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Claypaky Scenius Unicos Kick Off Katy Perry Tour

Claypaky Scenius Unicos Kick Off Katy Perry Tour
  • Claypaky Scenius Unicos and Scenius Profiles helped kick off Katy Perry's "Witness: The Tour."

Claypaky Scenius Unicos and Scenius Profiles are being used in tour’s lighting rig having been selected by the show’s Producer and Lighting Designer, Baz Halpin of Silent House.

The tour marks the first time Halpin is using Claypaky’s Scenius range. The stage design is dominated by a 130-foot eye-shaped LED screen, and Halpin was given the brief to create big, strong, powerful looks that would complement and work with the shape and power of the screen.

“Their power and versatility made them the perfect choice to stand up to the intense light coming from the LED screen,” said Halpin. “As we had 130-foot lighting trusses with a single fixture type on each we needed a fixture that would be versatile enough to create a multitude of different looks.”

He also has Claypaky Mythos on the upstage circle ring as aerial effect fixtures upstage of the bi-parting LED screen doors. A pair of MDG hazers adds atmosphere to the dynamic environment. Lighting and video are run from full-size grandMA2 consoles. ACT Lighting is the exclusive distributor in North America of the Claypaky, MA Lighting and MDG brands.

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