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LG Mobile Phone - Digital Signage Offering

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LG has introduced a new point-of-purchase (POP) customer communication solution, in cooperation with Specialized Software Services (SSS), a Scala Certified Partner. A total of 28 Interactive Power Poles were installed at high-traffic locations within large malls in different countries in the Middle East: 11 in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), nine in Saudi Arabia and eight in Egypt.
“The ultimate goal for LG with these installations is to successfully introduce a range of new mobile phones to the market and communicate instantly the features of each phone to potential customers,” said H.S Paik, President, LG Gulf FZE.

The poles have a unique design and state-of-the art interactive features to meet LG’s information challenge. The new phone models are attached to the poles with retractable cords. When a viewer takes one of the phones from the unit, a photo cell is activated. This triggers a script that runs on Scala 5 software. The software then plays digital content on a 32-inch touchscreen related to the phone that was taken from the unit by the consumer. Through the touchscreen, the target customer can browse through and compare the features of the phones.
“By reaching potential customers directly, we are able to receive accurate and up-to-date feedback on the new mobile phones. These include the LG Arena, Chocolate BL40, GM900 Chrystal and GM730 Windows Mobile,” said Paik.

Through the software, this system registers crucial generic information about the audience in front of the POP unit. Combined with the data coming from the touchscreens, a database is created that offers LG in-depth marketing information. The data reports function as operational tools to optimize the company’s marketing strategy.
The project will run for nine months, and the results will be evaluated in October 2010. If the outcome is positive, the project will be extended for another year.

To learn more about LG’s interactive digital signage, visit www.scala.com/news/studies/LG


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