New Best Buy in Denver Designed from Customer Insight -

New Best Buy in Denver Designed from Customer Insight

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Best Buy has opened a new store in Denver built in partnership with the local community it will serve on a daily basis. The Arapahoe/Parker store, located at 15800 East Briarwood Circle in Aurora, officially opened to the public on Saturday, October 4, 2008.

From the store environment to its employees, Best Buy tailored its newest location to meet the unique needs of the Denver market by gathering insight from local consumers. The design of the store reflects the Colorado lifestyle and sentiment of the people. Local residents assisted Best Buy in choosing the store furnishings so that the room displays would exemplify elements of a traditional Colorado home. These features include softer lighting, lifestyle imagery and more neutral-tone colors in display areas. Best Buy will also offer educational classes pertaining to the specific interests of the Denver community.

While designing the store, Best Buy paid close attention to key insights from women and consulted with its Women’s Leadership Forum, or WoLF pack. The WoLF pack is a group of employees who promote women’s interests in Best Buy stores. From their recommendations, Best Buy designed the Arapahoe/Parker store to ensure both men and women find the products tailored to fit their way of life. The store will offer specialty services, such as gift wrapping during the holidays, and will also provide assistance in opening packages and in-store recycling services. The store’s restrooms will include toddler sinks to better accommodate families with small children.

“We have designed this Denver store based on unique local market needs, specially the needs of our female customers,” said Rhonda P. Stewart-Cagnolatti, general manager Best Buy Arapahoe & Parker. “We are personally invested in making your Best Buy experiences positive, and believe these changes will help us further cater to all our customers.”

The Arapahoe/Parker store adds the finishing touches to the concept of customization through its new sleek blue look, consumer-friendly signs and ready-to-help BlueShirts. A video message from a BlueShirt will further add to the store’s inviting ambiance. The store displays and signs are also more engaging and allow consumers to see, touch and feel the products before they buy them. BlueShirts will be on hand to help shoppers personalize their Best Buy tech products to suit their lifestyles.

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