New Products October 2007

New Products October 2007

Christie LX1500

  • Merging XGA LCDs with a quad-lamp optical illumination system into a powerful 3LCD light engine, Christie announces the launch of the Christie LX1500. Generating 15,000 ANSI lumens from the advanced optical engine and four 330W lamp array, the projector incorporates inorganic LCD panels that are longer lasting and deliver an incredible 2000:1 contrast ratio. Coupled with improved 10-bit image processing for smoother artifact-free images, the Christie LX1500 reproduces crisp and smooth on-screen images. The Christie LX1500 features a suite of eleven optional high performance lenses to support a variety of settings.

Yamaha Mg Series Mixers

Yamaha rolled out six upgraded MG Series analog mixers, adding to the four models introduced earlier this year. These new mixers include features inherited from the company's professional mixing consoles and offer components that are optimized to work together. The new mixers come with compressor knobs. Conventional compressors can be tricky to operate, since they generally require setting a number of parameters to match the source. The new MG16/6C and MG20/6C mixers' deep feature sets include Neutrik XLR connectors.

Cineversum BlackWing Two

The new three-chip D-ILA system features three full HD panels, at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Each color channel is individually rendered to obtain vivid colors without any rainbow effect. The native ratio contrast of 20,000:1 of these 0.7 inch panels associated with wire grid technology can reproduced without artifice the deepest black level, and 15,000:1 contrast ratio. The built-in video processor is enhanced by visual excellence processing and supports any standard video formats from 480i up to 1080p with full processing to obtain a pure and cinema like picture.

Allen & Heath Zed Range

Allen & Heath has added three new models to the new range of small format, USB-equipped mixers for live performance, recording, and production. Following the launch of the ZED-14, Allen & Heath has announced the ZED-420, ZED-428, and ZED-436 mixers. Similar to the smaller ZED-14, the 4 bus series features the same high performance DuoPre padless preamp, which is a quality microphone circuit and an optimized line input circuit, rather than one pre-amp handling both mic and line signals. It uses a two-stage design with carefully controlled amounts of gain in each stage, offering high headroom and a low noise, clean signal path.

JBL VRX Series Powered

Bringing power to its VRX Series portable line arrays, JBL Professional is introducing the VRX932LAP 12-inch powered loudspeaker and the VRX918SP 18-inch powered subwoofer. Utilizing the JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplification system, both models are fully self-contained, powered loudspeakers. Retaining all the features of the original VRX932LA and VRX918S, self-powered performance has been optimized through integrated DSP. Designed for use in arrays of up to five units, the VRX932LAP is the choice when line array performance is needed but the venue size does not call for the long-throw characteristics of large line array systems.

Extron MTPX Plus Series Matrix Switchers

Extron Electronics' MTPX Plus Series twisted pair matrix switchers have dynamic skew compensation, RS-232 control signal insertion, local AV inputs and outputs, and level and peaking compensation. Available in six fixed I/O sizes from 8 x 16 to 32 x 32, MTPX Plus Series twisted pair matrix switchers are capable of routing high resolution video and audio signals 1,000 feet or more over Cat-5, 5e, or 6 UTP cable. Fully compatible with Extron MTP Series twisted pair transmitters, receivers, and distribution amplifiers, MTPX Plus matrix switchers offer flexibility for creating a wide variety of applications.

Audix M1250 And M1280

The Audix Micros Series continues to evolve. The newest members of the Micros Series are the M1250 and M1280, both of which feature newly designed circuitry with immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices. The M1250 is 50mm in length, 12mm in diameter and 17 grams with a frequency response of 80Hz - 20kHz, while the M1280 is 90mm in length, 12mm in diameter, and 28 grams with a frequency response 40Hz- 20kHz providing extended bass response. Each body is precision machined out of brass at the Audix factory.

Martin Jem Roadie X-Stream Compact

Based around the same principles as the Jem Roadie X-Stream, the Roadie Compact is a condensed version for venues that need instant fog or haze coverage of large areas. Featuring a twin block design, dual, high-output 1.5KW heat exchangers work with a high performance fan to provide long, stage-filling projections. Extremely versatile and capable of casting a variety of effects from a controlled haze to a high-density fog, the Roadie Compact can also be positioned vertically for unique geyser effects or towers of fog.

Sennheiser EM 3732 Twin Receiver

Sennheiser introduced the new EM 3732 twin receiver with 90MHz switching bandwidth. The new flagship of Sennheiser's 3000 Series, the EM 3732 offers automatic scanning functionality, choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface, flexible analogue, and digital connection options and exemplary audio quality. Setting new standards for flexibility within the UHF spectrum while maintaining maximum selectivity, the EM 3732 receiver features six user-selectable fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to sixty channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz.

Kramer FC-47 And FC-48 Converters

Kramer Electronics FC-47 and FC-48 are for converting between HDMI and DVI plus digital audio signal formats. The FC-47 will accept an HDMI signal and it will output a digital DVI signal and S/PDIF audio signal. The DVI signal output is on a DVI-I connector and the S/PDIF audio is on an RCA connector. The FC-48 will output an HDMI signal by combining a digital DVI signal on a DVI-I connector along with an S/PDIF audio signal on an RCA connector.

ETC Congo Light Server

ETC's newest member of the Congo lighting control family, Congo Light Server is capable of being a server, client, or back-up in a Congo system. The Congo Light Server is a 19 inch rack-mount device, packing the identical features, channel, and output counts as the Congo console into a compact, purpose-built enclosure. Running Congo's potent operating software, the Congo Light Server is a fully independent lighting playback controller for permanently installed applications, or a convenient back-up option.

Furman IT-20 II

The IT-20 II balanced isolation transformer removes ground hum and interference. Designed for the most critical, ultra-low-noise applications, the IT-20 II provides 20 amps of pure, isolated, balanced power. The center-tapped isolation transformer provides complete and total isolation from the power grid, resulting in systems free of the hum and buzz caused by AC ground loops.

Hitachi CP-X205 And CP-X305

The CP-X205 and CP-X305 feature advanced networking through an RJ-45 port, allowing for control and management of multiple projectors from a remote location. Both models share identical chassis to their respective predecessors, the CP-X200 and CP-X300, with the added benefit of networking connectivity through an RJ-45 port. The CP-X205 3LCD projector offers a brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens and a lightweight of 8.8 pounds. The CP-X305 features a brightness of 2,600 ANSI lumens at a weight of 8.8 pounds.

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