Make Sure You’re in Vegas on Tuesday, Because this DSE Panel is About Times Square Coming to a Bank Lobby Near You

Make Sure You’re in Vegas on Tuesday, Because this DSE Panel is About Times Square Coming to a Bank Lobby Near You

The creative services agencies know it. The hardware guys know it. It’s time for a new image. And it’s gonna be big.

Which means you might want to book your travel for Las Vegas and join us on March 15 for SCN’s first-ever Connected Screen Conference. I’ll be there, corralling some pretty amazing creative discussion all day, including the “Smart Spaces - Building Large-Scale Displays for Immersive Branding” session at 11:00 a.m.

There, the sparks will fly as we talk about the mega-screen, immersive mentality and how it means business not just for Coca-Cola but for a lot of your client portfolio.

Guys, I know this is going to be good, because we had a full-fledged panel discussion on the preview conference call for the panel discussion.

“How engaging is a 250 pixel by 80 pixel banner? It’s not really that interesting when you think about the scale, especially when you talk about Times Square,” observed Ben Putland, chief operating officer at Grand Visual.

“Even 16:9 displays are just more background noise these days,” added TJ DiQuollo, manager of creative services for Diversified. “You need something that’s really going to attract interaction or activity with an engaging message.”

Then the play was complete and the point made when Rich Cannava, vice president and executive producer of The CSI Group pointed out: “Yeah, with our clients’ out of home budgets, looking at the spend for 2016, they’re starting to allocate more money for creating content and taking over large screens at events, where one year ago, that client wasn’t even thinking that way.”

And when these particular panelists talk about clients, they’re talking about brands we all know very well. Check out the websites for Grand Visual, The CSI Group, and Diversified, make note of the work they’ve done on a large scale, and then come see how it will change your next digital signage pitch. We’re finally getting into that panacea of the client wanting more—not just bigger displays, but a more thoughtful integration of technology throughout a space to create a distinctive brand experience.

These panelists have seen it from the inside, and they’re watching the trends slide in favor of more spend on new content for better video system designs. Which means they need you! The panelists will stick around for “Best Practices” break out sessions, so you can quiz them on the work they’ve done and talk with your peers about how they’re breaking into new digital signage markets. From how these panelists tell it, we are finally on the actual cusp of digital signage being big and cool and in-budget.

Come see Kirsten Nelson lead a full day of panel discussion programming at SCN’s new AV integrator business program, The Connected Screen Conference produced in conjunction with Digital Signage Expo (DSE), to be held in Las Vegas, NV on March 15. Sessions will be focused on interactive digital signage, immersive branding with large-scale video displays, digital signage integration business trends, and opportunities and future trends. Find out how to move beyond the screen and into more complex and profitable digital signage implementations. Sign up today.

Kirsten Nelson is a freelance content producer who translates the expertise and passion of technologists into the vernacular of an audience curious about their creations. Nelson has written about audio and video technology in all its permutations for almost 20 years; she was the editor of SCN for 17 years. Her experience in the commercial AV and acoustics design and integration market has also led her to develop presentation programs and events for AVIXA and SCN, deliver keynote speeches, and moderate and participate in panel discussions. In addition to technology, she also writes about motorcycles—she is a MotoGP super fan.