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Clear-Com’s New LQ Devices Offer Networked Control Events

Clear-Com’s New LQ Devices Offer Networked Control Events

The What: At NAB NY 2016 (Booth 1609), Clear-Com will demonstrate the Networked Control Events capability within its recently launched LQ IP interface devices with General Purpose Input Output (GPIO). This feature allows a set of communication systems, connected over a secure IP network via the LQ devices, to move control signals from one or more endpoints to any endpoint on the same channel.

The What Else: The Networked Control Events featured within LQ devices is a flexible way to move control signals across a single channel over the IP network. Users can connect cue lights together with LQ devices and be triggered at one or multiple positions by an On-Air switch from a different end. A stage manager can select the Announcer Key and initiate a call alert to a set of intercom devices and/or radios that are connected to other LQ devices. These scenarios can be easily achieved using IP-linked LQ devices.

In addition to Networked Control Events, LQ devices can also connect directly to the Eclipse HX matrix via the IVC-32-HX IP card, which enables routing of intercom audio and signals across large distances. Industry-standard intercom systems or two-way radios can be connected to the Eclipse HX matrix across buildings, cities, or even countries over an IP infrastructure or the internet. Users can also now move high-quality audio signals, such as program feeds from IFBs providing full 20kHz audio bandwidth, between LQ devices.

LQ IP Interface

The browser-based Core Configuration Manager software (CCM) for setting up and linking the LQ devices has also been updated with faster and more efficient system edits. The contemporary user interface makes it easy for users to configure all LQ devices. Users can upgrade their existing LQ units to the latest software, which can be downloaded from the Clear-Com website.

“These new features and models are valuable additions to the LQ family, enabling remote IP connections to the matrix and allowing users to link two-way radios over any IP network connection,” said Stephen Sandford, product manager, Clear-Com. “The LQ provides faultless audio and signaling anywhere on the network without loss of clarity. This is combined with the quick, intuitive, and simple installation that makes LQ an essential connectivity product.”

The Bottom Line: Clear-Com has also released three new models of LQ devices that had built-in four-wire audio with GPIO signaling in one connector, which is well suited for linking two-way radios or audio and trigger signals over a IP network or the internet. The new LQ models, together with a broad range of Clear-Com’s industry leading communications systems, will be available for demonstration at NAB NY 2016 at Booth 1609.