WOW Vision's Collab8 Adds Collaboration Feature Set -

WOW Vision's Collab8 Adds Collaboration Feature Set

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By popular demand, users can get the comprehensive collaboration feature set of WOW Vision’s Collab8 as a stand-alone Windows application for installation on a PC platform.

The Collab8 environment is a shell to Windows and so rides on top of the OS.

Organizations wanting to use their own in-house brand of PC or existing machines dedicated to spaces, now have the ability to get mileage from their existing investment or work with a machine they are better acquainted with.

The Collab8-SW software is an exact complement of the existing Collab8 appliance platform with the same features and functions. Users may now use a combination of the appliance and software versions to join a Collab8 Eco-System, with the new Nucleus Master server that allows viewing matrixing of the various Collab8 streams to other Collab8s, as well as recording each session.

Collaboration with Collab8 is an engaging user experience. WOW Vision Collab8 is sold by select Champion dealers, who have the solutions ready to show and experience first-hand.

WOW Vision Collab8 will be featured in a series of Collaborative Tech Showcase Meet-Ups held by Starin, the North American provider of WOW Vision. Showcase stops include Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC. Following this, it will be part of a special Collaboration Meet-Up space at InfoComm.


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