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AMX Ships Commercial Meeting Room Interface

AMX is now shipping its new NXV-CPI Control Phone Interface devices, enabling AMX control capabilities through two popular Cisco IP Phones.

  • AMX is now shipping its NXV-CPI Control Phone Interface.
  • The NXV-CPI, when paired with a NetLinx Controller, allows Cisco Phone users to gain a basic level of control with minimal investment in new infrastructure. Using the phones’ built-in touch screen, hard buttons, soft keys or numeric keypad, users can access and control systems in the room such as teleconferencing, audiovisual and environmental control.
  • “We’re pleased to work side by side with Cisco equipment in organizations where we share customers, enabling a single, convenient interface for controlling an AMX environment,” said AMX chief technology officer, Robert Noble. “As more and more businesses seek to optimize resource efficiencies and unify control of the multiple technologies in their conference rooms the NXV-CPI allows many Cisco phone users to achieve this simply and cost effectively.”
  • Additionally, facility managers can further enhance an NXV-CPI deployment with Resource Management Suite from AMX to gain a whole building solution.
  • The NXV-CPI is specified for use with Cisco CP-7965G and CP-7975G phones.
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