Listen Technologies Launches the Loopworks Measure System

Listen Technologies Corporation has launched the Loopworks Measure system, a new induction loop measurement system and a continuation of the Loopworks concept first launched in 2014. The LoopWorks Measure systems combines a multi-platform iOS app, a self-calibrating receiver, and a suite of online tools and resources.

  • The Loopworks Measure App and R1 Receiver are supported by the Loopworks online database and reporting tools that automate the process of collecting data or creating certification or test reports that give users direct access to support from the company's loop experts. Loopworks Measure brings together value, measurement, and ease of use to create a new end-to-end Hearing Loop measurement system.
  • The R1 Receiver is an audio induction loop receiver with a vertically mounted pickup coil designed to be used in conjunction with the Loopworks Measure iOS App. Loopworks Measure will work with an iOS phone or tablet running iOS 8.0 or later. It requires an internet connection to set up and to sync with the database, though it is not required during testing.

The R1 Receiver works via the App, which is available free from the iTunes store. The Loopworks Measure App and Receiver can be used in simple meter mode, and users can sign up for an account to access the full range of Loopworks functions and to save data or record audio. Create an account at

The Measure R1 device can be purchased direct from Listen Technologies website for $240, which includes free access to the Loopworks system for 12 months. After this time there will be a recurring fee each year to access the premium features of Loopworks, which also provides ongoing support and storage of data. Users not wishing to use the database will still be able to use Measure as a highly capable measurement tool, but without reporting or data storage.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from everyone who has seen the Loopworks Measure solution, and we’re confident that a significant proportion of Hearing Loop customers will be keen to order a Receiver and start using it,” said Alistair Knight, marketing and communications manager at Ampetronic.

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