NEC Showcases Facial Recognition Software -

NEC Showcases Facial Recognition Software

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The NEC Next Generation Digital Signage Solution is a facial-recognition system with a camera that watches individuals, zeroing in on their faces to instantly determine age and gender.

It doesn't store the image of a person, but does gather age and gender data. The goal, says Takeshi Yamamoto, vice president of strategic alliances in the NEC IT Solutions Group, is to be able to give advertisers in public venues, such as airports or shopping places, what they really crave to know.

"Companies running digital ads have no idea of what people are around it, you'd have to have someone there physically counting them today," Yamamoto says. The NEC facial-recognition system focuses in on passers-by, guessing age and gender with surprising accuracy. Age might be expressed as falling within a 10-year range, for example.

According to an NEC engineer, the longer you stay in front of the camera, the more accurate it gets, and you can see the data about you floating above the image of your head like a virtual halo.


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According to a release first translated by Nikkei Electronics, NEC Corp. has developed the "Digital Signage Solution," a digital signage system incorporating biometrics that determine the gender, generation, and other attributes of a person standing in front of a display (NEC produces a wide array of M Series, MultiSync 20 and PlasmaSync Professional displays, among other products). Using a FeliCa contactless IC card reader/writer and a camera mounted to a 50-inch plasma display, this face recognition technology will use the data gathered to target advertising content to the viewer. The display shows advertisements that could potentially suit the subject's interests, based on 15 user profiles prepared in advance, and electronic coupons can be sent back to the user's mobile phone. By analyzing the information acquired through these actions, the system can also measure advertising effects, NEC said.

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