Mobile Strategies Forum at CTEW

Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), to take place April 27-28 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, has announced that the Mobile Strategies Forum will be held April 28, 1:00-3:00 PM. The Mobile Strategies Forum is limited to only the first 40 qualified attendees that register. Open exclusively to venues, brand marketers and agencies, participants of The Mobile Strategies Forum will represent all vertical industries who will learn from experts and share insights and experiences on mobile strategies. This special forum will address up to five critical mobile issues and challenges facing organizations today, and is available at no charge for qualified attendees.

Led by industry experts and facilitators, participants will enjoy interactive discussions, including results from tactical case studies. Participants in the areas of retail, healthcare, QSR, travel, education, advertisers, agencies, etc., will interact and candidly share what is on the forefront of their minds over a two-hour period. Roundtable topics include:
Using Mobile to Drive Self-Service
Leveraging The Smartphone Revolution to Maximize Customer Engagement
The Mobile Evolution: Delivering Targeted Offers In-store to Your Online Customer
Smartphone Wayfinding: Guiding Your Prospects to Engage Purchase

The Mobile Strategies Forum is limited to only the first 40 qualified attendees that meet the following criteria:
Attendees must represent a venue (e.g. merchant, healthcare facility, hotel, university, QSR, etc), brand marketer or agency.
Attendees must be planning to purchase mobile technologies within 24 months or currently deploying mobile solutions.
Attendees must be registered for CETW San Francisco to participate.

The Mobile Strategies Forum will address the following critical issues facing mobile customer engagement:

Using Mobile to Drive Self-Service:

Laying the foundations: Where do you start with mobile web/apps/barcoded coupons, tickets, etc.?
Mobile as part of a multi channel offering (kiosk / web / interactive digital signage / NFC posters, etc)
Delivering personalized, convenient, actionable information that puts the customer in the driver’s seat
Using mobile to drive incremental revenue, operation efficiencies and customer loyalty
Driving mobile self-service through added value features
Presenter: Rob Borucki, Solution Manager, Travel-Mobiqa - NCR Corporation

Leveraging The Smartphone Revolution to Maximize Customer Engagement:

2008 ushered in a new era of mobile communications. The smartphone revolution ignited by Apple’s 2008 concurrent launch of the 3G iPhone and iTunes App Store were instrumental in creating of a game-changing mobile ecosystem. With hundreds of thousands of mobile apps developed and billions of apps downloaded, this new ecosystem created unprecedented consumer access to content, applications and commerce – all while mobile, significantly impacting and altering business for the foreseeable future. The change has been so profound that titans such as Google, Research in Motion (RIM) and Microsoft have all begun to pursue Apple-like models of their own.

As more device manufacturers, wireless carriers and consumers embrace the new era of mobile customer engagement, every industry, company and business model will be impacted. Whether your customers (or your clients' customers) are shoppers, diners, travelers, employees, patients, students, faculty, or the general public, understand what you can do to leverage the smartphone revolution as an exciting customer engagement channel!
This discussion will explore:
Ways in which smartphones are impacting your business and industry
What you need to do to embrace and leverage the smartphone revolution
The latest technical and social trends influencing mobility
The most recent smartphone and mobile adoption statistics
Presenter: Steven L. Gurley, SVP of Marketing & New Market Development– Symon Communications

The Mobile Evolution: Delivering Targeted Offers In-store to Your Online Customers:

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the ways in which the general public accesses and views information has changed. Gone are the days when advertisers could be content with placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, or relying on direct mailings to present offers. Consumers have the Internet with specialty shopping and price comparison sites, review boards, and social networking accessible via the Web and now, through the use of Smart Phones, while on the go. Using these tools, consumers have become increasingly sophisticated in their information consumption, researching options, comparing pricing and getting input from their friends prior to purchase. This ups the ante for retailers who now have to manage a large number of advertising channels so that they can deliver the right message at the right time, in the right place, to the right consumer.

Delivering relevant and contextual promotions to customers at the point of impact is critical for retail success. However, perhaps the biggest challenge that bricks-and-mortar retailers have is that they cannot identify an online customer when they are in-store. This is getting especially important as retailers are building customer profiles through interactions with them online and on social networking sites where they often have several million customers. If retailers could ‘close the loop’ to allow them to identify these online customers when they walk into their stores and provide them with tailored offers specific to the store they happen to be in, it will build customer loyalty and also enhance sales.
This session will discuss how retailers and other venues can use mobile technology to bridge the divide between the computer, in-store technology the customer, including:
• How to use QR Codes to provide customers with links to products, catalogs, and coupons.
• How to use QR Codes to generate information about where, when and how the consumer accessed this information.
• How to integrate multiple engagement technologies to increase sales, enhance the consumer’s shopping experience, and to extend the brand’s loyalty initiatives across channels.
Presenter: Stuart Armstrong, President– Enqii NA

Smartphone Wayfinding: Guiding Your Prospects to Engage Purchase:

The power of mobile wayfinding is tremendous. Imagine never being lost, and always having relevant information regarding your surroundings at your fingertips – no matter where in the world you might be. Imagine if there was smartphone app that helped you find what you were looking for and guided you to your destination, by showing your real-time location with a beacon on a map that moved when you did, based upon your precise location. The recent proliferation of high powered smartphones and in-venue Wifi has made possible the development of accurate, stable, and affordable indoor positioning technology.

Now imagine visitors to your venue have this capability. Imagine the revenue potential of a direct marketing channel that is user specific, location sensitive and that works in real time. You’re confident your visitors always know exactly where they are and how to get where they want to go. They have access to the information they need where and when they need it.
Imagine the insights you will receive when mining the aggregated user data, providing you statistics and other data on visitor behavior, throughput and dwell times. Now imagine monetizing that data and its findings.
Imagine having all of this in the palm of your hand, on your smartphone.
This session will discuss how organizations can leverage mobile technology to provide a direct marketing channel that is:
User specific
Location sensitive
Works in real time
Presenter: Philip Stanger, CEO - Wifarer Inc.

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