September New Products 2008

September New Products 2008

Extron Electronics FOX 4G Matrix 14400
Extron Electronics' FOX 4G Matrix 14400 is a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. It is expandable in sizes from 16x16 up to 144x144, and supports digital switching at rates up to 4.25 Gbps. Equipped with all of the convenience features common to Extron matrix switchers, together with hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring, and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX 4G Matrix 14400 delivers highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV and control signals for any mission-critical environment.

Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Allen & Heath's ZED-R16 combines an analogue recording mixer with a FireWire soundcard, MIDI controls and 'home-studio' routing so you can build tracks in the studio, record live gigs, mix-down, and remix. The ZED-R16 can be employed as a standard analogue mixer while recording multi-track via FireWire or ADAT, a traditional inline mixer recording with send and return per channel via FireWire, or as a MIDI controller via switchable channel faders. It features 16 mono inputs, two stereo inputs, a high quality dual mic pre-amp, 4-band fully-parametric EQ, four auxes, a stereo bus, two stereo returns, and 18+18 FireWire I/O and 8+8 ADAT I/O.

Lighthouse R4-B And R6-B LED Panels
Lighthouse Technologies' R4-B and R6-B LED panels have 2000 nits of brightness, enabling them to cope well with ambient light levels, a horizontal viewing angle of 140 (+70/-70), vertical viewing angle of 90 (+40/-50) and employ the single king pin for fast rigging making them ideal for the indoor rental, exhibition and conference markets. The R4-B is a 4mm pixel pitch, black-faced panel and R6-B is a 6mm pixel pitch, black-faced panel.

Altinex MT2488CV CourtView 8Altinex's MT2488CV CourtView 8 courtroom AV control and integration system provides all the necessary cables, connectors, switching equipment, control panels, programming, and step by step setup instructions to assemble a state-of-the-art AV system optimized for today's courtroom environment. At the heart of the courtroom design is the MultiTasker Universal Audio Video integration system. The CourtView 8 consists of an 8x8 VGA-UXGA switcher, which is used to connect four laptops, one document camera, and two DVD sources to display devices such as plasma or LCD video monitors, projectors, and the judge's monitor.

Barco FSN Series
Barco's FSN Series is a high-resolution production switcher that combines advanced video switching functionality with the power of Barco image processing. As a modular multi-format switcher, the FSN Series is highly configurable, easy to operate, and enables users to adapt to today's continuously demanding live production environment at an economical price point. The FSN Series includes a modular 6RU FSN-1400 chassis with 14 slots, hot-swappable front cards, passive rear connector cards, and dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies. Features include native HD or SD operation, cross-conversion, frame synchronization, selectable native output formats, and low video delay.

Electrosonic ES9600 Server
The Electrosonic ES9600 high performance JPEG-2000 server delivers stunning images thanks to its 4:4:4 color space, 2K resolution and support for superior JPEG-2000 compressed files at bit rates up to 250 Mbs. It comes complete with a built in confidence monitor and includes graphic overlay capabilities for closed captioning. The MS9600 is designed for digital cinema, special venue, and 3D markets.

beyerdynamic NE 900 D Cobra Receiver
beyerdynamic's NE 900 D Cobra two channel receiver for the Opus 900 wireless system provides an integrated CobraNet interface to connect the receiver to all CobraNet-capable devices of more than 40 manufacturers. Transmission is via standard Cat-5 ethernet cables. CobraNet connectivity presents many significant advantages for the beyerdynamic wireless system, especially for large-capacity systems or complex buildings with many rooms. The cabling is considerably reduced, as with the CobraNet technology up to 32 channels can be transmitted into each direction with a single 100-Mbit network cable.

Radian Professional Series
Radian Audio Engineering is introducing a new line of Professional and Contractor horn-loaded enclosures. The first products to be released are the Professional Series RPH-1594/1564 and Contractor Series RCH-1594/1564 two-way arrayable speaker systems, which combine perfectly focused, hand-laid fiberglass horns with long-throw woofers to provide exacting pattern control and unmatched durability in high SPL applications. On each model, the 2-inch exit compression driver is available on a 90- x 40-degree or 60- x 40-degree dispersion pattern horn. The 15-inch woofer features a four-inch voice coil and cast basket with venturi venting.

Crestron MPC
Crestron's Multimedia Presentation Controller line of all-in-one classroom control solutions is a family of easy-to-install and easy-to-use systems that connect, control and route AV presentation equipment in small, one-projector applications. MPCs are wall or lectern mount 2-Series control systems that fit in a standard 3-gang box. The MPC line is perfect for K-12 and higher education classroom applications, meeting all the different presentation needs of instructors, support staff and AV/IT management. MPC provides simple interfaces with push-button layout and operation that are easy for instructors to learn and use, and can be implemented consistently in every room, lecture hall, or auditorium.

Liberty HDMI Over COAX Transmitter/Receiver
Liberty Wire & Cable has introduced a new HDMI over COAX transmitter/receiver system. The HDMI over COAX Transmitter/Receiver is the newest addition to Liberty's extensive DigitaLinx family of products, further enhancing Liberty's position as the industry leader in long-distance HDMI technology. Devices like Liberty's compact new transmitter/receiver system transmit true HDMI signals, not an analog version of a digital signal, over already installed coaxial cable, eliminating the need to run all-new wires throughout a home or office.

Brother P-touch EDGE Series

Brother International has introduced two new models in its P-touch EDGE. The new models, the PT-7600 and PT-7500, feature Brother smart technology, which offers users a quick and cost-effective solution for the layout and printing of labels with just a few keystrokes. The PT-7600 and PT-7500 are ideal for independent contractors, corporate IT managers, or anyone responsible for a team of field service technicians or installers providing installation or services in the voice/data/video, audiovisual, electrical, and security industries, where onsite on demand labeling is a challenging issue.

One Systems Cross Field Array
One Systems' Cross Field Array long throw stadium speaker system is designed to provide very high acoustic output where long throw requirements are required. This high output array joins the rest of the One Systems loudspeaker products, all IP 45 rated and designed to withstand direct weather environments, including rain and snow. The CFA's fiberglass cabinet color will be grey for better UV resistance and heat tolerance. It will ship with barrier strip input terminals, but on special order can also include Neutrik Speakon connectors.

Yamaha PM5D Digital Console Power Package
Yamaha's PM5D-EX digital console power package combines a Yamaha PM5D digital mixing console with a DSP5D expander doubling the I/O and processing capacity of two PM5D consoles but controlled from a single surface. The system features 96 mono and 16 stereo input channels in a very flexible configuration. The PM5D-EX system features 96 kHz processing throughout for outstanding sound and response, making it the ideal choice for critical live recording applications.

BTX Technologies ProBlox
BTX Technologies has introduced a new multi-connector system that provides a single connector for multiple signals. Ideal for broadcast and AV applications, the new ProBlox system enables quick set-up and tear-down, saving installers both time and money in the field. As a cost-effective solution for bundling numerous signals, the ProBlox system combines 16 coax and 26 audio/data/control contacts in one multi-connector--allowing fast and simple set-up and tear-down in applications such as remote broadcasting, rental, rack staging, corporate settings, podiums, and more.

TOA P-9000
TOA Electronics has introduced the TOA P-9000 Series Dual Channel Power Amplifiers. Comprising two distinct models with 70.7V outputs, the P-9060DH and P-9120DH, each unit can serve as a power amplifier for TOA's M-9000 Series Matrix Mixer/Pre-Amplifiers using the T-001T output modules, an expansion amplifier with TOA's A-9000 Series matrix mixer/power amplifiers and as a power amplifier for other line output devices. With a rear panel selectable switch, Channel 1 input can be configured to "ALL" and both channels have balanced inputs with selectable input sensitivity levels.

Christie Advanced Color
Christie Advanced Color is a new solution to expertly color match projector arrays in advanced visualization and simulation environments. The latest addition to Christie's TrueIMAGE integration solution suite of tools, Advanced Color achieves precise results and uniform color calibration of simple to complex arrayed displays, with minimal training and no expertise required. The system integrates a precision light meter with Christie's advanced proprietary software to perform calculations of light output measurements. With the handheld light meter pointed at various targets on the projected array, the user captures light output measurements with a simple click.

Digigram LX1616ES PCI Sound Card
Digigram's LX1616ES PCI network sound card with DirectSound and ASIO drivers can transmit and receive up to 16 EtherSound channels, thus connecting computer-based audio applications to a 100Mb/s EtherSound network via a single Cat-5 cable. The LX1616ES is the perfect choice for direct-to-disk applications that don't necessarily require as many as 64 channels, but still require maximum flexibility to play and/or record selected ES-100 audio channels using just a single Cat-5 cable. A scaled-down version of the LX6464ES, LX1616ES offers an ideal starting point for price-sensitive applications, particularly since it can be upgraded on the fly from a 16/16 channel count to 32/32, 48/48 up to 64/64 through simple firmware updates.

Epson PowerLite Projectors
Epson's PowerLite 1720, 1725, 1730W, and 1735W projectors deliver 3,000 lumens of color and white light output for bright, vivid images, are sleekly designed, and weigh just less than four pounds. Presenters, whether in a conference room or on-the-go, can take advantage of Epson's new Quick Wireless Connection USB Key for virtual plug-and-play wireless connectivity and streaming video with audio via USB connectivity. The Epson PowerLite 1720 and 1725 offer XGA resolution and Epson PowerLite 1730W and 1735W projectors offer WXGA resolution, ideal for use with widescreen laptops and DVD content.

Hall Research VSM-I-AP-16-16
Hall Research Technologies has introduced the most compact 16x16 VGA/HDTV matrix switch with balanced pro-audio in a 2 RU enclosure. The Model VSM-I-AP-16-16 is controlled via the front panel, serial RS-232, and IP ports. All AV and control connections are on the rear of the rack-mountable unit. Standard HD15 video connectors directly tie to PCs or LCDs and can also be used with YPbPr video signals. This high performance matrix is compatible with PC video to 1920x1600 or analog SD/HDTV component video from 480i to 1080p.

Middle Atlantic Equipment Racks
Middle Atlantic Products has introduced new models and options for their ready-to-assemble equipment rack lineup. These racks are ideal for smaller fixed and movable installations that are visible within the work setting such as video suites and conference rooms. The new offerings include both functional and aesthetic improvements that give AV system installers more options to meet user and site requirements. Two new depths have been added, bringing the depth range from 16 inches all the way to 28 inches, with heights from two to 28 rackspaces.

Atlas Sound Horns
Atlas Sound introduces a new line of constant directivity re-entrant horns consisting of three new models in 90 x 40, 60 x 40, and 40 x 20 degree configurations. Offering greatly improved uniform sound coverage over conical designs, as well as predictable and tight pattern control; the horns, when ready for shipping later this year, will bear model numbers CD64, CD94, and CD42. Typically, most constant directivity horns on the market today are outfitted with either a refraction slot or standard throat. Atlas Sound has added a re-entrant design to the equation giving the three new models increased air column length.

Sanyo CE52SR1 LCD Waterproof Monitor

Sanyo's LCD waterproof monitor, the CE52SR1, is designed for virtually any outdoor installation. This unique LCD monitor is lightweight, runs cooler and uses less electrical power than similarly sized plasma monitors. The CE52SR1 surprisingly makes no compromises on image quality with Full HD resolution and a stunning 1500:1 contrast ratio. Combined with the CE52SR1's sun-readable feature, it is also ideal for viewing under sunlight with 1500 cd/m2 on-screen brightness.

ViewSonic PJ1173 Projector

ViewSonic's PJ1173 brings true high-definition picture quality and 5,000 lumens to ensure clear, crisp visuals in auditoriums, religious sanctuaries, lecture halls and conference sites. The PJ1173's extreme brightness, combined with a 1024x768 native resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, guarantees razor sharp images and natural color, even in well-lit rooms. Four-watt, built-in speakers and multiple input capabilities, including HDMI 1.3 to support up to a 1080p signal, bring presentations to life with video sound, optimum connectivity, and versatility.

Speco Technologies Intensifier Dome Camera

Speco Technologies new Intensifier Dome Camera sees color in the dark without IR LEDs, AND can see crystal clear images from inches to infinity without refocusing the camera. The Focus Free Technology featured in the HT7248FFi will make the installers job easier. Imagine no call-backs to fine tune camera focus after installation. This camera is great for high ceilings, poles and similar applications.

BidMagic Project Management Solution

BidMagic has introduced a new project management solution for AV installation companies. This new web based module uses a simple calendar Interface to allow project managers and dispatchers to create work orders, schedule installations and dispatch service and support. This new module empowers team collaboration without the need for expensive and complicated server or sharepoint solutions. Sales teams also benefit from sophisticated CRM features for lead and sales pipeline tracking. BidMagic's Proposal Software sends work orders to the project calendar where projects and tasks can be assigned and tracked. Gantt charts show big picture timeline views for project managers.

JuiceGoose PHC-SP70
Introducing 70 volt speaker line protection against lightning. In its role as a distributor of products from Emerson Network Power, Juice Goose presents the PHC-SP70. Surge protection components arranged in series and parallel provide 10kA of peak surge current protection with an operating resistance of only 0.20 ohms. Insertion loss is less than 0.1dB at 10MHz. The PHC accommodates 1 or 2 pairs of wire connections and has a terminal for a ground wire. The protection module plugs into a base, which can be mounted and hardwired to connected speakers or equipment.

Soundcraft Si3 Console
Soundcraft has launched a mid-market partner console in the Soundcraft Si3. This new desk is designed for live use on both touring sound systems and in fixed installations, with an intuitive operation and high input and bus count. Theatre users will also find the Soundcraft Si3 very applicable in their area. What is particularly nice about the Si3 is it all comes in one chassis--console surface, all input and output connections, power supply--so it can literally drop in and replace an existing analogue desk as almost certainly no additional cabling would be required to install it.

Neutrik OpticalCon
Neutrik's OpticalCon is now IP65 rated for dust tight and water jet protection. The upgrade extends both the indoor and outdoor capabilities of OpticalCon, as it seals the connector against dust, which is prevalent in most corporate and smart podium environments, as well as protects the connector against water jet, which is needed for most outdoor applications. To achieve an IP65 connection, additional seals and gaskets have been employed on the chassis connector and cable ends. For users who already have earlier versions of the OpticalCon fiber optic connector system, an upgrade kit is offered.

MC2 Audio T3500 Amplifier

MC2 Audio's new T3500 2-channel amplifier is the latest addition to the T Series, and will satisfy the market demand for a more powerful T Series amplifier geared to fixed installations. With its 1750W of power per channel, the T3500 will give users access to an even wider range of projects that use T Series amplifiers.

Canon REALiS Multimedia Projector Line
Canon has advanced the acclaimed REALiS Multimedia Projector line with the introduction of two new models that provide unprecedented performance and features along with cutting-edge technology. Canon's top-of-the-line REALiS WUX10 is the world's first WUXGA-resolution widescreen Multimedia Projector using LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology. Canon's REALiS SX80 Multimedia Projector is a high-resolution SXGA+ model that combines multiple user-friendly features, including being the world's first projector to offer PictBridge connectivity.

Planar Systems PR Projectors
Planar Systems has added five new business projectors to its PR lineup. Ideal for use in government, business and education settings, the PR2010, PR2020, PR5030, PR9020 and PR9030 projectors support Planar's continued strategy to address the growing need for specialty displays in demanding business applications. Tthe Planar PR5030 DLP and PR9030 3LCD projectors feature wide-format native resolution, with the flexibility to scale to different formats and screen sizes. The PR9020 and PR9030 feature 3LCD display technology.

Barix AG Exstreamer
Barix AG's Exstreamer audio decoders and Annuncicom intercom/VoIP devices in the studio or at a receive point as a cost-effective solution for reliable, high-quality audio playback. Barix devices and Barix OEM products are now installed and active in thousands of locations around the world within the radio broadcast industry for STL connectivity, remote pick-ups, confidence monitoring, and internet radio program distribution, among other applications. In the studio, Barix Exstreamer and Annuncicom devices now also serve as ideal digital message repeaters for scheduled playback of station IDs, promos, EAS tones and other audio content.

NEC MultiSync 15 Series
NEC Display Solutions has introduced a new family of commercial-grade digital signage displays with a new mechanical design, comprehensive input panels, and robust functionality--for organizations that are deploying large-screen panels on a modest budget. The MultiSync 15 Series addresses the needs of multiple markets and applications with commercial-level features and functions, including panels with protection against permanent image retention, and advanced thermal technology to prevent overheating, designed for continuous operation in demanding environments. Among those technologies are the 32-inch MultiSync LCD3215 and 42-inch LCD4215 displays.

Mitsubishi XD211U Data Projector
Mitsubishi's XD211U data projector is a native XGA resolution projector that uses the latest DLP technology from Texas Instruments, and its new DDP 2230 DMD chip with BrilliantColor. With its compact design and economical form factor that weighs just six pounds, the conveniently portable Mitsubishi XD211U offers a rich combination of features like instant shut-off and an efficient lamp that lasts up to 3000 hours with 2200 lumens of brightness. In addition, the XD211U also comes with an auto-search feature that automatically recognizes either video or data input sources.

Vaddio IN-Wall Enclosures
Vaddio has announced the newly redesigned IN-Wall Enclosures for a variety of the industry's leading robotic PTZ cameras. Vaddio's innovative IN-Wall Enclosures are an attractive way to mount PTZ cameras on a wall where room aesthetics are critical. They use the depth of the wall cavity to recess the camera in to the wall, minimizing the camera's extension into the room providing a more finished look. In addition, each enclosure has three conduit knockouts and a cable access slot for easy cable installation.

MultiDyne LiGHTBoX

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems LiGHTBoX fiber optic field transport system. Ideal for ENG, sports, and military environments, the LiGHTBoX has both AC and DC power operation with battery back-up. The LiGHTBoX series is fully customizable, offering virtually any signal configuration. This road-ready, robust fiber solution can be linked via a tactical fiber cable or any pigtail-type connector to another LiGHTBoX or MultiDyne terminal products. One configuration of the LiGHTBoX handles the JVC multi-core connector for the camera CCU.

Stewart Filmscreen Cabaret Screen

Stewart Filmscreen's Cabaret Screen is a new addition to its line of electric retractable screens for applications where the screen housing is exposed. This is the first Stewart retractable screen created especially for the lifestyle customer. The Cabaret Series frame was constructed to make installation quick and easy with level bubbles included. For instance, the sliding adjustable wall-mount bracket allows installers to make adjustments from the front. Additionally, a cable management system is built-into the frame to ensure an uncluttered appearance hiding power and home automation connections.

Auralex Ceiling Tiles
Auralex Acoustics' Ceiling Tiles can easily be installed into new and existing drop and suspending ceiling grids, and are ideal for upgrading in-room sound quality by controlling ambient noise and reducing noise transmission. The fabric-faced acoustical panels, which are available in standard ceiling grid sizes, can be customized in terms of size and thickness to meet any project's requirements. Engineered for use in a wide range of AV applications, the new tiles meet the demands of most environments such as theaters, studios, offices, schools, restaurants, and houses of worship.

NextWindow Whiteboard Solution
NextWindow has introduced the next generation interactive whiteboard solution for Plasmas and LCDs. The technology collaboration combines industry-leading annotation software and NextWindow's 2400 Series high-resolution optical touch overlay. The solution allows the end user to set up an interactive whiteboard within minutes, using large format displays with all the functionality of a traditional interactive whiteboard, but without the need for a dedicated stylus or pen, since the overlays can be activated with any pointing device or just a finger.

TV One 1T-CT-600 Series
TV One's newest product family consists of one Cat-5/6 transmitter and two receivers. The 1T-CT-621 transmitter used in conjunction with the 1T-CT-624 receiver can achieve distances up to 150m while the 1T-CT-628 receiver can achieve distances up to 250m. The units can handle maximum resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p @ 60Hz with embedded audio. They are HDCP and v1.2 HDMI compliant. For normal operation, two Cat-5/5E or 6 cables are required, one for the main signal and one for the HDCP/DDC signal.

Avocent MPX1500T Extender
Avocent has introduced a new model of the Emerge MPX extender, the MPX1500T high-definition multipoint extender transmitter, which wirelessly distributes HD content from a source to multiple destinations. Emerge MPX extenders can be deployed for a variety of professional video applications, such as digital signage--providing panels with live content, entertainment and advertising in retail outlets, theaters, restaurants, airports, gas stations, and other venues.

Clear-Com IP-Enabled V-Series
Clear-Com Communication Systems is broadening the access of its Eclipse Digital Matrix Intercom System with IP-enabled V-Series user control panels. In line with the company's strategy towards ubiquitous communication, the new IP connectivity will allow users to connect their Eclipse V-Series user control panels to the Eclipse Matrix frame over their existing WAN or LAN ethernet cabling infrastructure. Harnessing the power of IP technology, this new application significantly expands the range and mobility of the Eclipse system, both in-house and remotely.

RGB Spectrum Linx Switchers

RGB Spectrum has made a new addition to the Linx family of DVI matrix switchers. The Linx DVI 3200 supports up to 32 input and output channels with resolutions up to 1600x1200 @ 60Hz or 1920x1080p. Engineered for the most demanding applications, the 3200 is equipped with dual-redundant power supplies and offers front panel, web based and serial control. Factory pre-configured systems are available in 16x16, 16x32, 32x16, and 32x32 matrices. Smaller configurations are field upgradeable.

Chief FUSION Mounting System
Chief's FUSION universal mounting system focuses on usability and speed of installation. The new low-profile design, available in fixed or tilt models for 26- to 75-inch TVs, was engineered to solve the most common installation problems for the professional installer and free up valuable time. To develop the FUSION Series, Chief began by conducting field research. The Chief product development team joined professional installers onsite, to observe specific challenges they are faced with when mounting flat panel TVs.

Toshiba Projectors
Toshiba has launched four new projectors. These presentation solutions range from two affordably priced 4.8-pound mobile projectors to two powerful 4,000 ANSI lumen projectors with a variety of high-end features for house of worship and large auditoriums. Toshiba's TDP-XP1U filter-free DLP mobile projector is perfect for users who demand incredible imaging and high-end features at an affordable price. Packaged in a compact form factor, the TDP-XP1U is intelligently designed with 2,200 ANSI lumens for a bright display in any setting.

Meridian 810 Reference Video System

Meridian's 810 Reference Video System comprises two primary elements: the 810 Reference Video Projector, an entirely new D-ILA-based digital projector offering a previously impossible 10 megapixels, and the 810 Reference Video Scaler, a special processor designed to optimize the imaging of HD and standard resolution inputs for the vast new possibilities offered by a 10 megapixel projection environment.

Paradigm Monitor Series

Paradigm's re-vamped Monitor line retains all of the same technology as the v.5 series while adding updates such as modified phase-coherent crossovers, redesigned magnetic grilles and a luxurious new finish. For individual product updates, the Titan Monitor gains a new rear port as well as an updated voice coil for even better bass response. Paradigm's SuperDrive technology, first introduced in Series v.5, remains a vital component of the Monitor Series.

Galaxy Audio Quad

The Galaxy Audio Quad is a single space rack mount receiver chassis, which may be loaded with up to 4 UHF diversity wireless mic receivers. Each of the receivers features an LCD display, 96 selectable channels, RF/AF indicators, and volume control. The chassis has an individual balanced XLR output for each receiver, and a mix output with a hi/low level switch. The mix output provides a mixed signal from all of the receivers, based on the individual volume control settings. The internal antenna distribution system allows the two detachable antennas to serve all of the receivers.

DVEO's VGA2 DVB-T VGA to DVB-T converter is a real time converter and MPEG-2 encoder. It converts any VGA graphics and text from a computer to a frequency agile digital DVB-T modulated signal, then sends the signal to multiple HD monitors. VGA2 DVB-T can be used with existing analog or digital CCTV systems and inexpensive coaxial cable. DVB-T is the European standard for broadcasting digital TV over the air. VGA is the display standard for personal computers. The system is easy to configure, and it includes a set of templates to ensure that content will be displayed correctly.

Bag End P-500 Watt Power Module
The new P-500 digital 500 watt power module is now incorporated into the Bag End Infrasub Series Professional and Home subwoofers. The Infrasub, introduced in the mid 90's, first offered the extended low frequency technology in a home theater consumer friendly package. Combining the Dual Integrator processor within the input section and a self powered speaker section, the Infrasub is well known for its tight low bass, musicality, and convenient package, and has become a standard in the world of home and studio subwoofers.

Technomad Schedulon

Technomad Associates' Schedulon is a new automatic mp3 player and recording system for themed entertainment, high-quality music playback, simulated environments, and commercial security applications. Unique to the commercial market for its flexible scheduling and recording features, the Schedulon is a sibling of Technomad's popular SuperConductor player/recorder used in military and homeland security applications. The Schedulon provides instant playback of up to 99 knob-assigned, user-loaded audio files from a front-panel screen, and allows automatic playback on a user-defined schedule based on an internal clock or synchronized network time server.

Intelix's DIGI-VGASD is a professional-grade active balun set which distributes VGA video, stereo audio, and IR or RS232 signals over a single twisted pair cable. The DIGI-VGASD features 1600x1200 VGA video performance, high-fidelity 20Hz to 20kHz audio performance, and IR or bi-directional RS232 extension up to 350 feet over a single twisted pair cable. In addition, the DIGI-VGASD send balun features local monitor support and the DIGI-VGASD receive balun features dual outputs and built-in video equalization ensuring skew-free video performance. Each balun set includes a send unit, receive unit, and two power supplies. All components are manufactured in the United States.

SKB Studio Flyer 4U
SKB Corporation introduces the new 1SKB19-RSF4U Studio Flyer 4U model as part of its expanding Studio Flyer line. The Studio Flyer 4U features a standard 4U rack mount space and a laptop compartment with convoluted foam interior in the lift-off lid for laptop protection. Cable pass through allows the laptop and interface to remain cabled up at all times. Convenient removable front and back doors offer easy access to rack gear. The interior rack depth to the back door has been expanded to 15 inches. The new Studio Flyer 4U case is roto-molded of durable Polyethylene.

Turning Technologies ResponseCard AnyWhere
Turning Technologies' ResponseCard AnyWhere is its newest and most versatile audience response system yet. An LCD screen-equipped handheld receiver for presenters that is approximately the size of a deck of cards, ResponseCard AnyWhere is the perfect solution for teachers, trainers or meeting moderators who need a highly portable, preparation-free polling solution that doesn't require a projector or computer. Unlike other systems in Turning Technologies' TurningPoint audience response line, ResponseCard AnyWhere does not require a projector or computer or even electrical outlets to operate.

3M SCP712

3M Super Close Projection Systems 700 Series brings all the right components together in the new 3M SCP712 modular design. Designed with a modular build what you need concept, the 3M SCP712 is a simple and cost effective solution that offers customers flexibility while providing them the functionality that best fits their environment and budget needs. The 3M SCP712 projector alone gives customers the benefit of the 3M Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology with basic VGA, USB and power connectivity, without the burden of paying for unused connectivity.

NTI Noise Curve Application Tool
NTI's Noise Curve Application tool acquires and stores the unweighted octave data from the Acoustilyzer AL1 and plots this data against all International Noise Curve standards. The NTI AL1 Acoustilyzer is a versatile and comprehensive audio and acoustic analyzer capable of many measurements, including the precision octave band measurements used as the basis for most Noise Curves. By acquiring and storing the unweighted octave data with the AL1 Acoustilyzer, the user may then plot this data against any of four different international Noise Curve reference standards using a post-processing tool which is part of the NTI package.

Wireless Computing RF-222 Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Computing's RF-222 wireless keyboard with optical trackball low-profile design and attractive aesthetics show this is not Wireless Computing's first time at the racetrack. Precision-engineered scissors keys give a smooth typing feel, even when keys are pressed off-center. The optical trackball responds to a light touch with precise cursor control. And when you use the RF-222 in crowded corporate environments, keystroke encryption, and 65,000+ digital addresses guard against crosstalk and illicit interception.

BitWise BC4
BitWise Controls' BC4 is a standards-based control system network interface, which allows IP-based software and control systems to control and monitor virtually any hardware device available today. The BC4 system's modular design gives the integrator the flexibility to match base units and expansion modules to fit any application. It is the only PoE-capable product of its type on the market, eliminating the need to install a power supply at each BC4 location. The BC4 system is made up of a base unit and various expansion I/O modules available from BitWise Controls.

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