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Spyders Spin Web at InfoComm

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Vista Systems unveiled its new Spyder product line at at Infocomm. The small and flexible Spyder offers producers of audio-visual presentations and rental and staging companies a cost-effective powerful realtime compositing and windowing environment.

The Spyder 200 and 300 series build on the Montage system introduced by Vista Systems last year, according to Vista. The new Spyder 200 and 300 series provide the same key benefits as Montage -- flexibility for mixing sources in multiple windows, greater clarity of signal processing, seamless widescreen displays plus realtime compositing for high-resolution applications in a modular, scaleable package. Each series features five different models; users can integrate any model from the 200 series with the 300 series to accommodate any application from a small plasma screen to multiple projection screens including support for the 2048x1080 projectors. Additionally, Spyder supports edgeblending.

The Spyder products act as building blocks, Vistas Clark Williams explained at InfoComm. The 300-series models are very capable as stand-alone boxes. In addition, multiple boxes can be combined to create very large systems. The 200-series models can be used standalone smaller applications requiring less I/O, or be mated to other 200 or 300 series processors to expand I/O in smaller increments. They offer rental and staging companies great flexibility: One week they may deploy individual small Spyder systems across the country and the next week they may need to combine the models into one large system for a big event.

All of the Spyder products support 24p, NTSC, PAL and SECAM frame rates for inputs and outputs. Standard input and output formats are Analog RGB (SOG, Composite or Separate Sync), Analog YUV, SDI, HD-SDI, DVI and DVI-Dual. Optional input formats are Analog Composite and S-Video. Optional output formats are DVI-Twin (10-bit DVI), Analog Composite and S-Video.

Spyder 222 has a 2-input/2-output processor. It can be used as a multi-format Dual Scaler Dissolver for discrete screen applications. The unit is compatible with ScreenMaster III 3216 and 1608 controllers. Spyder 231 has a 3-input/1-output processor. Each of the models may be used with the 200X Expansion Option. The 200C Composite S-Video option is also available. Also in the series are Spyder 240, a 4-input expansion processor, and Spyder 204, a 4-output expansion processor.

The Spyder 300 series features a maximum of 8 I/Os. Models include Spyder 344 with a 4-input/4-output processor; Spyder 353 with a 5-input/3-output processor; and Spyder 362 with a 6-input/2-output processor. Each may be used with the 300X Expansion Option. The 300C Composite S-Video option is also available.

Also in the series are Spyder 380, an 8-input expansion processor, and Spyder 308, an 8-output expansion processor.

For more information on Vista Systems, visit www.vistasystems.net.


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