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InfoComm 2016: The AV Over IP Show promo image

InfoComm 2016: The AV Over IP Show

The resounding echo from the AV punditry following InfoComm last year was about evolution versus revolution, and ultimately how that should be viewed positively, drowning out the naysayers that came looking for little else than the next earth-shattering gadget.

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IP Speakers Emerge

From the Pony Express to modern AV/IT convergence, the pain of change is still with us, and even though telegraph wires trumped horses, we don't hear much about Morse and his code these days.

The Nine: The Next Class of AV Innovators promo image

The Nine: The Next Class of AV Innovators

As we set out to track down nine impressive individuals this year, we came to discover that not only is there a larger generational gap in the AV industry than we knew of, but it translates to a full-on identity crisis.

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The Audio Networking Survey

During May and June, SCN, our European sister title Installation, and publications in the Middle East and Asia, asked their readers to complete an online survey on audio networking.