Infocomm New Products

Infocomm New Products


  • projectiondesign’s FL32 projector is the company’s first LEDbased projection system. The FL32 has no limits on installation orientation and can be used in any configuration including front and rear projection applications. These range from single and multichannel systems, 24/7 process control monitoring, advanced visualization, 3D stereoscopic, and simulation to curved domes as well as single-screen video. Packed with all the imaging, technology, and resolution benefits to be found in the F32 series projectors, the new FL32 LED projector comes with enhanced color reproduction, an infinite contrast ratio, and no rainbow effect. A range of lenses is available for use with the projector, including ultra-wide for added installation flexibility.


NEC Display Solutions’ 46-inch MultiSync X461UN ultra-narrow professional display is intended for videowall solutions, where its ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring MultiSync X461UN displays of only 7.3 millimeters, a near 500- percent improvement from NEC’s 34-millimeter MultiSync 20 Series displays. The MultiSync X461UN can be deployed in videowall matrices of up to 10x10, creating a total surface area of approximately 645 square feet. The barely discernable transition gap between displays ensures a homogenous picture across the matrix. The MultiSync X461UN can be combined with many of NEC’s large-format accessories, such as the MPD-SBC-8/16-2 single-board computer, SB-I008WU DVI daisy-chain module, or SB-L007KK HD-SDI card.


Visix’s AxisTV media players run on PC platforms and now have the Windows XPe operating system. The embedded OS offers a number of security and reliability benefits unmatched by previous operating systems. The most notable security advantages reduce network vulnerability and prevent installation of rogue applications or domain policies that can interrupt the delivery of visual communications content. The migration to XPe will further improve manufacturing performance during the reseal and cloning process. The efficiencies gained in production will create an improved user experience and the realized cost savings will be passed on to the reseller channel and the consumer.


Hitachi Home Electronics’ CP-X2510 3LCD projector features a brightness of 2600 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The CPX2510 3LCD projector is easy to install and transport at a light weight of 7.9 pounds. The CP-X2510 features 16 watts of builtin audio, eliminating the need for external speakers, while maintaining a low noise rating of 29 dB in Eco Mode. A hybrid filter allows for 5000 hours before replacement. Additionally, the CP-X2510 consumes less than 5 watts power in Saving Mode. The CP-X2510 features a long lamp life of 3000 hours in Standard Mode and 6000 hours in Eco Mode. The CP-X2510 also features Hitachi’s proprietary My Buttons functionality, allowing two buttons on the projector to be programmed to execute any projector command.


Video Mount Products’ PM-LP universal yokeless low profile projector mount can hold up to 75 pounds. The PM-LP features a low 2.625-inch mounting profile, can tilt up and down 20 degrees, and can rotate 360 degrees. The PM-LP fits most projectors with mounting holes inside 14.5 inches in diameter. It also has telescoping mast up to 35 inches from the ceiling.


Peerless Industries’ Spider universal adapter plate features a simple new design. The legs on the adapter plate glide a full 360 degrees around the adapter’s circumference, using clamp-style technology. This innovation replaces the industry’s classic design and redefines adapter plate ease of attachment and efficiency of installation for projectors weighing up to 75 pounds. The patent-pending clamp-style technology transforms the adapter plate into virtually a single- piece design with movable projector attachment legs. To adjust the projector attachment legs, the installer simply loosens the clamp to enable the legs’ smooth gliding motion, positions it to the desired location, and then tightens the clamp to secure the leg in place.


Eclipse International’s fully integrated digital signage appliances — DS-IP and Eclipse DS-IPL — have been created to address a void in, and a need by the SMB market. Eclipse has combined all of the software and hardware that a customer needs to move content over the internet to a target screen. Their “Digital Signage Out of a Box” products are based on Intel and Windows technology and include all of the software needed to manage, schedule, and display your content. There is no requirement for additional software licenses or maintenance contracts. You don’t even need a dedicated internet connection (you only need it when you decide to change your content) and, depending on how you want to use the products, you can even go wireless.


X2O Media’s Xpresenter vClips video kiosk is a complete interactive video application that allows users to browse and play back video clips using a simple touchscreen interface. Ideal for any application requiring on-demand video playback, the Xpresenter vClips combines the highest quality HD video and graphics output with simple and flexible content management tools. X2O’s Xpresenter vClips is an adaptable solution that features unlimited categories and expandable video storage, support for popular video formats, and the ability to customize category and pop-up messages tied to the video timeline. vClips allows full-screen or windowed playback, with a graphical look and feel that can be customized by X2O’s award-winning graphic artists