Harman Announces New President for Pro Group

Mark Terry will step down as president of the Harman Pro Group, due to undefined health issues, but remain as an advisor to the company, according to Dr. Sidney Harman, executive chairman of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

"Because of health concerns, Mark needs more flexibility in his personal schedule and this new arrangement accommodates this need. We will always appreciate the enormous contributions Mark has made to our business, and we will miss his remarkable leadership."

"At the same time," Dr. Harman continued, "we are pleased to announce the promotion of Blake Augsburger to succeed Mark as president of the Pro Group. In the five years that Blake has served as president of Crown Audio, he has made the company the number one company in its field. Blake is very familiar with the operations of the entire Pro Group; I am confident that he will build upon Mark's success."

In stepping down, Terry reassured and thanked all of his friends and associates for their support over the years. "I want you all to know that I am well on the way to making a complete recovery. My doctors have advised that I can help facilitate this recovery by adopting a less demanding schedule. My new position as advisor to Harman will let me do this in a way that keeps me involved with this great company. Together, we have accomplished great things over the last 16 years. We have proven to the world that nine independent brands can come together as a mutually supportive network without sacrificing our heritage and brand identities. The Group that we have created is vastly stronger than the individual companies we once were. This could have not been achieved without the faith and support of all of you. I know that you will continue to build upon our success in the future."

Succeeding Blake Augsburger as president of Crown Audio is Mark Graham, who has served Crown as vice president of engineering and marketing since 2001. "Mark has the knowledge of product, marketing, sales, manufacturing, and customer support that is necessary to continue the successes we have achieved at Crown," Augsburger said today. "He is the leader that can take the company to the next level of greatness."

Coincident with the change in the presidency of the Group, Dr. Harman announced that Harman Music Group president Rob Urry now assumes the additional title of Harman Pro Group chief technology officer. "In his 15 years with Harman, Rob has proven that he has the experience and the leadership to direct technology development across the Group."

These changes to the Harman Pro senior management team will become effective at the conclusion of the Group's current fiscal year on June 30, 2006.

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