital in/out signal processor providing enhanced image quality.
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