New Products : March 2009

New Products : March 2009

Extron MGP 464 HD-SDI

Extron Electronics’ MGP 464 HD-SDI offers two HD-SDI inputs and two DVI inputs, along with analog RGBHV input capability. The availability of HD-SDI inputs allows for easy integration of professional video equipment, visualization processors, and medical imaging devices equipped with HD-SDI high definition digital video outputs. With the addition of the new HD-SDI model, the MGP 464 is now available in three versions: the MGP 464 base model with four RGBHV inputs, the MGP 464 DI which adds four DVI inputs, and the MGP 464 HD-SDI with two DVI, and two HD-SDI inputs.

Minicom DS Vision HDMI
Minicom Digital Signage’s DS Vision HDMI not only extends but also distributes real-time, high-definition digital AV from a single player to multiple screens located up to 250 meters/825 feet away.

Dynacord SL Series

Dynacord’s SL Series amplifiers includes the SL900, SL 1200, SL 1800, and SL 2400. Features include Dynacord’s comprehensive protection system, protection against overheating, overload, short circuit, HF and DC, and patented LPN filter, switchable frequency, and phase response correction of connected loudspeakers.

Shure SM137

The SM137 from Shure Incorporated is a cardioid probe microphone for instrument recording applications. The SM137 employs an ultra- thin diaphragm for smooth high end and tight, controlled low end. Its 15 dB attenuator enables it to handle sound pressure levels as high as 154 dB SPL, for consistent reproduction of delicate acoustic as well as high-volume amplified instruments. The SM137 replaces the KSM109 model.

Atlas Sound AA60

Atlas Sound’s latest amplifier in the Strategy Series, the AA60, is a flexible three input channel mixer amplifier. Outfitted with a single microphone input and a pair of summing stereo line inputs, the AA60 is built using the same proven technology found in the Strategy Series model AA35 amplifier, only with more power: 60 watts RMS at 25V, 70V, 100V, or four ohms.

Crestron MLX-2 Handheld Remote

Crestron’s MLX-2 handheld remote features Crestron infiNET EX two-way wireless RF with long-range communications. Advanced mesh network technology give the MLX-2 exceptional reliability, true feedback, and dynamic frequency allocation. Its compact size and ergonomic design facilitates one-handed operation; 57 programmable buttons enable intuitive, tactile control. A large, easy-to-read LCD screen displays dynamic text, supporting scrolling menus of channels, media titles, and numerous other commands.

ClearOne CHAT 170
ClearOne’s CHAT 170 is the company’s first speakerphone optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. The CHAT 170 is a USB speakerphone that brings high performance audio capabilities to users of Microsoft unified communications platform. The CHAT 170 easily connects via USB to PCs or laptops and delivers true plugand- play operation, requiring no software or drivers to be installed. It replaces the speakers and microphone of the PC or laptop with a hands-free solution, perfect for audioconferencing for small groups.

Sennheiser Tourguide 2020

Sennheiser’s Tourguide 2020 includes the wireless SKM 2020-D-US, a handheld transmitter with cardioid pick-up pattern for presenters to easily and effectively deliver information. The SKM 2020-D-US microphone joins the HDE 2020-D-US stethoset receiver, the SK 2020-D-US bodypack transmitter and the EZL 2020 portable charger case. Tourguide 2020 uses digital signal transmission in a license-free frequency band.

Mitsubishi LDTV146, LDTV152
Mitsubishi’s 1080p digital TV and computer monitors, the LDTV146 and LDTV152, are designed for digital signage applications. These HD LCD TV monitors are 46 and 52 inches respectively with a backlight estimated to last 30,000 hours, providing an expected lifespan of almost seven years with 12-hour per day usage. They feature full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 500-nits brightness.

Alcorn McBride V16 Pro

Alcorn McBride’s V16 Pro is a versatile, frame-accurate show controller for both serial and network devices. With 16 serial ports, 16 inputs, 16 outputs, MIDI port, and a dual ethernet interface, the V16 Pro can talk to virtually any piece of equipment and can be monitored and programmed from anywhere in the world. The V16 Pro provides many enhanced functions and operation for advanced show control requirements.

Extron DVI Distribution Amps

Extron Electronics’ DVI DA and DVI DA Plus series of DVI distribution amplifiers are now shipping. The DVI DA includes an existing 2-output version and a new 4-output version, while the new DVI DA Plus features 4-, 6-, and 8-output versions. All models accept one single link DVI source and distribute digital video signals to multiple devices. The DVI DA Plus models also feature EDID Minder, which ensures that the DVI source powers up properly and maintains proper video output even if the digital display device is off, and source signal presence indication for quick, visual confirmation of system functionality.

QSC ILA v2 System

QSC’s ILA v2 System comes to endusers as a turnkey package including dedicated full-range and subwoofer loudspeaker components, processing, amplification, and suspension accessories. With power provided by QSC’s rugged and reliable RMX Series amplifiers, every ILA v2 system relies upon line array elements equipped with a pair of neodymium magnet, eight-inch diameter, low frequency drivers.

Kaltman AirSleuth Pro Bundle V2
Kaltman Creations’ AirSleuth Pro Bundle V2 is a combined softwarebased 2.4 GHz RF spectrum analyzer and a 2.4 GHz, 11-channel signal generator is designed for IT managers, enterprise personnel, or 2.4 GHz users who need enhanced capabilities to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize wireless networks.

Chief FUSION Series Mounts

Inspired by installers, Chief’s new FUSION universal mounting system features a new low-profile design available in fixed or tilt models for 26- to 75-inch TVs. The mounts are perfect for digital signage, focusing on usability, speed of installation, and solving some of the toughest installation challenges. Plus, the mounts allow you to easily align multiple TVs to create larger video walls. You can even mount TVs in portrait mode with the LTAPU, shipping in April.


BSS Audio’s BLU-BOB output expander features eight analog audio outputs on standard terminal block connectors and the 256-channel, low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus, also found on the BLU-800, BLU-320, BLU-160 and BLU-120 devices. In addition to providing a backbone for the transportation of multiple channels, this bus also facilitates the creation of large, fault-tolerant, centralized matrices containing multiple devices. The digital audio bus uses standard, inexpensive Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable, which enables a distance of 100 meters between devices. The BSS Audio MC-1 fiber optic media converter can be used to increase the distance between devices to over 10km using single mode fiber.

Altinex SP107-101 Surface Mount AV Interconnect Plate

Altinex’s SP107-101 Surface Mount AV Interconnect Plate provides surface level connection points for a variety of audio and video inputs-providing an easy and convenient means of patching a laptop computer or other AV equipment on the surface to a presentation system’s connections beneath the furniture or in another room. Featuring a black painted finish that mounts flush with the surface, the new SP107-101 offers interconnections for the most frequently used AV presentation inputs, including AC power, computer audio, video, network, and USB.

Electro-Voice N8000-1500

At the heart of Electro-Voice’s N8000-1500 is the new DSP-2 engine. Composed of three dualcore processors, the DSP-2 expands the total processing power of the N8000-1500 to 1500 MIPS. The unique modular nature of NetMax means that each input or output card added to a chassis provides an additional DSP engine and another 100 MIPS of processing power. This means that a fully loaded chassis provides 1900 MIPS of processing— almost double the power of the original N8000. The N8000- 1500’s auto-compiling DSP engine provides a fixed latency of 2.19 ms from analog input to analog outputs.

Peavey XR Series
Peavey has added two new mixers to the Peavey XR Series powered-mixer line: the XR 1220 console and rack-mountable XR 1212. The power amps deliver 600 watts to each side in all modes, and those modes with subwoofer option have a built-in fourth-order crossover that sends all frequencies below 100 Hz to the sub. Each standard channel includes an XLR input and 1/4-inch line input, as well as a 1/4-inch channel insert, gain adjustment, 80 Hz low-cut switch, two monitor sends, EFX send, and low, mid low, high and Peavey’s Mid-Morph equalization controls.

Revolabs Executive HD Mic System
Revolabs’ Executive HD wireless microphone system provides the sound fidelity of wired microphones with the added appeal of a versatile wireless set-up. High definition audio clarity and full 50Hz-22kHz frequency response, enabled by Revolabs DFS22TM proprietary audio processing, are the key factors behind the improved audio performance. With an optimized speech codec, the new system handles live sound, voice reinforcement, recording, and wideband video- or audioconferencing applications. Revolabs DFS22, “Designed For Speech”, technology improves the intelligibility and presence when reproducing the spoken word.

HME DX300ES Wireless Headset System
HME’s new DX300ES Wireless Headset System for live event, remote broadcast, and movie/video production crews supports hands-free, two-way digital communication, with interfacing for two audio channels for external radio or intercom communication. HME’s new Spectrum Friendly technology prevents frequency conflicts by enabling the user to select all or part of the 2.4GHz operating frequency range: low, high, or full band. The DX300ES is a digital spread spectrum system with no license requirements.

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