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Abletec Introduces New Switch Mode Power Supply

  • Abletec has added a new 400W power supply to its ALP product line. The ALP0400-3500 delivers 900W of peak power and 400W continuous (FTC ratings) with no additional heatsinking. The ALP0400 is designed to power audio amplifiers and offers two tightly regulated high voltage outputs of +/- 35V. Auxiliary outputs of +7.5 and +5.6V are also available to other electronics in the system. Like many Abletec products, this power supply can operate in a low-power mode where less than 1W is consumed for those manufacturers seeking to meet Energy Star regulations.
  • The entire Audio Line Power Series ranges in output power from 50 to 1.5KW. All have multiple outputs at voltages commonly required by audio and video equipment. The ALP series can be seen at InfoCOMM Booth #6346.
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