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IHSE to Demonstrate the Extension and Switching of Virtual and Augmented Reality Signals

IHSE to Demonstrate the Extension and Switching of Virtual and Augmented Reality Signals

IHSE will be introducing a game-changing solution to extend and switch immersive reality signals over long distances using Draco KVM systems at ISE 2018.

The new solution addresses growing interest in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) systems in a wide variety of pro AV market sectors; in corporate and education applications such as product design and prototyping; in situational training and advanced control environments; and in retail and leisure applications including cinemas, shops, and museums.

Extending the distance between source computers and users, and switching between VR/AR applications, are real challenges today. IHSE's Draco KVM solutions allow high-performance computers for VR/AR systems, CAVEs, and large LED walls to be located at a remote distance of up to 80 kilometers. Only a single Cat-X or fiber connection is required to extend a VR/AR system.

This remote model adds convenience and security while simplifying the setup of immersive reality installations, many of which are in constricted or public locations. A Draco KVM matrix switch enables users to switch multiple VR/AR headsets in different locations to centralized high-performance computers located in a secure room. This approach eliminates the need to locate expensive PC hardware equipment close to users or to purchase multiple high-performance computers. Redundancy options for mission critical systems are also available.

"For VR/AR headsets to provide a smooth user experience, graphics latency and head tracking delay must be extremely low," explained Manuel Greisinger, head of sales at IHSE. "Our extension and switching solutions guarantee a round-trip video processing delay of less than 5 milliseconds. Meeting these extreme requirements is mandatory to avoid motion sickness and nausea and to extend signals with maximum performance and robustness. By opening up a new dimension in terms of flexibility and scalability with an improved ROI, IHSE's industry-first solution will enable customers to rethink their current and future VR/AR installations."

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