Califone Announces New Website

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SAN FERNANDO, is the company's new website designed specifically for audio professionals. The new site features Califone products with a demand from the professional audio marketplace. Long known for its roots in educational audio, Califone is expanding its marketing and sales direction to include the professional audio marketplace.

"We're very proud of the reputation we have developed in the education market," notes Tim Ridgway, VP marketing at Califone. "At the same time we can't help but acknowledge the demand from the professional market for quality, portable, wireless PA systems, wireless array loudspeakers and audio enhancement systems - the very products that Califone has excelled at creating for the education market. It only makes sense to expand our direction to include audio professionals and tailor our information to their needs on a new website."

Product, dealer and support information is all easily accessed on the site. There is also a news section for those looking to keep up with Califone announcements that pertain to the industry.

"We plan to continue to expand the website as user's needs become more apparent," Ridgway adds. "It's an evolving process and we're excited to be starting it."


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