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POPAI University: Shopper Marketing

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POPAI University On The Road, presents “Shopper Marketing: When consumers become shoppers”

Thursday, February 7, 2008, Toronto, Ontario
8:30 am - 11:00 am

Have you ever thought that consumer and buyers are two completely different people, even when it's the same person? With the numerous lapses of the commercial offer and the increasing trend of channel-blurring, this affects all sectors of the retail business and can have a tremendous impact on marketing strategies.

Stephane Drouin, SVM partner, will expose attendees to the principles of Shopper Marketing and present key learnings to help score wins in the retail business. Here are a few of the learnings that he be covered throughout the session:
- Differences between a consumer and buyer;
- Intention parameters and factors that influence purchase and final purchase;
- Best ideas and tactics in order to maximize the transactional value of your high potential shoppers.

The session offers1 MaRC Credit in Category I

Stephane Drouin, is Partner, SVM. For more than 15 years, Stephane Drouin has notably been building a strong reputation as a retail marketing specialist as founding partner of SVM, a national and unique agency that specializes in integrated retail marketing, along with other notable titles such as Sales and Marketing Director at Favorite Products Ltd., Brand Manager at Multi-Marques, and Product Manager at Procycle Inc.

With offices in Laval and Toronto, SVM contributes to the success of prestigious manufacturers and retailers like Weston, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, Couche-Tard, RONA, Reno-Depot, Molson, and Maison Maison des Futailles.

Where & When:
The Old Mill Inn
21 Old Mill Road
Toronto, Ontario
M8X 1G5
Thursday, February 7, 2008
8:30am-9:30am Full Breakfast/Networking
9:30am-11:00am Presentation
11:00am-3:00pm Canadian Committee Meeting
Member Registration: $79 (US) $85 (CAD)
Non-Member Registration: $158 (US) $170 (CAD)
For more information visit www.popai.com and go to Membership.


POPAI University on the Road

POPAI University is hosting a one-day workshop designed to help with capturing the consumer's attention and influence purchasing decisions. This program will help advance education and build a network of colleagues to call upon as a resource. The event will be held at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, IL on Thursday, May 1, 2008 from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CST as Joseph King, Ph.D. leads out this interactive workshop.

POPAI Finalizes MARI Shopper Engagement Service

POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail, announced that it has finalized contract negotiations with Sheridan Consulting for a new three measurement cycle Shopper Engagement Service as conceived and tested during Phase One of POPAI's Marketing At Retail Initiative (MARI) in the United States and the United Kingdom. The new service tracks engagement with Marketing at Retail materials as shoppers make their way through the store. Shopper Engagement has been recently defined by the MARI advisory council (MAC), a group comprised of brands and retailers participants. The MAC standard for shopper engagement is when a shopper's eye focuses on an item for at least one second. Shoppers, who participate, wear high-tech microsurgical cameras

POPAI Industry Leadership Conference

The POPAI Industry Leadership Conference 2007 will be held at the Sheraton St. Louis City Center Hotel, June 7-8, focusing on the theme "Engaging the Shopper". POPAI Industry Leadership Conference 2007 sponsors are Frito Lay, Taurus Display, and Rand Display. Engaging the shopper at-retail is one of the hottest topics in marketing, with the opportunity to reach and engage the consumer in an unfiltered environment...

Shopper Engagement Webcast July 18

POPAI will sponsor a Webcast on Shopper engagement, July 18, at 3:00 - 4:30 PM EST. The final results of the first field trial for the Marketing at Retail Initiative (MARI) that was held in the UK, will be presented by Martin Kingdon, as well as the preliminary results of the US field trial. The ground breaking MARI study is designed to measure marketing at-retail programs so to put their measurement on a par with other media such as print and broadcast, by providing  measurements of Shopper Engagement which will show what shoppers actually looked at across the store in terms of in-store media both for the store as a whole and within specific categories. This combined with ROI measurements will provide a full picture of the in-store environment allowing brands and retailers to plan their at-retail executions with a far greater degree of sophistication than has been available historically...

POPAI Milestone International Board Meeting

POPAI, the nonprofit trade association for the Marketing at Retail Industry has announced that its Board of Directors held it first official meeting outside of North America, February 23-24th, in Dussedorf, Germany, calling the meeting “a significant a milestone for POPAI as it continues to add country chapters around the world. The meeting was being held in conjunction with the organization’s Global Leadership Council. This is the first time these two meeting have been held together and represents one of the largest assemblies of global leaders in the Marketing at Retail industry. “This was a great day for the global Marketing at Retail industry,” said Kurt Witzel, POPAI’s Chairman of the Board and Sr. Mgr., Global Retail Marketing, for Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  “Bringing leaders together from around the world to share successes and challenges furthers our ability to learn from each other in areas of shopper engagement, market

Shopper Media Survey

By James Tenser, VSN Strategies Performance metrics linked to sales and profits are twice as desirable as in-store Gross Rating Points or other third-party ratings, according to a new survey from consulting firm VSN Strategies. Findings from the Retailativity Study of Shopper Media Network Practices and Trends suggest that so-called “in-store GRPs” may not be adequate to support strategy and practice for in-store advertising media, including the emerging digital networks.