Kaltman Creations Expands Product Offerings & Website

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ATLANTA, GA-- Kaltman Creations LLC is expanding their exclusive North American distribution arrangement with Aaronia to include the balance of the German manufactures' product line. Adding to the already extensive line of handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers and LOG Periodic Precision Antennas, Kaltman Creations will now offer Aaronia's line of low frequency handheld analyzers, their Bionical antennas and Aaronia's patented RF and EMI shielding fabrics.

To help facilitate the expansion, Kaltman Creations has created a new website, www.AaroniaUSA.com. Almost every product offered by Aaronia is posted to the new site with easy to navigate detailed product pages, application specific descriptions, technical specifications, valuable and interesting cross-information, and downloadable materials. Also included at the new site are the latest product firmware and software updates, brochures and manuals.

Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations stated, "Our 2007 USA introduction, and subsequent overwhelming success with Aaronia's line of handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers, fueled the need to present the balance of the Aaronia product offering. Satisfied Aaronia RF analyzer customers would return to us again and again inquiring about the ability to purchase other Aaronia products. It was clear that to be a full service distributor, we simply had to oblige."

Kaltman Creations...www.kaltmancreationsllc.com


Kaltman Creations Names Marketing Manager

ATLANTA, GA--Kaltman Creations LLC announced the appointment of marketing/graphics expert Lynn Harris to the position of marketing manager. Harris' position will specialize on marketing, advertising and copywriting projects, with an emphasis on promoting the current product line and the introduction of new products.

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Kaltman Creations RF-ResQ

Kaltman Creations LLC has announced a breakthrough solution to the RF congestion and 'spectrum squeeze' issues that have plagued the pro audio industry in recent years.

Kaltman Creations Names Invisible Waves RF Analyzer Winner in Drawing

SUWANEE, GA--In an effort to evaluate the purchasing and marketing profile of its clientele, Kaltman Creations LLC recently conducted a survey and offered a prize to one lucky participating customer. The winner, David Gaddoni of Stockton, California (owner of Balloonheads Pro Audio and Lighting), selected the Kaltman

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Kaltman Introduces New Antennas

Atlanta, GA-- Kaltman Creations has introduced a new line of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Super Low Frequency (SLF) and Low Frequency (LF) measurement antennas.   Kaltman's new antenna line covers a frequency span of 3Hz to 60MHz.