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WRT Issues Ronin Cast 2.2 System

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Wireless Ronin Technologies (WRT) is issuing RoninCast 2.2. In this version, increased functionality and ease-of-use have been integrated to provide a more powerful, intuitive, and flexible digital signage system. RoninCast powers digital signage solutions for casinos, restaurants, convention centers, retail locations and outdoor venues. RoninCast 2.2 builds upon this solid foundation. This release features enhanced user productivity through a simpler interface and increased control. This is demonstrated through new features such as the Schedule Builder, Zone Builder and expanded playlist options. Additionally, extended media support and enhanced system security have been integrated into the system.

Key new features include: Schedule Builder—the redesigned interface allows for more precise control over the scheduling and distribution of content. A clear example of this is the implementation of an advanced graphical timeline. Zone Builder—this provides users the option to divide screens into separate zones which can each play content independent of the other zones. Zones allow the creation of new, unique screen layouts utilizing existing content. Playlist Options—files can now have individual options associated with them including customized lengths, percentage of play-time in a randomized list, and supporting data (e.g. XML data); Extended Media Support— RoninCast provides additional flexibility through the support of BMPs, JPEGs, MPEGs, WAVs and MP3s. Enhanced System Security—the already secure RoninCast system has been augmented with encrypted communication above and beyond network dependence.

For more information, visit www.wirelessronin.com.


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Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc., a Minneapolis-based worldwide digital signage provider, has announced that Bachman's Inc., a Minneapolis–based floral, home and garden center chain, has implemented a RoninCast digital signage network throughout its seven locations. The digital signs, which range in size from 32 to 40 inches, are located throughout the store, including the checkout counters and information counter. In addition to serving the targeted customers in the showroom and service areas, digital signage also provides sales support for Bachman's sales advisors through targeted product solution advertising.

Reuters Signs with Wireless Ronin

Wireless Ronin Technologies (NASDAQ: RNIN), a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, has announced that it has entered into master services agreement with Reuters Limited to support and maintain  Reuters’ InfoPoint network  for digital displays in and outside of the United States. Wireless Ronin, through its reseller partner, Richardson Electronics, will supply to Reuters its RoninCast digital signage software. Richardson Electronics expects to roll out 1,000 systems for Reuters by 2010. “The RoninCast software has shown the flexibility and control we need to launch our global network,” said Christopher Burtt, Global Signage Product Manager for Reuters. “RoninCast offers a solution that is easier to install and manage than a previous solution.  During the pilot, we also discovered it provided a sharper image and better transitions.”...

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Wireless Ronin has launched the fourth generation of its RoninCast software, designed to increase functionality and improve the customer experience while reducing installation and operation costs.

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KFC, Wireless Ronin in Market Test

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc., a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, has announced that KFC Corporation (KFC), a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., has selected Wireless Ronin for the market test phase of its dynamic digital signage menu board program. KFC will be using Wireless Ronin���s proprietary RoninCast software to monitor and operate a fully integrated digital menu board system. The market test is scheduled to launch this month and is the second phase of testing for the digital menu boards with Wireless Ronin. The first phase commenced in July 2007. “We are very excited about this opportunity with KFC and with the success our testing has had to date,” said Jeffrey Mack, president and CEO of Wireless Ronin. “The quick serve restaurant industry is an ideal venue for our technology, offering the ability for timely changes of information addressing critical communication needs not currently available with static alternatives.&#