New Products May 2007

New Products May 2007
  • Laird Telemedia brings the industry its new HDTV 4 x 4 router for switching HD-SDI and SDI video signals. The LTM-4X4HDSDI switches during the vertical interval so transitions are smooth with genlocked sources. It has many features such as both front panel and PC control of all functions, an onboard active memory to store and recall setups, a take button for executing multiple switches simultaneously and looping genlock input for system sync. The LTM-4X4HDSDI is a housed in a compact 1RU cabinet and has a worldwide 110/220 power supply. Because the LTM-4X4HDSDI is a full bandwidth router, it also switches standard definition signals as well. The unit automatically detects SD or HD signals and changes the selection switch light accordingly, red for SD and blue for HD, to deliver a simple visual identification of the signal type. For more information visit

Mackie's TT System32 digital live mixing system consists of the TT24 digital live console, DS3232 digital snake, and the U100 networking card. TT System32 provides stage-to-console connectivity via the DS3232 digital snake with 32x32 analog I/O, 32 ultra high-quality Mackie mic preamps, and complete remote recall and control of all preamp settings (gain, pad, phantom power) all through a single, lightweight Cat-5 cable (up to 300 feet). A total DSP package (gate, compressor and EQ) is available for all 32 input channels, eight more than the stock TT24's DSP channel count. The TT System32 includes a U-100 Network Card and 100 foot shielded Cat-5 cable for mixing capability in mere moments. For more information visit

360 Systems' Image Server MAXX 6T

360 Systems' Image Server MAXX 6T is a video server that provides storage space, a high level of compatibility with file-based workflows, and the advantages of traditional base-band connections. The MAXX 6T's internal RAID-6 array provides six terabytes of storage, which translates to more than 700 hours of program time. Every part of the MAXX 6T is designed to deliver the level of reliability required in 24/365 broadcast operations, starting with 360 Systems' Double Fault Tolerant RAID-6 technology that can accommodate the loss of two drives with no lost data. The MAXX 6T's extensive hardware features and software tools make it a smooth upgrade path for tape-based stations. For more information visit

High End Systems' Road Hog Console

Console designed for speed, affordability in lighting control,
High End Systems unleashed the newest member of the Wholehog family: the Road Hog, a new breed of lighting console designed for speed and affordability. Designed from the ground up, Road Hog's simple operations allow the user to create, manage, edit, and play back lighting cues to enhance any production environment. The Road Hog console provides 2048 DMX channels of control, offering fast performance speed. Two internal touch screens display data and allow quick access to its many features. Using standard Wholehog console hardware, and the combination of Windows XP Embedded with the Wholehog operating software, the Road Hog blends durability with productivity. For more information visit

MA Lighting's grandMA pico

MA Lighting has expanded its grandMA range with a new member, the grandMA pico. The new console is specifically designed for the use in theatres. Thereby the grandMA pico is similar to the grandMA micro. The hardware of the new console however has been optimized for the needs of theatres. Similar to the bigger consoles of the grandMA range, a number-pad, a Go-plus, a Go-minus and a pause key are all present. One color touch screen display, five manual faders, five physical playback buttons (on 128 pages), 1,024 DMX channels and free visualization software make the grandMA pico an introductory console. Additionally it is also possible to connect one remote and up to four grandMA video stations. The console utilizes the same syntax, windows and menus as the larger consoles. For more information visit

Zaxcom's ZFR800 Digital Recording Mic

Zaxcom's ZFR800 handheld digital recording microphone is a system optimized for use in radio interviews, broadcast journalism, podcasting, and any voice-recording application that requires mobility and sound quality. The ZFR800 records up to eight hours of uncompressed audio on a removable 2-GB memory card. An integrated time-code receiver allows users to jam time code and sync multiple ZFR800 units remotely. The ZFR800 provides an ergonomic, camouflaged control pad for easy one-handed control of all record functions. It can be used with any Shure screw-on capsule. With Zaxcom's operating system, audio files are always recorded without compression to minimize the opportunity for errors. Once in the audio control room, operators use the included ZaxConvert software to select the desired audio file format and resolution, often .wav files in 16- or 24-bit resolution with a sample rate of 32, 44.1, 48, or 48.048 kHz. Alternatively, users can opt to compress the audio into MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) files, which are compressed for quick Internet-based delivery to transcription houses.

Analog Way's EQZ450

Analog Way's EQZ450, a universal equalizer interface designed to drive computer or video signals over long distance cables to monitors, screens, projectors and other video display devices. The new EQZ450 was developed to handle any kind of input format and synchronization (RGsB, RGB/S, component, YUV-HD, RGB HV). The equalizer also features a powerful booster / equalizer function. The high resolution video signal (computer, SD or HD) can be driven on up to 300m/1000ft. A High grade compensation cable function, offers a continuous tuning to precisely fit the cable length and quality. The equalizer also features an RGB HV input on BNC or HD15F with loop monitoring. The equalized output is available on either BNC or HD15. For more information visit

L-ACOUSTICS' LA4 And LA8 Amplified Controllers

At the heart of the new L-ACOUSTICS integrated system approach, the LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers offer loudspeaker amplification, DSP, network control, and comprehensive system protection in a single ergonomic package. Both units offer an integrated approach by combining advanced amplification, signal processing, network remote control, and monitoring technologies and are pre-configured for digital multi-channel audio networking. In addition, an operating system with an intuitive user interface provides a high level of 'hands on' system control without sacrificing accurate and fast operation under real-world conditions. They feature a four-channel, high efficiency amplifier section fed by two inputs, offering a power level matching for L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker systems, a DSP section featuring brand new filter algorithms and an exclusive L-DRIVE protection system for the transducers allowing for optimum system performance, and a complete onboard preset library stored in 99 memory locations to cover all the principal L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker system configurations. For more information visit

City Theatrical's Stackers Tapered Top Hats

City Theatrical has released their new line of Stackers Tapered Top Hats. Stackers are designed to stack without sticking and to save space on the shelf and in transport, while maintaining all of the benefits of standard top hats. Stackers patent pending design allows them to stack neatly on the shelf, but a ridge on the top hat prevents sticking no matter how much pressure is applied. All Stackers feature black flocked interiors to reduced light bounce and round frames to allow rotation of half top hats to the most advantageous angle. A full line of 20 different varieties of Stackers are available, diameters in full, half, short full, and short half styles to suit the needs of lighting designers. For more information visit

Audio Technologies' ADAC-2 Converter

Audio Technologies' ADAC-2 A/D, D/A, and sample rate converter supports two channels at up to 24-bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate. Three independent audio paths through the unit allow users to convert one stereo program from analog to digital, a second stereo program from digital to analog and a third digital audio program from one sample rate to another, all simultaneously and without interaction. The ADAC-2 includes selectable balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, transformer-isolated AES3 inputs and outputs, S/PDIF digital audio inputs and outputs, optical inputs and outputs and Word Clock outputs for DAC and SRC sync. The low jitter internal clock can be configured to use word, bit, master, or double-master clock references. For more information

Meyer Sound LCS Series Matrix3 Audio Show Control System

Meyer Sound's LCS Series Matrix3 audio show control system is complete with the revolutionary SpaceMap multichannel panning software and Wild Tracks hard disk recording and playback. Matrix3 now provides even greater power and flexibility in controlling complex and dynamic audio effects in theatrical presentations Other attractions will be the MAPP Online Pro multi-purpose acoustical prediction program and the Compass(tm) control software for the Galileo 616 loudspeaker management system. For more information visit

Extron's Modular Multi-Switcher

Extron Electronics introduced the ISM 824, a unique modular, multi-switcher that allows for simultaneous video/RGB scaling and wideband switching in a single, compact enclosure. It combines the signal routing capabilities of an eight input, eight output, wideband matrix switcher with the versatility of four customizable outputs. The Extron ISM 824 can be equipped with any of the available scaling or scan conversion output boards for initial project requirements, and then upgraded at any time in the future with additional boards as system needs evolve and expand. Five output expansion boards are available for the ISM 824 with the same advanced video processing technologies employed in Extron scalers, signal processors, and scan converters. The universal scaler output board features high performance RGB and video scaling, with high quality upconversion and downconversion of high resolution RGB signals at up to UXGA (1600x1200) as well as HDTV 1080p. Finally, single and dual output wideband boards are available for additional matrix switcher outputs. For more information visit

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