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LG – Out of the Box

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If one should cruise by the LG booth this year at InfoComm you’ll notice that all TVs are not created equal.

For their first trick, the 72-inch Outdoor display will wow you with a brightness five times greater then a consumer set. It’s bright—like burn your retinas bright, like get a sunburn bright. The new technology that allows this (IPS for In-Plane Switching) will allow the TV to top out at a temperature of 230 degree Fahrenheit. This means you can see it in full sun and that blazing ball of heat won’t affect the life of the set.

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Next up—notice those strange TV sizes? Not something we are use to seeing. This is LG’s Versatile Stretch Screen. At aspect ratio’s of 21:9 and 16:4, digital signage just took a new turn. From advertising to banners, they’re great for places with limited spaces.

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Then there is the video wall. We’re seeing this everywhere at InfoComm, but LG is quite the contender with the slimmest bezel in the world at just 4.9mm.

At just a few feet back you barely notice that you’re watching many sets, verses one. We will continue to see sets like these dominate the digital signage market.

LG will leave you with a ‘taste of the future’ (Thank you Ted from LG for the slogan). Pictured below is the virtually seamless plasma display. Shown are 12 42-inch displays. You’ll have to trust me on this one. It was stunning.

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Epson Shows Off Passionate and Products at InfoComm

On the Residential side, I picked up Epson a year ago, so I know firsthand they make a good product. I’m a big believer that in the slogan, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Should this be the case, we’ll all be buying Epson. They’re win my vote for most passionate about their products at the show.

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LG at AWS re:Invent

Hundreds of advanced LG monitors are being used at the 2015 AWS Re:Invent user conference, which began October 6 and ends October 9.

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Summerland Tour out with Allen & Heath

The Summerland Tour, previously hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the “10 Hottest Summer Package Tours,” returned this year with Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems managing FOH and Monitor positions.

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Polycom – Playing Well with Others

Polycom wants you to know that they play will with others. RealPresence CloudAXISTM Suite which was just announced will allow you to send a URL link in an email or calendar invitation to anyone with a browser and camera.

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LG Video Wall at World's Second Largest Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium executives turned to LG Electronics to recreate a live exhibit with video wall. The Aquarium installed 36 LG 55-inch Full HD Video Wall Displays inside of an emptied acrylic aquarium, which formerly housed “The Wall of Fish” exhibit.

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Sharp – Finding a Niche for 4K

If you’ve been listening or watching or alive, then you’ve heard about 4k or UltraHD. The problem on the residential side is there is no content and even if content existed, most service providers can’t fit the bandwidth down the “pipe.”

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LG Shows Curved OLED at CES

LG Electronics (LG) demonstrated their new curved OLED TV model, the EA9800, shown for the first time at the 2013 International CES. Featuring proprietary WRGB technology, the thin display features a curved design and a picture quality designed to be practically indiscernible from colors found in nature.