Cambridge Sound Management's New Product Protects Meeting Privacy

Cambridge Sound Management has released the Qt Conference Room Edition, a new product that allows companies to protect the speech privacy of confidential or sensitive conversations taking place in conference rooms or board rooms.

“53 percent of support staff workers have overheard confidential conversations at work, and conference rooms are where most confidential meetings take place,” said Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “With the Qt Conference Room Edition, meeting participants can speak freely knowing that what they say won’t be overheard by unintended listeners outside the room.”

The Qt Conference Room Edition is an all-in-one privacy solution consisting of a control module, two lighted privacy status signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters.

When the control module inside the conference room is turned on, it powers the sound-masking emitters placed in the ceiling just outside of the conference room. The emitters add a low-level background sound that makes human speech less intelligible. Lighted privacy signs inside and outside of the conference room indicate when the system is running, and let conference room occupants know that their conversations are being protected. The system easily integrates with other conference room AV equipment, and is installed by CSM’s extensive network of certified sound-masking specialists.

  • “Conference rooms are frequently utilized for private communication, but sometimes private talks are overheard by those outside the room, resulting in exposure of confidential information, upset employees, even lawsuits,” said Fred Dobbs, president of Dobbs Stanford, Cambridge Sound Management’s rep firm in the south-central U.S. "The new Qt Conference Room Edition can ensure that conference room and executive office communications remain private and protected. We’re excited about making this terrific new product available to our customers.”

With a premium feel and minimalist design style, the Qt Conference Room fits in with modern interior designs as well as other conference room AV equipment. The control module is easy for anyone to use, and is extremely energy efficient, consuming less than seven watts of power.

The Qt Conference Room Edition is available now.

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